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From College to University by etssetcf


From College to University

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									From College
to University

                Inspiring Futures
Why Edinburgh Napier?                             candidates to have a degree. By building on
                                                  your college qualifications you could
It is a modern, vibrant university, based in
                                                  be as little as two years away from
Scotland’s inspiring capital. We offer more
                                                  having an honours degree.
than 125 degrees in three faculties:
•	 The Business School                            Even if a job doesn’t specifically ask for
•	 Faculty of Engineering, Computing              additional qualifications, you will find
   & Creative Industries                          that having a degree can help give you:
•	 Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences      •	 Faster career promotion
                                                  •	 Greater responsibility
Students that have come from college
                                                  •	 Greater choice when it comes to future jobs
to study at Edinburgh Napier say it’s an
                                                  •	 Greater earning potential!
excellent place to study – we are a very
supportive, enthusiastic, forward-thinking        3) Social / Personal
university that always puts its students first.   Going to college and completing an HNC
•	 Edinburgh Napier was ranked the best           or HND is a big accomplishment for anyone.
   modern university in Scotland and fifth        Maybe you’ll catch the bug and decide to take
   best in the UK in the Guardian University      your education further. Going to university
   Guide, published May 2008.                     allows you to:
•	 	 he Times Good University Guide and the
   T                                              •	 Study a certain subject area in detail
   Independent Complete University Guide,         •	 Make new friends
   published in 2008, both ranked Edinburgh       •	 Increase your confidence
   Napier the best university in Scotland for     •	 Improve your employability
   Graduate Prospects and ninth in the UK.
                                                  Flexibility of learning
Why go to University?                             At Edinburgh Napier we realise that no two
You may not have considered going to              students are the same and that everyone has
university until now but going to university      different study habits, family commitments and
could open a number of doors for you.             life styles. As such we have a range of different
Every student has their own reasons why           study options to try and fit all, these include:
they have chosen to come to university            •	 Full-time
but these can be generally classified as:         •	 Part-time
1) Financial                                      •	 Distance learning
2) Career development / enhancement                  B
                                                  •	 	 lended learning (a combination of distance
3) Social / Personal                                 learning and coming to classes)

1) Financial                                      Our links with colleges
Going to university could increase your           Edinburgh Napier has excellent links with
earning potential - recent studies have           colleges all across the country. We work closely
shown that a university graduate is likely        with these colleges to allow students with an
to earn £160,000 more over their lifetime         HNC or HND to gain advanced entry onto a
compared to a non graduate (The economic          number of courses. This usually means an HNC
benefits of a degree, 2007).                      will give you entry into the second year of a
2) Career development / enhancement               degree at Edinburgh Napier while an HND will
Flicking through any jobs paper, it is clear      give you entry into the third year.
that more and more employers are asking
Choosing a course                               College         Edinburgh Napier
To see what courses your HNC or HND
will allow you entry onto at Edinburgh                          4th Year (Honours Degree)
Napier, check out our online Course                             3rd Year (Ordinary Degree)
Calculator. Simply go to      HND             2nd Year
collegestudents and click “Do I need to start   HNC             1st Year
from first year?”
You should then enter your college                        Dependent on satisfying
course into the Course Calculator.                     individual entry requirements

Kris Forbes: why I chose
Edinburgh Napier…
                                                I didn’t want to give up working full-time
                                                as I was used to earning money, so after
                                                attending the Open Day and speaking to
                                                the college recruitment officer I realised
                                                that Edinburgh Napier was flexible enough
                                                to allow me to study part-time in between
                                                my shifts offshore and I could even fast
                                                track into Year 2 thanks to my HNC.
                                                The lecturers at Edinburgh Napier are
                                                really good at supporting me by placing
                                                all of the class notes onto Web CT, this is a
                                                web-based learning centre that I can access
                                                at any time and from my work, which has
                                                proven useful near exam time.

                                                Coming to University was a daunting
                                                experience at first because I had been out
                                                of the learning environment for quite a long
                                                time. However, Edinburgh Napier has brilliant
Kris Forbes, 25, BEng / BEng (Honours)          support networks in place and offered me all
Mechanical Engineering                          the help I needed to fit in – from extra Maths
I decided to come to Edinburgh Napier           classes to the social activities available for
to study Mechanical Engineering after           advanced entry students.
completing an HNC in the same subject
                                                Going to college gave me the grounding
at college and working for six years
                                                and base knowledge I needed for going
offshore as a Mechanical Technician.
                                                to University and although I have work
After my experience of working offshore
                                                experience, college has provided me
I realised if I wanted to progress in my
                                                with the academic skills I need to
career it would be far more beneficial
                                                progress through my degree.
for myself if I had a degree.
Funding                                           Young Students Bursary
                                                  If you are a Scottish student and under the
Worried that you don’t know how much
                                                  age of 25 when you start your course you
going to university will cost you or how
                                                  can apply for a Young Students Bursary.
you might pay for it all? Don’t be!
                                                  This is also means tested and subject to
There are several sources of funding              personal circumstances. The YSB is money
available and if you find it confusing at         that you are awarded that you do not need
this point, rest assured that Edinburgh           to pay back.
Napier has people on hand to help - even if
                                                  Student loans and YSBs are paid directly in to
you haven’t registered on your course yet!
                                                  your bank account in monthly instalments.
Tuition Fees                            

