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drop-off service catering service


drop-off service catering service

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									drop-off service
business meeting sandwiches, salads at showings,
presentation platters or just a light lunch – we can
deliver it all direct to your office or home. call us
to pre-order from our menu and find out about our
daily specials.

the delivery address should be within half a mile
of din café and have a £10 minimum value.
please understand that drop-offs are subject to         take-out menu
staff availability.

catering service
enjoy din café's extensive platter of great food
and drinks at your special event or function
through our dedicated catering service. with a
choice of everything on the menu and much more,
including bespoke cakes and bakery specialities,
you can be certain we’ll provide quality food for
every occasion.

we kindly request that orders are arranged in

020 8731 8103
816 finchley road, london nw11 6xl
pasta                                 jacket potatoes                        sandwiches                            drinks
pesto penne                   £4.75   cheddar cheese                 £4.40   all served on brown or white bread    freshly squeezed juices
pollo penne                   £5.55   with bacon                     £5.55   – ciabatta or baguette is 50p extra   orange                      £2.50
primavera penne               £5.55   with baked beans               £5.55                                         carrot                      £2.50
penne pomodoro                £5.55   cottage cheese                 £5.55   bacon, lettuce and tomato £3.15       carrot and orange           £2.50
spaghetti pomodoro            £5.55   grilled marinated vegetables   £5.55   croque monsieur                       mango, pineapple, orange    £3.50
spaghetti bolognese           £5.55   egg mayonnaise                 £4.75   toasted cheese, ham, tomato £3.15     din’s fresh fruit punch     £2.50
                                      tuna melt                      £5.55   andrew’s special                      coca cola, diet coke, 7up   £1.00
                                      tuna continental chunks        £4.75   bacon and melted cheese      £3.40    apple, cranberry, ribena    £1.00
salads                                prawns                         £5.55   toasted cheese and tomato £2.80       water, still or sparkling   £1.00
                                      bolognese                      £5.55   grilled marinated vegetables £2.60    milk                        £1.00
caesar                        £4.20   coronation chicken             £5.55   tuna melt                    £3.40    freezachino                 £2.75
chargrilled chicken caesar    £5.55   chicken salsa                  £5.55   tuna continental             £3.00    mochachino                  £2.75
israeli-greek with avocado    £5.55                                          tricolore mozzarella, avocado,        breakfast tea               £1.20
grilled halloumi              £5.55                                          tomato and pesto (optional)  £3.40    lemon tea                   £1.40
grilled marinated vegetable   £5.55   specialities                           egg mayonnaise               £2.75    herbal and fruit teas       £1.40
with grilled haloumi cheese   £6.35                                          egg and anchovies            £3.15    fresh mint tea              £1.95
chicken salsa                 £5.55   prego steak roll               £5.20   coronation chicken           £3.00    filter coffee               £1.55
coronation chicken            £5.55   boerewors roll                 £3.60   chicken salsa                £3.00    espresso
cottage cheese and fruit      £5.55   chargrilled chicken burger     £5.20   salmon and cream cheese £3.15         single                      £1.55
tuna continental              £5.55   the din beef burger            £5.20   prawn and avocado            £3.15    double                      £2.15
smoked salmon                 £5.55   falafel                        £3.60   crab, prawns and spinach £3.40        elonge (tall)               £1.55
with egg mayonnaise           £6.35   chicken escalope               £3.40   bacon and avocado            £3.15    macchiato
nicoise                       £5.55   home made soup of the day      £3.20   melted mozzarella ciabatta £3.95      single                      £1.65
crab and prawn                £6.35                                                                                double                      £2.15
thai beef                     £6.60                                                                                cappuccino                  £1.70
bacon and avocado             £5.55   side orders                            breakfast                             café latté                  £1.70
mushroom and spinach          £5.55                                                                                mocha                       £1.90
seared tuna                   £6.60   chips                          £2.20   porridge                      £2.50   mocha latté                 £1.90
                                      hash brown                     £1.50   salmon and creme cheese               extra coffee shot           £0.50
  = may contain nuts                  mixed salad                    £2.15   bagel                         £3.15   hot chocolate               £1.70

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