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									                                                        Greater Manchester East

     Job Plus
     Issue: 01
                                                        and West District
                                                        Wigan, Leigh, Atherton &
                                                        Ashton-In-Makerfield Edition

                              “A WONDERFUL ADVERTISEMENT
 Welcome to                   FOR NEW DEAL”…
 Job Plus the Greater
 Manchester East and
 West newsletter.

 This is the first issue in
 a quarterly newsletter
 bringing you news and
 information from
 around the district with
 a local flavour. We will
 publish stories that show
 how people have found
 their way into work no
 matter what their
 circumstances are
 and give you some help
 and advice.
 We will highlight the         … One of the best               Devastated to lose his job in
 support and advice we         employees I have ever           construction Jason returned
 can give.                     had,” is what Janet Minto       to receive the support of his
 We hope you enjoy this        from Mint Joinery in Wigan      New Deal Adviser.
 issue and welcome any         said when she employed          Determined to get him
 comments.                     Jason Foster. Jason first       another job, Cathy contacted
                               met with his New Deal           Mint Joinery, a local building
 In this issue you can
                               Personal Adviser, Cathy         and joinery company who
 read about:
                               Green, in Sept 2006 when he     had previously recruited via
 •   Lone Parent Advisers      joined New Deal.                New Deal. At the time they
 •   What is a Work Trial?     Jason who has a small child     had no vacancies but kept
 •   New Deal Success          and partner was very keen to    him in mind. A few weeks
 •   Leigh Sports Village      find work, particularly after   later it was arranged for
                               previously claiming             Jason to start on a work trial
 •   Wigan Jobs fair
                               incapacity benefit and been     with them, from which he
 •   About Jobcentre Pus
                               through the New Deal            was successful in securing a
 •   Useful Contacts           programme before. It wasn’t     full time permanent job. The
                               long before Jason secured       rest is history.
Jobcentre Plus                 himself an employer who
District Office                wanted to take him on via the
Othen House                    New Deal Employment
7 Oldham Road                  Option. With the help of
Middleton                      Cathy his New Deal Personal
Manchester                     Adviser, Jason started work.
M24 1BX                        However 4 months later the       employer lost contracts and
                               could not keep Jason on.
       Could a Jobcentre Plus Lone Parent
       Adviser help you?
                         “I’d love to go        Since 1998 over half a million single
                         back to work,          parents have been helped back into work
                                                through New Deal for Lone parents.
                         but I don’t know
                         where to start?”       Nearly 100,000 people are currently
                                                participating in the programme, which
      “I’d love to go                           offers:
      back to work,                                 • A Personal Adviser
      but what about                                • Access to training
      my benefits?”                                 • One to one help with job searching
                                                    • Help with childcare and travel costs
                         “I’d love to go            • Fast track applications to in-work
                         back to work,
                                                    • Job grants
                         but who’ll look
                         after my kids?”        New Deal for lone parent advisers at
                                                Jobcentre Plus offices are in touch with
                                                employers across the district and have
    Launched in October 1998 and gives          access to a wide range of flexible part time
    single parents the opportunity to           and full time vacancies that meet the
    develop their skills together with          needs of single parents.
    assistance to find a job that suits their
    lifestyle, including childcare              Contact your local Jobcentre Plus
    responsibilities.                           office to arrange an appointment.

                                                   If you are looking for work phone
New Deal Lone Parent Advisers                      Jobseeker Direct on:
are working from Children Centres                  0845 6060 234
across the borough....                             Text phone* 0845 6055 255
                                                   Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm
Chris Holmes and Chris Parkinson from Wigan
Jobcentre are at Children’s Centres in
• Hindley – every Tuesday morning
• Platt Bridge – every Thursday morning             Or visit our website:
• Westfield – every Monday afternoon and
• Shevington Library – every Wednesday am
Denise Welsby from A-In-M Jobcentre is at
• Ashton Centre – Monthly Monday morning
• Golborne Library – Monthly Tuesday 1-3pm          For employers needing to fill
• Ashton Library – Monthly Wednesday 1-3pm          vacancies phone Employer Direct on:
Diane Leyland from Leigh Jobcentre is at            0845 601 2001
• Higher Fold Job Shop – Thursday mornings          Text phone* 0845 601 2002
Deborah Leatherbarrow also from Leigh is at         Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm
• Leigh Central – Monday mornings.
Pam Kelly from Atherton Jobcentre is at           * Text phones are a service for customers
• Tyldesley Surestart – every other Monday pm     with speech or hearing difficulties. They don’t
• Atherton Community Centre – by appointment      accept texts from mobile phones.
   What is a Work Trial?
Work Trial is a programme thatgives you
the chance to try out a job with an
employer for up to 15 days. You’ll carry on
receiving your benefits while you’re on
trial, so it’s a risk-free way of finding out if
a position is right for you.

