Horse Pony Purchase Questionnaire

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					                                  Horse/ Pony Purchase Questionnaire

Please complete the questions relevant to your case. This will assist us in advising you of your
legal position.

Seller’s Details

Name:                                       Address:

                                            Telephone number:

Were they a dealer/ trader?         Yes            No              Don’t know

Purchaser’s Details

Name:                                       Address:

                                            Telephone number:

Horse/ Pony Details

Name:                                       Age:

Sex:    Mare              Filly             Gelding         Stallion         Colt

Breed/ Type:                       Colour:                         Height:

Price paid:      £
(Please include copy receipt if possible)

Was anything else included in the sale price (tack, rugs etc)?         Yes                No
(If yes, please detail)

Date of purchase:

Did you receive a passport or registration papers for the horse/ pony?              Yes        No

Was the horse/ pony vetted?              Yes                No
(Please supply a copy of the vet’s report)

Name of Vet:                                 Address:

                                             Telephone number:

Was a blood test or x-ray taken at the time of vetting?           Yes             No

Where did you see the horse/ pony advertised?
(Please supply a copy of the advert if possible, or advise the description that was given of the horse/ pony in
the advert)

Where and in what situation did you try the horse/ pony (e.g. in a school, on a hack, at a show)?

How many times did you try the horse/ pony (please gives dates)?

Were you happy when you tried the horse/ pony or did he/ she show any behavioural problems?
Yes          No

What did the seller say that the horse/ pony had done (e.g. hunted regularly
competed at pony club rested for a year etc)?

Did the seller describe any vices that the horse/ pony had? If so what?

What did the seller say the horse/ pony was suitable for?

Was the horse/ pony broken to ride?         Yes             No

Did you advise the seller of what type of horse/ pony you required (i.e. suitable as first
mount/ good to load, good in traffic, Grade A show jumper etc)? Yes           No
(Please detail)

Please describe the difficulties you have had with the horse/ pony:

What approaches, if any, have you made to the seller since you acquired the horse/ pony
and what did they say (e.g. telephone conversations correspondence etc)?

What is your objective now (i.e. refund, replacement horse/ pony etc)?

Questionnaire completed by:

Contact telephone number:


Please return this questionnaire to:-

Sarah Jordan
Daltons Solicitors
Lyndum House
12 High Street
Hampshire GU32 3JG
(Email to:


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