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									                                                                    Rich Mix
                                                                   in association with
                                                            Freedom Studios

                                                      Happy & Married
                                                      Thursday 30 October 2008
                                                              7.30 pm
                                                    Play followed by post-show discussion

                                                  Tickets on sale now - £12.00, £ 10.00 concs
                                                   Information and Box Office 020 7613 7498

Play followed by post-show discussion.

Freedom Studios’ theatre debut asks - are we ‘Happy & Married?’

The hotly anticipated first play from director, playwright and South Bank Show Award winner Madani Younis,
with his new company Freedom Studios, explores what makes the ‘perfect’ relationship in Happy & Married?,
the first in a trilogy of devised shows.

Freedom Studios, one of the country’s most exciting and dynamic emerging theatre companies, offers Happy &
Married, its first in a trilogy of newly commissioned devised shows to audiences around the country.

A marriage takes place every 1.7 minutes in the UK.
A divorce takes place every 3.4 minutes in the UK.

In this dark comedy we glimpse at life behind the closed doors of married couple Ron and Marion. Have the
years taken their toll, and will they ever remember what first brought them together? With the squirrels stop
taunting Ron, and will Marion ever become a musician soloist?

Set against a heightened world of lusciousness, disorders and half-truths, can Ron and Marion rediscover their
love for one another?

Happy & Married? creates a world coloured by disorder and disillusion, where the reality of human relationships
falls short of expectations. With weddings constantly appearing in glossy magazines and the culture of celebrity
peddling ideas of perfection, Happy & Married? looks beyond these perfectly orchestrated set-pieces at how our
lives are expected to be. The play follows the path taken by Ron and Marion both individually and together as a
result of being married, dealing with whatever comes their way, be it celebrating the retirement of Ron’s mother
or the pursuit of Marion’s dream of becoming a professional musical soloist.

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Artistic Director Madani Younis comments: “Marriage is a universal ideal that cuts across the barriers that can
come with race or culture and across generations. With this production we wanted to understand why so many
of us find ourselves attracted to marriage; what are our hopes for what it will bring to our lives and why do we
seem to be obsessed by having ‘the perfect marriage’?

Our first show is a moment to set out our stall creatively, allowing us to express ourselves in our own terms,
producing new work that is relevant to the lives we lead and the world we live in. Freedom Studios stands apart,
using the shared thoughts and influences of international creative experiences from the team which have
informed the work artistically. ‘Happy & Married?’ is a culmination of the ideas that came from all the artists that
we have been working with so intensively in recent months.”

Happy & Married? sets out Freedom Studios’ original approach to making theatre, bringing together a range of
creative practitioners including a visual artist in residence, a magician and a professional harmonica player. The
play’s central couple, Ron and Marian, is played by Dharmesh Patel and Susanna Alctund. Patel has worked
with Madani Younis for several years, featuring in Silent Cry in 2004 for the Asian Theatre School and Alctund
joins the company from France where she trained at Philipe Gaulier’s theatre school in Paris.

In this dark comedy, the custom of marriage is uncovered, exploring its relevance to society today and
revealing all that is usually concealed behind closed doors, in an emotional journey that begins with “I do” and
is disrupted by external factors including parents, exes and squirrels…


About Freedom Studio
Freedom Studios is regularly funded by Arts Council England. Formed in 2006, Freedom Studios grew out of
Asian Theatre School, part of the Red Ladder Theatre Company, where Madani Younis began his career as
Artistic Director. Its aim is to develop British-born Asian artists and bring original, contemporary theatre work to
the national stage and an audience that likes to be entertained and challenged at the same time.

Madani Younis, 29, first shot to public attention in 2002 with Asian Theatre School’s Streets of Rage which
achieved widespread critical acclaim. He won the South Bank Show Award (decibel Award for cultural diversity,
sponsored by Arts Council England) and the GG2 Leadership and Diversity award for Film, Drama and TV, both
in 2006, before establishing Freedom Studios later that year with funding from Arts Council England.

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