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                              GREENWICH PROMOTING
                               S U S TA I N A B L E T O U R I S M

                            Effective Partnerships –
                    Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site
           Established by Greenwich Council, the Maritime Greenwich World
           Heritage Site Steering Group demonstrates effective public/private
           sector partnership working, through the joint delivery of the World
           Heritage Site Management Plan. Run on a purely voluntary basis, this is
           a unique example of a sustainable approach to destination promotion
           and management.

           World Heritage Site Marketing                       Specifically, the Marketing Plan aims to:-
           Group                                               s   Extend the visitor numbers into shoulder
           As a sub group of the Steering Group, the               periods, across the day, and around the
           World Heritage Site Marketing Group is                  borough
           responsible for developing and implementing         s   Increase visitor spend
           an Annual Marketing Plan.                           s   Establish sustainable destination management
                                                               s   Attract additional funding
                                                               s   Make effective use of limited financial and
                                                                   human resources
                                                               Protocols and Administration
                                                               The Plan is approved at the beginning of each
                                                               financial year by the World Heritage Site
                                                               Steering Group. Partner contributions are
                                                               secured in advance. Each area of the budget
                                                               has a delegated Marketing Group
                                                               representative who is assigned responsibility.
           By developing common objectives in a                Each project requires proposing and evaluation
           partnership way, the Marketing Group ensures        reports to ensure that the budgets are
           that Maritime Greenwich remains a sustainable       managed and that the risk of failure to deliver
           economic and cultural destination of                is eliminated. Greenwich Council administers
           international repute; value is added to existing    the budgets in lieu of any formal administration
           marketing efforts, generating economies of          in this voluntary partnership.
           scale; priorities are agreed and a targeted
           approach to media planning is adopted; and a
           clear destination identity is sustained.
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           What has been achieved?                             Attracting Additional Funding
           The net effect between 2001 and 2003 has            The Marketing Group was successful in
           been                                                securing additional funding to deliver
                                                               Greenwich Council’s Public Service Agreement
           24% increase in visitor spend*                      target of increasing Dockland Light Rail
           25% increase in visitor numbers*                    ridership as well as raising project specific
           26% increase in visitors in low season*             sponsorship from the Regional Tourist Board.
           37% increase in Dockland Light Rail usage
           *Source: Greenwich STEAM 2001-2003

           Through the peer review processes that
           govern the implementation of the Marketing
           Plan, there is an ongoing monitoring process
           that pushes up the standards of delivery
           through constant improvements.

           Value for Money
           By pooling resources and not duplicating
           efforts, the Marketing Group has established
           powerful buying muscles with various suppliers
           such as advertisers and designers, as well as
           becoming a recognised entity to do business         Best Practice
           with.                                               The Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site
                                                               partnerships were cited by the Office of the
           Environmental Sustainability                        Deputy Prime Minister as being a key factor to
           The marketing objectives reflect the                Greenwich Council achieving Beacon Council
           management principles of the World Heritage         status in the ‘Promoting Sustainable Tourism’
           Site Management Plan, ensuring that the             theme 2004. To quote ‘The Authority has put
           destination is preserved, conserved and             in hand an effective framework of partnership
           promoted in a sustainable way.                      support mechanisms capable of leading to
                                                               more sustainable tourism’. The World
           Customer Analysis                                   Heritage Site Steering Group won a Civic Trust
           The development of a coherent approach to           Award for partnership working in regeneration
           destination research and analysis supports a        in 2002. The Marketing Group has been
           review process of customers’ perceptions of         shortlisted for Best Local Tourism Initiative in
           Greenwich as a visitor destination.                 the Visit London Awards 2004.

           Greenwich Council has been awarded Beacon Council Status for Promoting Sustainable
                                                                                                                  006254A October 2004

           Tourism by the Office of Deputy Prime Minister. For information on conferences, workshops
           and mentoring opportunities around Greenwich’s approach on sustainable tourism, contact
  or visit

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