; Week commencing 15th September 2008 Happy Birthday Twenty years ago after failing the bar exam Keith Abel made a plan The plan featured
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Week commencing 15th September 2008 Happy Birthday Twenty years ago after failing the bar exam Keith Abel made a plan The plan featured


Happy Birthday!

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									                        Week commencing 15th September 2008
                                  Happy Birthday!
Twenty years ago, after failing the bar exam, Keith Abel made a plan. The plan featured a
sack of potatoes, boxes of eggs and some new-fangled, little known word, ‘organic’. Little did
he know that his door-to-door potato selling plan (with his strapline “Don’t break your arms
and eggs!”) would develop into the Abel & Cole of today.

Keith’s determination and belief in organics, along with the support of family, friends and
staff, have been the driving force behind Abel & Cole’s history and success. But it hasn’t
always been plain sailing…

“In 1997 we had a bit of a crisis. We were competing against the retail giants at a time when
no one understood organics, people just didn’t really get it.” It wasn’t just the company that
suffered either - Keith recalls the effects on his home life. “It was a very hard time - I had two
children under the age of 3 and my house was famously put up for sale by the Inland
Revenue. I got through it with the help and support of family and everyone involved with
A&C. We told growers and staff the extent of the crisis, and everyone pulled together, helped
out and worked really hard.”

Since 2002, things have been a bit more rosy. One of the most pleasing things for Keith is
how this growth has benefitted others; “I’m really proud of how we’ve helped other
businesses grow – it’s been really satisfying seeing all these little guys, persuading them to
give us a go, and then see it pay off for them so well. Our growers are all bloody nice people
trying very hard to do good things – we met them when they were small, struggling
businesses and they now enjoy a bit of security.”

Keith has also enjoyed seeing the growing awareness of the benefits of seasonal eating. He’s
delighted to have introduced people to seasonal veg like bright lights chard and kohl rabi.
Keith enthuses that we’re still, after all this time, showing people how to enjoy veg. “I love
that people rave about black salsify, and I love curly kale - I’m really delighted that people
love cooking it.” (Stir fried with olive oil and cumin is Keith’s top tip.)

“We’ve had to figure out how to eat with the seasons and it great that it’s so popular – I love
it that loads of people are thinking more about their food, and where it comes from, and are
moving away from homogenized identikit supermarket produce.”

So to celebrate we’re offering 20% off all our wonderful meat, fish, dairy and other goodies
(everything except fruit & veg) for next week only - so it’s the perfect time to delve into our
range and try something new!

     Variety is the spice of life                        Hurrah for Higher Fingle
Shakespeare gave Russet Apples the name              Our favourite chicken farmers Rona and
‘Leather-coats’, the russetting simply being a       Nevil at Higher Fingle Farm have just
rough skin type not an imperfection. The             been awarded ‘Overall Winner: Food
Victorians loved crunchy russet apples but           Champion of the Year’ by Country Living
our taste and demand for big shiny apples            Magazine.
has driven them from the supermarket                 Their commitment to animal welfare,
shelves. Now you can join the traditional            along with the fantastic quality of their
apple aficionadas and enjoy a taste of Ye Olde       ducks and chickens make them truly
England with St Edmund’s Russet apples!              deserving of this title. Well done them!

