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									    Volume 59, Issue 3

                                         The Petal
                                         A Monthly Publication by the Wichita Rose Society

                   Society                   Affiliated with the American Rose Society
                                                                                                     March 2010

 Meet Our New Officers                                       by Norma Kemp                           Inside this Issue
Mary Lou Klenda                           served on the school board and Par-                 Note from the President
                                          ents' Club board at Bishop Carroll.
Mary Lou was born and raised in                                                               Out of State Nursery
Anthony, Kansas. One of her earliest       One year ago, Mary Lou retired from
memories is of a climbing rose            St. Francis Hospital after thirty-one
named Paul Scarlet by her parents'        years of continuous service -- years                David Austin English
bedroom window. After graduation          that leave good memories and good                     Roses
from high school, Mary Lou entered        friends. She must admit it is won-
nurses' training at St. Francis School    derful not to have to get up at five                   Calendar of WRS Events
of Nursing.     Upon completion of        a.m. and to be able to pursue inter-
training, she began working night         ests such as roses, reading, an-                   Tuesday, March 9
shift which was customary at that         tiques, museums, and traveling to
time. Mary Lou and a classmate            St. Louis to see their newest grand-                      7:00 PM
rented an apartment and the class-        son and enjoying the older grandchil-                     WRS Regular Meeting
mate introduced Mary Lou to her           dren's activities.
brother, Ben Klenda. Ben and Mary                                                                   Botanica
Lou were married in 1965. They              Mary Lou said, "Wichita Rose Soci-               Wednesday, March 17
have three children and three grand-      ety members have been most helpful
children.                                 assisting me to learn more about                          St. Patrick’s Day
                                          growing roses and I appreciate their               Thursday, March 25
When their two oldest children were       kindness and friendship." Her favor-
small, Ben attended graduate school       ite roses are Fragrant Cloud, Winter                      7:00 PM
in Bellingham, Washington. They           Sunset and Lady Elsie May.                                Executive Board Meeting
visited Vancouver, Canada and Van-
couver Island and saw beautiful gar-       As Second Vice President, Mary Lou                Sunday, April 11
dens and flowers.                         is chairman of the host/hostess com-
                                                                                                    2:30 PM
                                          mittee. She appreciates the willing-
 Mary Lou further pursued her nurs-       ness of WRS members volunteering                          Low Maintenance Roses
ing skills by assisting in the school     their service by providing refresh-                       EarthKind and Own Root
nurse program at St. Patrick and also     ments at our meetings. 
                                                                                                    Alford Library
                                                                                             Tuesday, April 13
                                                                                                    7:00 PM
                                                                                                    WRS Regular Meeting
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March 2010                                                      The Petal                                                      1
Meeting Brief
                                                                           From the President’s Desk
                                                                                                                 Joel Weihe
   How to grow roses that will impress your
     neighbors!                                                 Friends,

                                                               As I write this we are in the midst of the famous Wichita Gar-
                                                               den Show. The Show itself this year seems to be another
Refreshment Table                                              success and our exhibit is once again very popular. Don Sud-
                                                               erman has done an absolutely wonderful job designing, orga-
                                                               nizing and getting the exhibit set up and running smoothly.
MARCH                                                          Cindi McMurray made some very attractive signs to identify
                                                               the individual roses.
Drinks—Lisel Weihe, Theresa Bahns
                                                               Someone mentioned just today that it must be killing Don not
Food—Betsy Latta, Kay Case                                     to be here at his own show. Mr. Suderman had to be out of
                                                               town on business this week.
Decoration—Kendi Alumbaugh
                                                               Many thanks to all those that helped set up, work the show
REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE                                          and those that will be there tearing down. Working at the
                                                               show is     fun. Chatting with people about roses, answering
Mary Lou Klenda —721.8587
                                                               questions and encouraging people to come to a meeting and
                                                               check us out. I love telling people about how Lisel and I be-
                                                               came involved with roses and the society and how much we
         Cindy Vadakin will be presenting                      enjoy the fellowship, fun and education.
        “Low Maintenance Roses—
                                                               Hopefully next meeting we'll see some new faces while we
     EarthKind and Own Root Roses”
                                                               talk about "How To Grow Roses To Impress Your Neighbors".
     on Sunday, April 11 2:30 PM at Alford
     Library 3447 S. Meridian, Wichita, KS                     I'm so looking forward to this coming up growing season!

