Ending a Call:
CISCO IP PHONE QUICK GUIDE                                                         Hang up the handset.
                                                                                   Press the Speaker button.
                                                                                   Press the End Call soft key.
There are several options available to perform phone functions.
These options depend on your calling status (on hook, off hook,
                                                                                    Place a Call on Hold:
headset, call-in-progress).
                                                                                   Note: There is no hard hold button on the phone. It is a soft key
Each user extension is 4 digits.                                                   -While on a call, press the Hold soft key. The associated line blinks.
                                                                                   To return to the call, press the Resume soft key
1. Basic Call Features
                                                                                   -If multiple calls on the same line are on hold, use the scroll keys to
                                                                                   select the desired call before you press Resume
Placing a Call:
   Internal calls can be dialed using the 4 digit extension.                      Last Number Redial – Will allow you to redial the last number that was
                                                                                   called from your phone
For calls outside your company or user group:                                      -Lift the handset and press the Redial key.
a. Lift your handset, dial your outbound dialing digit (if you are unsure          -Simply press the Redial soft key to activate the speakerphone and
    of this, please contact your System Administrator) plus the number             place the call.
    you wish to call (it is not necessary to dial “9” for internal extension
    numbers).                                                                      Changing Between Handset and Speakerphone During a Call
b. Press the speaker button and dial the number.                                   Handset to speakerphone:
c. Press the New Call soft key and dial the number.                                Press the Speaker button and hang up the handset.
d. Dial the number and the speakerphone will automatically activate.               Speakerphone to Handset
                                                                                   Lift the handset.
Answering Calls:
-When your phone is ringing, simply lift your handset to answer the ringing        Mute a call:
line.                                                                              Press the Mute button. Caller cannot hear you, you can hear caller.
-Press the line button associated with the ringing line.                           To turn off mute, press Mute again (or lift the handset)
-Press the Answer soft key.
                                                                                   Call Transfer:
Answering a Second Call:                                                           During a call, press the More soft key then the Trnsfr soft key. This
The easiest way to answer a second call is to press the Answer soft key.           places the call on hold and you hear dial tone.
The first call is automatically placed on hold and you are connected to the        Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
second call. NOTE: If you do not use Answer and you select another                 You can either hang up or stay on the call to announce it. When you
line without pressing Hold, the first call is disconnected.                        hang up, the transfer is completed.
To reconnect with the first call, press the Scroll key to highlight the original
call, and then press the Resume soft key. To switch between calls after            Park a Call: Places a call on hold that can be picked up on any phone
the first time, hit Resume. You do not need to scroll to the other line.           in the partition; frees up the line on which it was answered.

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-Press the More soft key. Press the Park soft key.                             -Will allow you to answer another phone that is ringing in your
-Hang up. Park is displayed on your phone to remind you a call is parked.      department from your phone.
It will notify you once each minute that the call is still on Park.             -Press the More soft key until you see the pick soft key.
                                                                                -Press the pick soft key to answer the phone.
Retrieving a Parked Call:
Press the More soft key.                                                       4. Voice Mail
Press the Park soft key.                                                       See Voice Mail Quick Guide

Intercom:                                                                      5. Phone Controls
-Press the Intercom soft key. You will hear the system tone.                   Changing the volume:
-Dial the 4 digit number of the user you’re intercoming.                       -Press the up or down volume key on the phone to increase or decrease
-The system notifies the called party with 2 fast beeps and then activates     the volume of your handset, headset or speakerphone.
the called party’s speakerphone so that you can begin speaking with each       -To save the volume setting, press the Settings button and then press
other immediately.                                                             the Save soft key.
-If the called party is on the phone, you will hear a busy signal.
                                                                               Changing the ring sound:
2. Conference Calls:                                                           -Press the settings button.
Placing a Conference Call:                                                     -Use the scroll key to scroll to the Ring Type option on the Settings
-During a call, press the More soft key and then the ConFrn soft key. This     menu.
will automatically select a new line and place the other call party on hold.   -Press the Select soft key to display the list of ring types.
-Place a call to another person. When the call connects, press ConFrn          -Use the scroll key to select a ring type.
again to add the person to the conference call.                                -Press the Play soft key to hear a sample of the selected ring type.
Repeat steps 1-3 if you wish to add another party to the call. It is           -Press Select and then press the OK soft key to save your selection.
recommended that you use a meet-me conference service for a 5 or more          -Press Save to exit the Settings menu.
user call.
                                                                               Changing the contrast of the display:
                                                                               Press the Settings button.
Conference Call Options:                                                       Press the Select soft key to select the Contrast option on the Settings
To place the Conference call on hold, press the Hold soft key. The other       menu.
parties can talk among themselves but you cannot hear them.                    Press the Up or Down soft key to set up the desired intensity of the
To place a conference call on speakerphone, press the Speaker button.          display.
Press the Mute button to turn off the microphone. The conference parties       Press the OK soft key to save your setting.
cannot hear you but you can hear them. This works with the speaker or          Press the Exit soft key.
the handset.

3. Pick

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