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Draw these pictograms


Draw these pictograms

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									                               Draw these pictograms

This is how many lemonades                                    Bee populations grow best when
that were sold outside                                        the hive temperature is well
school.                        The Head Teacher at Happy
                                                              regulated and food is available.
*Draw a pictogram              Daze school needs some help
*Your teacher might like you   she can’t remember how many
                                                              1. Draw a pictogram of the hive
to draw one glass for each     children are in each year
lemonade sale, or she might    group. Can you draw her a
                                                              2. What is the average number of
ask you draw one glass for     pictogram?
two sales.                     *How many children will each
                               picture represent?
                                                              Hive 1: 632 bees
Monday:       1
Tuesday:      2                Year 1: 20 children            Hive 2: 3247 bees
Wednesday:    3                Year 2: 19 children            Hive 3: 4921 bees
Thursday:     2                Year 3: 61 children            Hive 4: 5024 bees
Friday:       4
                               Year 4: 53 children            Hive5: 4501 bees
Saturday:     10                                              Hive 6: 215 bees
                               Year 5: 8 children
Sunday:       6                                               Hive 7: 4612 bees
                               Year 6: 25 children

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