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                                   January 2009                                                                 Issue 1

                             HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
                             Welcome to the first issue       within Downing, not least        was therefore due for review
                             of SHARE the Downing Care        the development of the           in 2008. With the support
                             Homes Newsletter.                Transitional Living Unit, ‘The   of the Home Managers and
                                                              Cherries,’ in Byfleet and the    staff in Tall Oaks and Blue
                             Since 1996 Downing have          building and subsequent          Cedars the decision was made
                             been providing high quality      opening of Acorn Lodge           to seek accreditation of all
                             care and support services        activities centre in the         three homes.
                             for adults with a learning       grounds of The Chestnuts.
                             disability and complex needs,    More about these services        I am proud to be able to
                             specialising in supporting       can be found later in the        report that all three homes
                             people with physical             newsletter.                      achieved the award which
                             disabilities, epilepsy, autism                                    recognises the hard work,
                             and sensory impairments.         Blue Cedars completed it’s       effort and commitment they
                                                              first operating year and the     demonstrate on a daily basis.
                             Through the implementation       first three residents have       Well done everyone!
                             of person centred plans          settled in and are happily
                             and structured activities        enjoying their new home.         Finally, as we get 2009
                             programs, we try to ensure       They have been very busy         underway I look forward
                             that all residents lead a        decorating and personalising     to the challenges and
IIP Awarded to               fulfilling lifestyle which       their rooms the way they         opportunities which lay
                             meets their own personal         want them. It all looks very     ahead. I hope it is a year
all three homes!             needs and aspirations. With      nice and comfortable and         which brings happiness
                             the emphasis on maintaining      they have more plans for         and health to you all. Best
The Chestnuts has held the   existing skills and developing   the garden areas come the        wishes
Investors in People Award    new interests residents are      springtime!
since 2000. Following two    given every opportunity                                           Graham
days of assesment in July    to make decisions about          I would like to say a very
2008 this has been renewed   the things they like to do,      big ‘thank you’ to our Home
and extended to i nclude     whether social, educational,     Managers and their staff
both Tall Oaks and Blue      recreational or work-related.    teams who create such
Cedars.                                                       happy, positive environments
                             Last year was a great year       for the residents. They do a
                             in the life of Downing Care      tremendous job and it is very
Pictured here are the        Homes and it gives me great      much appreciated.
three Home Managers, Sue     pleasure to share with you
Squires, Penny Lamb and      some of the highlights of        As those of you who visit or
Helen Jones with their       2008.                            work at The Chestnuts will be
awards.                                                       aware, the home originally
                             2008 saw some significant        achieved their Investors in        Graham Elliot - Director
                             and exciting developments        People Award in 2005, which         Downing Care Homes
                                               TALL OAKS
                              STAR TURN!                       Happy Birthday Ellen!
                              In February 2008 one of the                                      Ellen celebrated her 25th
                              residents of Tall Oaks, Sam                                      birthday on the 11th October
                              Davies, revisited the National   Below: Ellen celebrating her    with a BBQ party. The
                              Star College where she had       birthday with her family.       staff had a great cake made
                              previously been a student to                                     which featured all of Ellen’s
                              give a presentation of Life at                                   favourite things. She is
                              Tall Oaks.                                                       pictured here with her family
                                                                                               and with Penny, the Home
                              She presented to a packed                                        Manager, and her lovely cake.
                              auditorium and was given a
                              thunderous round of applause
                              from all the students,
Above: Sam with the Home      staff and relatives who
Manager of Tall Oaks, Penny   were attending the college
Lamb at Star College          Placement Fair.

                                 On Your Bike!
                               On 20 August two young           with major bike dramas with     intrepid cyclists and to
                               friends from Farnborough         punctures and worn tyres.       thank them very much for
                               set off on a sponsored bike      However, the support            their supreme efforts and
                               ride from John O’Groats          received along the way          generosity. They raised a
                               to Lands End, roughly 880        was awesome. At the             total of over £1,500 and the
                               miles!, to raise money for       places where Ben & Naomi        residents of Tall Oaks will
                               the residents of Tall Oaks.      stayed the hosts were very      put this towards developing
                               Ben, a good friend of            accommodating and made          a sensory garden with a
                               Kirsty who lives at Tall         their stay as comfortable       water feature.
                               Oaks and his friend Naomi        and good as possible.
                               completed this epic journey.     Naomi and Ben described         Well done and a very big
Residents at                   The weather for the best         the experience as fantastic     thank you Ben and Naomi!!
Tall Oaks went                 part of 9 days was awful,        and said that the feeling of
                               which made it extremely          achievement and knowing
on holiday to                  challenging. One day it took     how much support would be
Blackpool. They                as 5 hours to cover 36 miles     generated for Tall Oaks kept
had a great time               because of the down pour.        them very focused.
visiting Blackpool             Thankfully within the10          A BBQ party was held to
Tower and seeing               days there was only day          celebrate the return of the
the illuminations.                                                                                          Staff and
They really enjoyed                                                                                         residents
the entertainment                                                                                           of Tall Oaks
                                                                                                            with family
in the evenings.
                                                                                                            and friends
                                                                                                            cleberate with
                                                                                                            Ben and Naomi

