Pressure measurement for factory automation

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					                                                   Innovation Marathon – Preview                              : Products

                                                                                           electric output can be twisted both in
 Solutions for a variety of applications                                                   relation to the process connection and
                                                                                           against each other, allowing an undis-

 Pressure measurement                                                                      turbed view of the display and optimum
                                                                                           cable routing.
                                                                                                The attractive price-performance
                                                                                           ratio in conjunction with the minimized
 for factory automation                                                                    set-up times provides the user with a sig-
                                                                                           nificant cost benefit.

                                                                                           PBT and PFT: the pressure
                                                                                           transmitters for universal and
                                                                                           special measurement tasks
                                                                                           Just like the pressure switch, the pres-
                                                                                           sure transmitters from SICK also offer
                                                                                           relative, absolute, and vacuum measure-
                                                                                           ment ranges. As a standard transmitter
                                                                                           for measuring liquid and gas pressures,
                                                                  Innovation NO 26         the PBT basic series delivers superb
                                                                                           price-performance ratio, covering the
                                                                                           majority of applications in factory auto-
                                                                                           mation. The available measuring ranges
                                                                                           for relative pressure are 0 to 2 bar up to
                                                                                           0 to 600 bar. Simple and fast installa-
                                                                                           tion, availability of all common process
                                                                                           connections, and the compact construc-
                                                                                           tion design complete the picture of these
                                                                                           uncomplicated and yet highly efficient
                                                                                                Special application fields are covered
SICK presents a new range of                 Particularly compact and flexible:            by the PFT series. Here, the available
                                             the PBS pressure switch                       measuring ranges for relative pressure
products for pressure measure-               The PBS is an efficient and space-saving      are 0 to 0.1 bar up to 0 to 600 bar. Ad-
ment technology. High accu-                  pressure gauge. The sensor is available       ditional optional features available, such
racy and robust design are the               with relative pressure measurement            as higher measuring accuracy, extended
                                             ranges from 0 to 1 bar and from 0 to 600      temperature range, diaphragm face
common features of all the                   bar, though it is also suitable for abso-     flush with the front, or the great variety
devices.                                     lute and vacuum measuring ranges. The         of available process connections make
                                             PBS combines several functionalities in       the PFT a real specialist for demanding
>> In order to solve the demands made        one device: pressure transmitter, pres-       measuring tasks.
by industrial clients on the sensor tech-    sure switch and indicating device. Thus,           The characteristics that are the same
nology of their machine or plant in a        besides the up to two switching outputs,      for both pressure transmitters are the in-
customer-oriented way and from a single      an analog output – 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10      dustrial standard output signals of 4 to
source, SICK is expanding the product        V – is available as an optional feature.      20 mA or 0 to 10 V as well as connection
range by a series of high-performance        The intuitive configuration by means of       via M12x1 circular plug-in connectors or
pressure transmitters for measuring          two buttons and a display on the de-          angled plug according to DIN 175301-
pressures in liquids and gases.              vice is oriented on VDMA’s (Verband           803 A.
    Pressure measurement technology          Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau                The newly presented portfolio of
from SICK is used in machine and plant       – German Engineering Federation) Stan-        pressure measurement technology from
construction, in machine tools, in hy-       dard 24574-1 and makes operation              SICK is another step toward becoming
draulic and pneumatic systems, for pres-     particularly simple: The menu is easy to      a supplier of comprehensive solutions.
sure control, as well as on pumps and        understand, incorrect inputs are practi-      The benefits for the customer are obvi-
compressors. Whether in the automotive       cally impossible and set-up takes only a      ous: Ultimately, only innovative and high-
industry, in vehicle manufacturing, in the   few moments.                                  quality products, optimum consultation,
electronics industry or in the packaging         A special degree of flexibility distin-   and custom-made product offers result
industry, the product portfolio with the     guishes the PBS in terms of the installa-     in more efficient and cost-effective solu-
innovative PBS pressure switch as well       tion situation. Thus, the PBS is available    tions.
as the PBT and PFT series of pressure        with the common process connections
transmitters is very well suited not only    and therefore requires no adapters. The
to cover the most diverse requirements       electrical connection of the PBS takes
but also to provide the client with the      place via M12x1 circular plug-in connec-             Further product information:
best possible, cost-effective solutions.     tors. The highlight: the display and the