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Find Jobs in Leicester and the East Midlands


Find Jobs in Leicester and the East Midlands

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Find Jobs in Leicester and the
       East Midlands
          Careers and Employment Support
Before You Start

This information should be read in conjunction with ‘Career Success Guide No.5:     Finding Information on Employers in the East Midlands
Find Graduate Jobs’ and the ‘AGCAS Special Interest Series booklet: Job
Seeking Strategies’. Both provide general information on graduate job search        Chambers of Commerce
nationally and are available to take away from the Student Services Centre.
                                                                                    These are business membership organisations representing employers at local
Why Work Locally/Regionally?                                                        and regional levels. Their websites can provide useful information on potential
                                                                                    employers, particularly SMEs. For a list covering the East Midlands and beyond
                                                                                    go to then click on ‘find your chamber’.
The East Midlands covers the counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire,
Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland - and there are         All the regional chambers of commerce websites have a ‘Database of Members’
many reasons to work here. For some people the choice is based on personal          to help you identify local employers.
circumstances and the wish to be close to family and friends. Other people seek
the opportunities the region offers to work in a target sector or with a key        Other websites
employer. Before making a decision about where you want to work, it is
important to consider your reasons and the impact your decision might have on       These often list potential employers by city, county or region and include those
your future career prospects.                                                       listed in the ‘Why work locally/regionally?’ section (above), those listed in ‘Career
                                                                                    Success No.5: Find Graduate Jobs’ and the following:
Opportunities in the East Midlands cover most creative, industrial, commercial
and public sector occupations, and the section on ‘Who are the Potential            •
Graduate Employers?’ (below) lists some of the key employment sectors.
For information on the current and predicted changes in regional and local          •
employment check the following websites:
                                                                                    Public Sector Employers in the East Midlands
                                                                                    These include some of the largest regional and local employers covering central
                                                                                    and local government. Such organisations recruit to a wide range of jobs, from
                                                                                    general administration and general graduate trainee positions to specialist
Deciding Where You Could Work in the East Midlands – Your                           occupations including environmental health and social work.
Travel-to-Work Area
                                                                                    For a national perspective on public sector opportunities check the following
As a part of planning your job-search strategy you need to decide on your travel-
to-work area – the parts of Leicester, or the other towns and cities you would be   •
willing and able to commute to on a daily basis. This will depend on whether you
can drive and have a car, the availability of public transport or car-sharing       •
opportunities, how long you are prepared to spend commuting, and the likely
                                                                                    For a regional perspective go to:
Use a road atlas to check out the main centres of population you could travel to.
These may include Leicestershire towns including Hinckley and Loughborough          •
and regional cities including Derby, Nottingham and Coventry. Find out the travel   For local government jobs in Leicestershire go to:
times by road, rail and bus using the contact details below. You may also be
able to check your travel-to-work information with personal contacts who are        • Leicester City Council
doing the same journey daily.
                                                                                    • Leicestershire County Council
National Rail Enquiries
Tel 0845 748 4950
                                                                                        Leicestershire Constabulary (Police)
National Bus Enquiries                                         •
Tel 0871 200 2233                                                                       Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Who Are the Potential Graduate Employers?
                                                                                    For district and borough council contact details see

Potential employers in the East Midlands range from small and medium                •
enterprises (SMEs), with up to 250 employees, to large multinationals. Around
57% of East Midlands employees work for SMEs which are widely predicted to
be the main growth organisations for graduate employment. For information on
working in SMEs see, click on ‘Jobs and Work’, then             For NHS jobs see, then click on ‘Employer list’ for contact
‘Explore jobs sectors’, then ‘SMEs’.                                                details of NHS trusts within the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland
                                                                                    Strategic Health Authority.
Key regional employment sectors and major employers include the following:
                                                                                    Large public sector employers may publish their current vacancies through print
•   Food and drink: Samworth Brothers, Northern Foods, Pedigree Masterfoods,        vacancy bulletins (often held at public libraries and Job Centre Plus) or have
    PepsiCo                                                                         their own online job shop. For example Leicester City Council’s online
                                                                                    recruitment system can be found at
•   Creative industries: NEXT, BBC, MATV
•   Engineering: Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Toyota, Caterpillar, Cosworth            Regional Graduate Training Programmes
•   Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical instrument manufacture: Astra-        The schemes listed below provide an opportunity to gain relevant experience
    Zeneca, Boots, 3M Healthcare                                                    and skills by working for local or regional employers and may lead to permanent
•   Banking and Finance: Alliance and Leicester, Capital One, Egg, Experian.        employment. Many of the placement opportunities are likely to be with SMEs.