Out of State Nursery Recommendations from Pat Horbelt

                  Heartland Nursery and Garden Center                      Moffet Nursery and Garden Shop
                  10300 View High Dr. I-470 & View High Drive              Charles E. Anctil, ARS Judge and CR
                  Kansas City, MO 64134                                    6451 State Route 6 NE
                  816-763-1005                                             St. Joseph, MO 64507
                  Rosehill Gardens (since 1914)                            816-233-1223
                  Chip Hansen                                              Roses inc.
                  311 E. 135th St.                                         13201 South 129th E. Ave
                  Kansas City, MO 64145                                    Broken Arrow, OK 74011
                  816-941-4779                                             918-455-7673
                  Internet orders: Rosemania at (plants and chemicals, supplies, and Spot Shot
                  sprayers) See listing on pages 30-31 in the Jan/Feb issue of American Rose magazine.

                  For other nursery listings, see pages 43-49 in the American Rose magazine, Jan/Feb issue.

March 2010                                                The Petal                                                       2
 Getting To Know You—David Austin’s English Roses

                                        By Dick Streeper, Article taken from The American Rose January/ February 2010

This is the first of a series of four articles about David Austin’s     the Russians and the English, a rose breeding industry based
English Roses. By the end of this series, some of you will find         upon the collection at Malmaison was born that rapidly spread
that you are getting to know more about them and perhaps                through France and England and ultimately America.
even getting to like them and hoping that they will like you.
                                                                        By the mid-20th century, after numerous breeding lines had

R     oses have existed on earth for many millions of years. A
few varieties have been grown as nursery plants since ancient
                                                                        been developed such as hybrid teas, hybrid perpetual, polyan-
                                                                        thas, floribundas and miniatures, one man born on February
                                                                        16, 1926, in Albrighton, Shropshire, England, emerged with a
times. Little was done to improve those collected species until         vision. That man was David Austin.
the beginning of the 19th century when a lady interested in
                                                                        David Austin’s parents, Charles and Lillian, owned and farmed
roses married a Frenchman interested in collecting countries.
                                                                        several hundred acres of land at the time of David’s birth.
That man, Napoleon by name, directed that all ships captured
                                                                        They raised cattle and farm crops.     Young David learned the
at sea were to be searched for rose plants or cuttings and
                                                                        fundamentals of farming.       About the time David became of
when found were to be sent forthwith to Josephine, his wife,
                                                                        age, World War II began and all but 120 acres of the Austen
who maintained her residence at Malmaison, just outside of
                                                                        farm was acquired by the government and converted into an
Paris. By the time Napoleon was driven from power, Jose-
                                                                        airfield. This downsizing no doubt affected young David’s life
phine had collected more than 200 varieties and species of
                                                                        course. His father, Charles was a friend of James Baker, then
roses, believed to be a complete collections of all roses in exis-
                                                                        a well-known author and grower of perennial plants. At the
tence in the world.
                                                                        end of the war David inherited the farm and began growing
The gardening staff at Malmaison noticed that when the col-             perennials for sale.
lected roses set seed, the seedlings commonly were different
                                                                        Soon thereafter he began growing for sale old garden roses
from the mother plant. When Napoleon was sent packing by
                                                                        (OGR’s).   That has always been a niche market in modern
                                                                        times supported by a small group of very dedicated rosarians.
                                                                        Austin devised a plan to bring OGR’s into the mainstream by
                                                                        cross breeding them with the best modern roses. He named
                                                                        his new class English Roses.