Full-time Undergraduate:                          Nursing and Midwifery courses
If you are a Scottish student coming to           If you are thinking of applying for a nursing
Edinburgh Napier and you haven’t done a           or midwifery course you can apply for an
degree before then you don’t have to pay          NHS bursary. You will need to apply for this
tuition fees. The Students Awards Agency          bursary annually but once you graduate you
for Scotland (SAAS) will pay these for you:       will not need to pay it back. Applications are                                   made through SAAS:
Part-time / distance learning courses:
If you are studying the equivalent of 50%         Additional funding
of a full-time course and your income             As well as loans and bursary funding,
meets the requirements then you can apply         there is a wide range of other sources
for £500 towards any tuition fees.                of financial support available to you.
To apply for this funding or to find out          These include:
further information, please contact               •	 Tax credits
ILA Scotland on 0808 100 1090 or                  •	 Travel expenses                            •	 Disabled students’ allowance
                                                  •	 Scholarships
Sources of Funding
Student Loan
                                                  As at college, there is help and support
As well as getting any fees paid for you,
                                                  available to provide formal, registered
you may also be eligible to apply for a student
                                                  childcare for parents who want to study.
loan. The student loan is means tested and
                                                  This help and support is available through:
dependent on your personal circumstances.
                                                  •	 The Higher Education Childcare Fund
You only start paying back your student loan
                                                  •	 Edinburgh Napier University Childcare Fund
after you graduate and you’ll pay back just
                                                  •	 	 one parents can also apply for extra
9% of any salary you earn over £15,000. For
                                                     support from SAAS to the value of £1,130
example, if you earn £17,000, you will pay
back just £15 per month.                          For more detailed information                                     about funding please log on to
                                                  or call Edinburgh Napier on
                                                  08452 60 60 40.
Support                                             Pastoral Support
                                                    Not everyone coming to Edinburgh Napier is
At Edinburgh Napier, we believe every
                                                    looking for academic support but it is good
student is an individual with their own
                                                    to know it is there in case you ever have to
needs. As such, there is substantial support
                                                    use it. Many students also like the fact that
provision on offer - we will help and support
                                                    Edinburgh Napier offers a range of non-
you from your initial application, while
                                                    academic support. The most popular of these
you are a student here and after you
                                                    is our Student Mentor programme, which
graduate. Our support is available
                                                    will match you up with a senior student who
to you in a number of different ways.
                                                    will meet with you whenever required. Your
Academic support                                    mentor is there to support you during your
Coming to university can be a challenging           university life and can provide invaluable
time so Edinburgh Napier has created                advice, having already gone through the exact
a number of academic support systems                same experiences as you at Edinburgh Napier.
designed to ease you into your studies.
                                                    Napier Students’ Association
These include:
                                                    NSA is run by current Edinburgh Napier
•	 Study Skills sessions
                                                    students and is there to support students in
•	 	 orkshops on referencing,
                                                    a number of ways, including arranging fun,
   essay writing etc.
                                                    social activities, such as Freshers’ Week,
•	 	 ridging courses – these are mainly
                                                    and running the sports clubs and societies.
   two-day courses that run prior to the
                                                    NSA also offers advice and representation
   university starting and provide you with
                                                    to students when things don’t go to plan.
   an opportunity to use Edinburgh Napier’s
   library and computing facilities; provide        Student advice and sports services
   helpful guidance on essay/report writing         As at college, you’ll find Edinburgh Napier
   and, most importantly, allow you to make         has a range of student support services
   friends with others before the hustle            that can provide help and advice to you
   and bustle of classes begins.                    on a range of topics, including:
•	 	 op up courses - if you have not studied a      •	 Money matters
   particular subject area for some time or if      •	 Accommodation
   you feel your skills in a certain area are not   •	 Counselling
   up to scratch, then a top-up course could be     •	 Special needs and disabilities
   for you. This is a course that you carry out
   over the summer in your own time, usually        No matter what you need help with,
   by distance learning, to help you brush up       we may be able to give you some advice
   on key skills, eg Maths.                         or at least point you in the right direction.
                                                    All you need to do is ask!
How to find out more…

Visit Edinburgh Napier                             Edinburgh Napier also runs a number
If you’re interested in coming to study            of subject specific information sessions.
at Edinburgh Napier we would always                For more information including dates
encourage you to visit us. Each year               of our upcoming information sessions
the University arranges Open Days for              and Open Days please log on to
potential students. You’ll be able to:   
•	 	 et	information	about	all	our	courses
•	 	 ee	the	excellent	facilities	that	
   S                                               For further information, please contact
   Edinburgh Napier has to offer                   the Edinburgh Napier Information Office:
•	 Speak	to	current	students	and	staff             Call: 08452 60 60 40
•	 	 our	our	Student	Accommodation	
   T                                               +44 (0) 131 455 2801
   and much, much more                             Email:

                Full-time                     Part-time, distance Nursing/Midwifery
                                              learning or
                                              blended learning

                                                                                                   Designed by Policy & Communications, ref. 1112 Oct 09. Edinburgh Napier University is a registered Scottish charity. Reg. No. SC018373.
 How do         UCAS is the centralised       For all of the above   CATCH is the centralised
 I apply?       application service for all   types of courses       service for all Nursing
                full-time undergraduate       you apply direct to    and Midwifery courses.
                degrees.                      Edinburgh Napier.

 Where          To fill out the UCAS          Please go to our       All full-time undergraduate
 do I get an    online application            website and fill       applications for Nursing
 application    form please go to:            out an online          and Midwifery should be
 form?                  application form:      made through CATCH.
                                           There is no closing date:
 Does it cost   If you are choosing just      No fee applies.        No fee applies.
 anything       one course to apply to,
 to apply?      UCAS will charge you £5.
                The charge is £15 to apply
                for up to five courses.

 Need tp        When choosing more                                   If you would like us to
 know           than one course there                                consider your application
 information    is no need to put your                               quickly then you should
                application in any                                   put us as your first choice
                particular order.                                    on your application.

    This publication is also available in an electronic format:
                  please call 08452 60 60 40,
                    or email

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