; Eurodad board summary February 2007
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Eurodad board summary February 2007


Eurodad board summary February 2007

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									Minutes of Eurodad Board Meeting, 8/02/2007
Location: Eurodad, Brussels

Organisation                        Country              Representative
Diakonia                            Sweden               Penny Davies (Chair)
Oxfam GB                            UK                   Max Lawson (Treasurer)
Agir Ici                            France               Sébastien Fourmy (by phone)
Christian Aid                       UK                   Sony Kapoor (by phone)
CRBM                                Italy                Antonio Tricarico
SLUG                                Norway               Kjetil Abildsnes (by phone)
EURODAD                             Belgium              Alex Wilks (Secretary),
                                                         Olivia Debouver,
                                                         Gail Hurley (items 11 onwards),
                                                         Lucy Hayes (items 11 onwards)

      1.       Approve agenda
      2.       Minutes of board 2/11/2006
      3.       General secretariat update including new staff recruitments
      4.       Concord: membership fee
      5.       Financial report 2006
      6.       HR issues
      7.       Underpaying members 2006
      8.       Budget 2007
      9.       Fund-raising plans and progress
      10.      Evaluation of Eurodad’s work
      11.      Eurodad meetings: rethinking purpose and priorities
      12.      Capital flight/plugging leaks – what can Eurodad do in 2007?
      13.      World Bank campaign
      14.      Reality of Aid European hub
      15.      Location for next meeting. Dates for upcoming 2007 meetings

Summary of main decisions and action points
    Decision     Details                                            Responsibility         Deadline
                                           Approve agenda
1A              Agenda has been approved but reordered.             Board
                              Approve minutes Board meeting 2/11/2007
2A              The previous minutes were approved with one small
                change (adding Sony Kapoor to participants list).

                Put resume on the web                                    Eurodad           ASAP
2B              Marta Ruiz is no longer part of the board as she         Board
                will become part of the Eurodad team
                                         Concord membership
4               The board has decided to pay in 2007 the same            BOARD
                membership fee to Concord as in 2006; 2750 EUR
                Alex will write a letter explaining this decision.       ALEX              DONE
                                       Financial report 2006
5               The positive amount remaining after payment of           Secretariat
                the pension fund will be put in the reserves. This
                amount estimated at: 5.000 – 7.500 EUR.
                                                HR topics
6               The board approves the rewarding system given to the     Board
                team in 2006, the board also decided to give the
                maximum amount for the pension fund to the Eurodad
                staff meaning 1.000 EUR/person full time. Meal tickets
                as from 2007 will be at 6 EUR/day worked.
                                  Eurodad membership payments
7          The board agrees on a maximum period of 3 years           Board chair     To send
           where a member is allowed to suspend its                                  with end
           membership fee payment or pay a reduced rate.                             March
           The board chair will write a letter to non-paying or                      member
           under-paying members explaining this policy and
           urging payment.
                                         Budget 2007
8          Alex explained the scenarios for the 2007 budget          Secretariat
           according to different projects. The board
           approved the budget for the confirmed projects.
                                Fund-raising plans and progress
9A         The Secretariat will prepare a concept note and budgets   Secretariat     End April
           for the 2008-2010 period to discuss during the next
           board meeting.
      9B   The Secretariat will produce draft proposals for          Secretariat     End April
           additional target funders.
                        Evaluation of Eurodad’s work
10         The Board tightened the Terms of Reference and            Board
           mandated a sub-group of Penny, Sébastien and
           Sony to proceed.

           The secretariat will circulate the final terms of
           reference to potential consultants. Selection
           decisions will be taken by the board sub-group.           Secretariat     21/2/07

11         The board approved and commented on the                   Secretariat
           proposed workplans.
                                   Annual conference 2006
12A        The board eliminated two possible conference              Secretariat +   28/02/2007
           dates and told the secretariat to explore the end         Kjetil
           October for Oslo and keep the early December
           fallback booking for Brussels.
12B        The board gave a deadline of end February to              Kjetil.         28/02/07
           obtain sufficient funding from Norway to make the
           conference feasible there.
                                 Reality of Aid membership
14         Wait until May meeting to respond                   Board
                      Next board meeting and extra General Assembly
15A        The next board meeting would take place on May
           2 and 3 in Montopoli, Italy. Board members should
           arrive by 12.00 on the 2 and stay for all of the
           3 .
15B        The extra GA will take place on 3 May at 16.00.
           Members will be invited in late March.

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