If your employer offers you a job at the end
of your Work Trial period and you accept
it, it does not mean that all financial help
will end – you may be eligible for some in-
work benefits and tax credits.

For more information on Work Trial,
visit or
                                                   Leigh Sports Village is the biggest
contact your local jobcentre Plus office.
                                                   investment in public sport and
                                                   recreational facilities in the Wigan
                                                   Borough for many years and will
                                                   transform Leigh into one of the finest
                                                   hubs of activity in the North West.
   Future Events                                   The extensive facilities include Athletics track, 3rd
                                                   Generation artificial and grass sports pitches,
                                                   Sports Centre, Sixth Form College, Leisure and
                                                   Retail Outlets including a Four Star Hotel. The
                                                   centrepiece of the development is a 10,000-
                                                   seater stadium, which will be the new home of
                                                   Leigh Centurions Rugby League team, and Leigh
                                                   RMI football team.

                                                   As this facility starts to be handed over we seek
                                                   to recruit a number of personnel who will play a
                                                   key role in the opening and operation of the Leigh
                                                   Sports Village Complex. Ask at your local
                                                   jobcentre about job opportunities or log onto
           In September 2007
Jobs Fair – Thurs 20th September
Wigan Investment Centre 10am-                             Did you know?
4pm. There will be jobs in retail,                    The National Minimum Wage rates
hospitality, manufacturing, banking,                  from October 2007 will be
call centre, care, public sector,
recruitment agencies and others.                      • £5.52 per hour for 22 year olds
                                                        and over
New Tesco Store in Haydock –                          • £4.60 per hour for 18-21 year
open recruitment for 200 new jobs                       olds
– contact your local jobcentre for                    • £3.40 per hour for 16-17 year
more information                                        olds
Local Jobcentres
                                                                  YOU CAN DO IT WHEN
Ashton-In-Makerfield                  01942 755600
Atherton                              01942 755900                YOU    IT
Leigh                                 01942 263700               TNG centres in the North West are
Wigan                                 01942 752100               currently working in collaboration with
Textphone                             01942 758021               B&Q.

Useful Contacts                                                  For part of this venture, placement officers are
                                                                 in the process of spending a day in the store
Tax credits                 0845 300 3900                        working with B&Q staff, with the idea that our
Child Benefit               0800 302 1444                        staff will have a greater understanding of what
Disability living Allowance 0845 712 3456                        jobs are available and will therefore be better
                                                                 equipped with what the placement entails.
If you need to claim benefit:
Contact centre                        0800 0 55 66 88            So far, Amie Collier and Alistair Atkinson
Textphone*                            0800 0 23 48 88            (pictured above) from the Leigh centre have
Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm                                             spent the day at B&Q, where they found the
                                                                 staff friendly and welcoming. They even
Benefit / Social fund/ Crisis Loan                               managed to sell a Barbeque and Strimmer
                                                                 between them! We look forward to working
Bolton Benefit Delivery Centre                                   with B&Q in the future to ensure job seeker
01204 367000
Bury Benefit Delivery Centre
0161 762200                                                      After successfully completing his New
                                                                 Deal Gateway programme with Inspire 2
Crisis Loan - 01204 367000.                                      Independence in Wigan, Mark Ferguson
                                                                 secured a job with Asda. He achieved this
Social Fund – 01942 758000                                       with support from Simon at Inspire 2
(funeral payments ring 01204 367000)                             Independence who helped him with
Phone calls are charged at standard rate. Phone lines are open   application forms and interview techniques
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am to 5pm and Wednesday
10am to 5pm.                                                     before arranged for a one day work taster with
                                                                 Asda followed by a job interview.

Has jobcentreplus helped you or made a difference to
your life? If you want to tell your story, please contact
us or speak to a member of staff in your local office.

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