                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA!
                              Sandra celebrated her birthday on 26th June with friends and
                              family. Left: Sandra with her Mum opening her presents.
                                              BLUE CEDARS

                                                                                                            at the
                                            can be accessed by any person with a
Blue Cedars celebrated its first
anniversary at the end of 2008. Blue        mobility problem or physical disability.
Cedars is a six bedroom home which
offers an opportunity for young adults      Each bedroom has been designed with        Staff and residents at Blue Cedars
to share a home together, just as           privacy, comfort and individuality in      enjoyed a day out at Marwell Zoo and
so many young people choose to do           mind, with en-suite level access shower    despite the fact that it was a pretty
when they leave college or move away        room, TV and telephone point. The          cold day both Kelly and Jake had a
from home. It provides a supportive         residents are encouraged to develop        good time.
environment in which they can               their room as ‘my space’ with their own    Kelly’s favourite animals were the
continue to develop their life skills and   personal effects and choice of decor.      penguins which were very comical and
gain confidence and independence.                                                      didn’t seemed to mind the cold! Jake
                                                                                       looked forward to seeing the giraffes
The residents of Blue Cedars have all                                                  all day and was really excited when we
the benefits of a purpose designed                                                     finally saw them in the park. To warm
home as well as the support of a staff                                                 up we stopped in one of the cafes for
team who help them to live their lives                                                 a hot drink and something to eat. The
the way they choose to.                                                                day was rounded off by a visit to the
It is a spacious home which has been                                                   gift shop as promised where both Kelly
designed to ensure that all areas                                                      and Jake chose a souvenir to remind
                                                                                       them of their great day out.


      Halloween preperations at
                   Blue Cedars

                                              PORTSMOUTH HIGHLIGHTS!
                                             Jake and
                                             Kelly had
                                             a great
                                             day out in
                                             The highlight
                                             of the trip
                                             was going up
                                             the Spinnaker
                                             Tower - and

          SCARY JULIE!!                      of course
                                             lunch out!
                                    THE CHESTNUTS
                           September 2008 saw                of many activities available
                           the completion of the             which will include:
                           activities centre, Acorn          •	 music and movement
                           Lodge, within the grounds         •	 independent living
                           of The Chestnuts. This                skills
                           is an exciting new                •	 money management               Congratulations to Elizabeth
                           development which will            •	 numeracy literacy              Meade, who recently
                           provide a wide range of           •	 arts and crafts                completed her NVQ 2
                           varied activities for the         •	 cookery … to name but
                           residents, to complement              a few
                           the existing services on                                             Christmas Card Competion
                           offer. Each of the residents      It is anticipated that some                Winner!
                           at The Chestnuts has an           of these activity sessions
                           individualised activity           will also be offered to           The 2008 Christmas Card
                           programme which includes          others living in the local        Competition was won by
                           both community based and          community..                       Samuel Shepard. Sam as he
                           home based activities.                                              likes to be known lives in
                                                              A Manager for Acorn Lodge        The Cherries. He is pictured
                           Acorn Lodge will provide          has been recruited and will       here holding his winning
                           further opportunities for         commence in January 2009.         entry.
                           the residents to explore and
                           participate in new activities
                           of their choice.

                           A sensory unit has been
                           purchased and sensory
                           activities will be just one

  Festive Celebrations at The Chestnuts
  The residents of The Chestnuts held their Christmas party held on 18th December in the new activities centre,
  Acorn Lodge. They invited all their families and friends and everyone had a really good time.
  Each of the three houses at The Chestnuts entered the Christmas cake competition. There was a lot of secrecy
  with the cakes only finally revealed on the evening of the party. There were two prizes, one for the best looking
  cake and one for the best tasting cake. Family members were asked to do the judging and the two winners were
  The Cherries(best tasting cake) and The Willows (best looking cake).
  It was a really fun night, lots of great food and drink and by the end of the evening everyone was singing and
  dancing. Well done to all the staff for organising such a splendid event!

       If you would like more information about Downing Care Homes please contact: Elaine Baigrie Operations Manager

       Mob: 07920106781
       Email: elaine@downingcarehomes.co.uk
       Website: www.downingcarehomes.co.uk

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