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					     Island Hopping
     Experience Island hopping in the English channel! Guernsey serves as the hub                             Despite being the closest to France, Alderney feels more remote than any of the other
     for departures by sea and air to the beautiful islands of Herm, Sark & Alderney.                         Channel Islands. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, a combination of landscapes and wildlife
                                                                                                              that are easily accessible from Guernsey by air or sea. There are over 30 miles of walks that
                                                                                                              wind their way over cliffs and golden bays, across exposed commons, past Victorian
                                                                                                              fortresses and World War II batteries alongside the scenic golf course.

     A tranquil beach paradise that’s easily reached
     from Guernsey by ferry, Herm is a favourite with
     visitors and locals alike. As soon as you step off
     the boat onto the jumble of granite and wood
     that forms the harbour wall, the stresses of the
                                                          Step back in time in beautiful Sark. Traffic-free
     modern world evaporate. Stay overnight to really     and overflowing with natural beauty, the island
     appreciate the peaceful personality of this          is easily reached by ferry from Guernsey.
     magical island. Highlights are Belvoir Bay – a       Stunning coastal views and a picturesque rural
     secluded cove surrounded by beautiful scenery,       interior are best experienced either on foot or
     Shell Beach – brilliant white sand like in the       by bicycle (available for rent on the island).
     Caribbean! And the beatiful Coastal walk starting    There are also a number of good restaurants
     from the harbour where you can Puffin spot!          and hotels for those wishing to stay longer than
                                                          a day. Highlights are La Seigneurs of Sark with
                                                          its beautiful gardens; La Coupee a spectacular
                                                          sight with it razor edged isthmus that joins the
                                                          main island to little Sark and Venus pool perfect
                                                          for bathing at 20 feet deep!

                                                                                                              St Annes the capital is a community of colour
                                                                                                              washed houses, cobbled streets and shops and the
                                                                                                              magnificent ‘Cathedral of the Channel Islands’ at its
                                                                                                              There are many welcoming pubs and restaurants
                                                                                                              on the island and there’s even a gauge railway
                                                                                                              (the only one in the channel islands).
                                                                                                              Highlights are: Bird watching – home to almost
                                                                                                              300 species of bird and includes 2% of the worlds
                                                                                                              gannet population; Beaches – some of the sandiest
                                                                                                              beaches – Branve and Longis being the most

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