                                                                        He began plant breeding on a huge scale of more than 300,
                                                                        000 seedlings a year, each unique from the parents and their
                                                                        siblings. There are many practical problems mostly related to
                                                                        genetics in managing such a large program that make recur-
                                                                        rent blooming difficult to achieve. Success depends on both
                                                                        skill and luck, and David had both.

                                                                        David started rose breeding in 1946. His first rose introduc-
                                                                        tion was named “Constance Spry” and was introduced by Eng-
                                                                        lish rose author and icon, Graham Thomas in 1961. It is not a
             “Graham Thomas” David Austin English Rose
                                                                        re-bloomer but is a fine rose and established his reputation. It

March 2010                                                            The Petal                                                     3
        The Hilton Shreveport is the official conference hotel. For information, 1-800-
        A block of rooms has been reserved for the convention at the rate for King rooms of
        $139 for single or double occupancy; $149 for triple occupancy; $159 for quad oc-
        For reservations call 1-800-445-8667 and specify that you are with the American
        Rose Society Conference group.
March 2010                                     The Petal                                      4
 Getting To Know You—David Austin’s English Roses

Figure 1                                                                                           Continued from page 3

                                                           was first introduced as a shrub rose and then became known as a
                                                           climber.     Indeed this is one of the most vigorous and massive
                                                           blooming climbers ever.

                                                           Austin’s break came with the introduction in 1983 of the rose
                                                           named Graham Thomas, which remains one of the most popular of
Left to right: quartered rosette, shallow cup, open cup.
                                                           the English Roses. In many parts of the United States, it is the
                                                           best climbing yellow rose, in part because the blooms tend to nod
                                                           downward as if to say “look at me!” . The current David Austin
                                                           catalog lists 63 varieties of English Roses grown for sale in the
                                                           United States.
Left to right: pompom, rosette, deep cup.

                                                           A good way to get to know English roses is to firmly fix in your
                                                           mind nine basic rose flower shapes (see figure 1) of English Roses.
                                                           Once you have committed them to memory you will find a whole
                                                           new world of rose beauty that includes English Roses and OGR’s.
                                                           Once you have done so you might find yourself thinking “that is a
Left to right: semi-double, single, recurved.              beautiful rosette bloom” or a great “recurved bloom” or “open cup”
                                                           as you walk through rose gardens, perhaps as David Austin did 60
                                                           years ago.

                                                           Now is the best time to buy and plant David Austin English Roses
     WRS Road Trip!
                                                           for more information, go to:
     We are organizing a trip to Stutzman’s Nursery in
     Hutchinson this spring!                      
     If you would like to join the fun and explore their
     nursery please sign up at the March Meeting!

                                                                             WRS VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY
                             Mills Magic

                             Rose Mix
                                                                           We need volunteers to assist our lo-
                                                                           cal nurseries this spring by being on-
                                                                                site and talking to potential
                             This is your last opportu-                                rose buyers.
                             nity to sign up for the
                             group order for Mills                            If you are interested in helping,
                                                                            please see Bob Burrill at the March
                             Magic Rose Mix. Please
                             see Bob Burrill at the
                             March Meeting!

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                          Joel Weihe                 President                 316-821-9437
 Wichita Rose Society
                          Cindi McMurray             1st Vice President        316-371-6372

     2010 Officers        Mary Lou Klenda            2nd Vice President        316-721-8587

                          Cindy Howey                Secretary                 316-445-2150

                          Kay Case                   Treasurer                 316.685.1948

                         Bob Burrill                 316.721.4688         Carol Manke              316.729.6363
                         Kay Case                    316.685.1948         Suja Mathew              316.729.0740


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                                        WRS WINTER WEATHER POLICY

                        If the Wichita School District (USD259) cancels classes on the date of a
                         scheduled WRS event—WRS will also cancel or postpone their event.

                                                                 Wichita, Kansas 67201

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