                                                                                    •   Getonwithgraduates

                                                                                                                                                 Student Services . . .
                                                                                                                                                 we’re supporting you.
Offers placements and 12 month graduate positions across the region covering         To identify other regional recruitment agencies check the following websites:
roles that include business, IT/technical and design.
•   Graduate Gateway
Offers 26 week business improvement assignments to graduates in companies
across the region.                                                                   •

•   step enterprise
Offers placement and recruitment programmes for students and graduates. The          Careers and Recruitment Fairs
database, which includes permanent vacancies, placement opportunities and
internships, can be searched using a range of criteria including region and job      Student and graduate recruitment fairs are an excellent way to meet local,
sector.                                                                              regional and national employers. At DMU the main events include:

•   Success Matrix                                           •   The Leicestershire Student and Graduate Fair – held in November at
Offers graduates permanent roles, project work and short term placements in              Leicester City Football Club, is the largest recruitment fair in the East
companies throughout Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Rutland.                           Midlands. It is run jointly by DMU and the University of Leicester with over
                                                                                         90 companies exhibiting at the fair.
•   Knowledge Transfer Partnerships                             •   FAME – Fashion, Arts, Media, East Midlands is aimed at students and
Offers graduates 12 to 36 month placement opportunities across the UK                    graduates interested in working in the creative industries, with organisations
generally in business, technology or design. For information on DMU                      from areas such as television and radio, multi-media design, advertising,
opportunities with KTP see:                                                              fashion design and performing arts. FAME takes place in March and
                                                                                         provides an excellent opportunity to network with experienced practitioners                    in the region.
                                                                                     •   Part-time and work experience fairs – these are targeted events which
Regional Graduate Vacancies                                                              take place in the autumn and spring terms and focus on companies that
                                                                                         offer vacation, part-time and voluntary work. Log on to the ‘calendar of
                                                                                         events’ section of our website at for specific dates
Your job search should include as many relevant vacancy sources as possible,             and further information.
but also be targeted at sector websites, journals etc covering the particular
                                                                                     For information on other graduate careers fairs see
career you aim to enter. The ‘AGCAS Sector Briefings’ provide essential sector
information and are available to take away from the Student Services Centre
                                                                                     For information on local careers fairs organised by Jobs Centre Plus see
and on, click on ‘Jobs and work’, then ‘Explore job
                                                                            Click on ‘View Local Events’.
sectors’. The following general vacancy sources are all important for sector-
targeted job search.
                                                                                     Further Help in Planning Your Regional Job Search Strategy
Regional Websites
                                                                                     Careers advisers at The Careers Service can help you identify potential
                                                                                     employers in Leicester and the East Midlands. Use the ASK Here 9-5 drop-in
•   DMUworks is DMU’s free online jobsite exclusively for DMU students and
                                                                                     service which runs from Monday to Friday in Gateway House (Ground Floor).
    graduates. Whether you are looking for graduate, part-time, vacation,
    voluntary or placement opportunities in the region, log on to DMUworks has an e-mail job alert function
    which means that any relevant vacancies can be sent to you the very next
•   Other university careers services will publish their own vacancy information
    which may be on open access or closed websites. See (click on ‘Your Uni Careers Service’) for contact details
    and then phone the careers services to check the vacancy information they
    can provide.

•   graddtobusiness is a regional online resource providing a brokerage service
    to SMEs. Student/graduate registration at
    gives access to key regional employment programmes and student/graduate
    vacancy information.
•   em-grad online - essential website for graduates
    seeking work in the East Midlands. For vacancy information, click on
    ‘Searching for suitable opportunities’.
National graduate jobsearch websites often include regional search facilities.
You can use the Prospects website at to find East
Midlands vacancies by selecting ‘Search Job Vacancies’ and then ‘Add

Local newspapers

For Leicester Mercury vacancies see or the Jobs
feature on Wednesdays. Also see or
for links to other local, regional and national newspapers.

Recruitment Consultants and Employment Agencies

Hot Prospects – East Midlands Recruitment Service at
provides access to job vacancies in the East Midlands and enables you to build
a profile which can be viewed by employers.

Jobcentreplus is a key source of local and regional vacancies. Check for a list of locations and for local/regional vacancies.
Phone 0845 606 0234 to contact the ‘Job Seeker Direct’ vacancy service.

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