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									    Happy 10 Birthday                               th

       for crazy
      discounts!                                                                      off our prices!

    We are celebrating by giving your school an incredible offer:
    EVERY 2Simple program on EVERY computer FOREVER!

28 titles including award-winners:

Infant Video Toolkit • 2Paint A Picture • 2Control NXT • Simple City
2Calculate • Music Toolkit • 2Create A Story • 2Animate • Maths City 1

Box Set
Simple to use, all on DVD enabling you to install multiple programs in a couple of clicks.

Permanent Site Licences
This means you can use all the programs on all your PCs in the school forever!

Online resources
•    Access to online videos, lesson plans and resources to save you time, give you ideas and get
     the most out of your software.
•    Linked to QCA Schemes of Work, National Curriculum.
•    Creative and fun ideas!

PLUS! Free access to two programs on the internet
•    Simple City – continue exploratory learning at home!
•    2Type – develop keyboard familiarity and improve spelling. Ideal for pupils to use both at
     home or at school.

    This would normally cost over £8,000 but as it is our
    birthday celebration, we are going to give it to you for just.....                  £1499
    If you are an existing 2Simple customer then
    take the price down even further to just.......................                       £999
     This is a TIME LIMITED offer and will only last
        for as long as there is still birthday cake!
    Hurry! Contact 2Simple with your purchase order number right now
      to order the whole 2Simple Collection for this incredible price.

     To order, you can call: 020 8203 1781, fax: 020 8202 6370,
 email: collection@2simple.com or visit: www.2simple.com/collection
                          Prices exclude VAT at 17.5% and delivery where applicable

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