No Internet? Don’t miss out on our brilliant range of produce. Phone us on 08452 62 62 62 for
a complete product list!
                                                                         This Week’s Boxes
  Deluxe Veg                      Essential Veg                   Family Box                   Mixed Box             Seasonal Salad         Essential Fruit
  Aubergine                       Carrots Bunch                   Apples                       Apples                Box                    Apples
  Beetroot Bunch                  Cherry Tomatoes                 Broccoli                     Carrots               Carrots                Fairtrade Bananas
  Carrots Bunch                   Courgettes                      Carrots                      Cherry Tomatoes       Cherry Tomatoes        Melon
  Cavalo Nero                     Green Cabbage                   Fairtrade Bananas            Fairtrade Bananas     Cos/Battavia Lettuce   Oranges
  Green Cabbage                   Leeks                           Golden Globe Plums           Green Cabbage         Little Gem Lettuce     Pears
  Short Cucumber                  Little Gem Lettuce              Green Cabbage                Mushrooms             Red Pepper
  Sweet potatoes                  Spinach                         Leeks                        Oranges               Short Cucumber         Essential Fruit
  Sweetcorn                       White Onions                    Little Gem Lettuce           Potatoes
                                                                                                                     Spring Onions          Plus
                                  Small Mixed                     Mushrooms                    Spinach
  Small Deluxe                    Box
                                                                  Oranges                      White Onions
                                                                                                                     Baby Box               Fairtrade Bananas
  Veg                             Apples                          Ramiro Pepper                                      Apples                 Golden Globe Plums
  Beetroot Bunch                  Broccoli                        Spinach                                            Carrots                Melon
  Broccoli                        Carrots                         White Onions                                       Courgettes             Oranges
  Carrots Bunch                   Fairtrade Bananas                                                                  Fairtrade Bananas      Pears
  Cavalo Nero                     Pears                                                                              Pears
  Short Cucumber                  Potatoes                                                                           Spinach
  Sweet potatoes                  Spinach                                                                            Sweet potatoes
  Sweetcorn                       White Onions
       Box contents may vary due to availability and road strikes. Our website will always show the most up to date information.
      If your box doesn’t match the contents shown here, please count the items in the box, as a replacement may have been made.
                                                 If you’re not peeling them, please wash your fruit and veg before eating them.

          20% off for our 20th birthday                                                                      Recipes by Rachel de Thample

                                                                                                                   Apple rarebit
   We’ve got balloons and cake galore in the office to                                          Serves 4 as a starter, or as a light lunch with salad.
   celebrate our birthday, and we thought you should join
   in the fun too!                                                                           4 x 4cm-thick slices white bread, like pain de campagne
                                                                                                                 or a farmhouse loaf
   From Monday 22nd – Friday 26th September, you can                                                               Knob of butter
   get 20% off your whole delivery (apart from fruit                                                           300g Cheddar, grated
   and veg) if you enter the code BIRTHDAY when you                                                       150ml Samuel Smith’s cider
   confirm your order online.                                                                        1 tbsp Berkeley Farm pouring cream
                                                                                                    1 tsp Tracklements tarragon mustard
   See the flyer or website for terms and conditions.                                                         1 tsp wild flower honey
                                                                                                          1 large apple or 2 small apples
                                                                                             Preheat the oven to 170°C, gas mark 3.
                             YOUR RECEIPT                                                    Remove the crusts from the bread. Cut a square out of the
                                                                                             centre of each slice, without going through the base. Leave
                                                                                             a 1.5-2cm border around the edge, in effect creating a
                                                                                             bread case. Roughly crumble the cut-out pieces with your
                                                                                             fingers & set aside. Dot the hollowed-out bread cases with
                                                                                             little bits of butter, place on a baking tray & bake for about
                                                                                             10 minutes until toasty. Meanwhile, melt the cheese, cider,
                                                                                             cream & mustard in a pan over a gentle heat. Stir until
                                                                                             smooth then beat in the reserved breadcrumbs. Preheat
                                                                                             grill to high. Peel & core your apple and cut into thin, ½-
                                                                                             1cm thick slices. Place in the centre of each bread case.
                                                                                             Pour the cheese mixture over the apple & place under the
                                                                                             hot grill until they’re golden & bubbling. You’ll need to
                                                                                             serve them straight away before the bread softens.

                                                                                                           Golden onion and cider soup
                                                                                             This is a rich, luxurious soup – and a great way to clear a
                                                                                                              backlog of onions! Serves 4.

                                                                                                          1kg white onions, finely sliced
                                                                                                               75g unsalted butter
                                                                                                          500ml Samuel Smith’s cider
                                                                                                                1 sprig fresh thyme
                                                                                                                      1 bay leaf
                                                                                                               1 litre chicken stock
                                                                                                      200ml Berkeley Farm pouring cream
                                                                                                       To serve: a loaf of pain de campagne
                                                                                             Sweat the onions in a pan with butter until golden brown.
                                                                                             Add cider and boil gently until reduced by half. Add the
Please include your name and either your account number or postcode in all correspondence!
                                                                                             thyme, bay leaf, stock & cream & simmer for 30 minutes.
         Abel & Cole Ltd, 16 Waterside Way, London, SW17 0HB. VAT Number 918 0962 09.        Season to taste & serve with a warm loaf of pain de
         VAT is charged at 17.5% on standard rated goods.
         Please visit www.abelandcole.co.uk for our full terms and conditions                campagne.

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