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                                      CATHEDRAL CROSS
   Sunday Holy Eucharist
         7:30am, 9:00am,
        11:15am, 12:45pm                      For the Weeks of August 31 and September 7, 2008
        Family Service 9am

           Weekdays                                     Trinity Cathedral is a growing community making disciples
         Morning Prayer                                                   who love and serve Christ and His world.
      Mon-Wed-Fri 8:30am
       Tue & Thur 9:00am
          Holy Eucharist
        Monday 5:45pm
        Tuesday 12:10pm                                          ADDRESS LABEL
       Wednesday 9:00am
        Thursday 5:45pm
         Friday 9:00am
 Sunday Education 10:15am
       Youth Sunday School
   Cathedral Forums: Great Hall
        Newcomers’ Group:
         Meets in Room J.
        30/40s Fellowship:
    Conference Room upstairs
       Shalom Group: 20/30s
  Room A & Brunch at Bernardo’s
         on first Sundays              INSIDE THE CROSS
  Labyrinth: 3rd Friday 6-9pm          2- Inside Page: The Puzzles of Life by Canon Kelly, Mid-town Children’s Fair,
  Next Labyrinth: September 19.            Jed Smith School News
                                       3 - Family Ministry: Summer Sunday School Thank You, Jed Smith School
                                       4 -The Parish: Warden’s Corner, The Bookshop,Parish News,
                                                    Financial Snapshot
                                                      5 - Adult Ministry: Shalom Group, 30/40 Group, Partnership in
                                                          Building Young Minds and Souls.
                                                          6 - Worship and Music: Associates of Transfiguration,
                                                              Music Series , Acolyte Training
                                                              7 - Stump the Canon, Treasures of the Prayer Book
                                                                8 - Spiritual Formation: New TNAC Fall Classes,
                                                                  9 - Community: TREE Tip, Trinity Ministry Fair
                                                                   10- News of Note: Integrity Meeting, Women’s Mini
                                                                       Retreat, Trinity Library Opening
                                                                   11- The Last Word: The Good News about Trinity,
                                                                       Taste and See (new class), Family Promise
                                                                   12- Cathedral Calendar
                                                                                                    Karl Greene, Editor

                                                                                                 The 4th Annual
THE INSIDE PAGE                                                                              Midtown Children’s Fair
                                                                                               Sunday, October 5
                      The Puzzles of Life                                                          from 12N-3:00pm
                      by The Rev. Canon Kathleen Kelly                                        Grant Park, 22nd & C Street
                                                                                            Join us for a family festival in the park.
                       This past week, I enjoyed a lovely vacation at the beach. For        We will have resource tables hosted by
                       my family, a challenging jigsaw puzzle is always part of beach       local parent groups, family-friendly
                       week. This year’s puzzle was our most aggravating ever. It           businesses, public agencies, schools,
                       kept me up until 1:30am on my final night, striving to assure        daycares and more. The park will be
completion before departure. As I drove home, I wondered why this entertainment             filled with crafts, music, and
                                                                                            entertainment. If your group would like
is so captivating for us. Why go out of our way to experience such frustration for
                                                                                            to participate and host a table please
fun? Doesn’t life afford enough frustration!
                                                                                            contact us. The event is free; funded
                                                                                            by First 5 Sacramento.
When you buy a nicely sealed jigsaw puzzle, you have the manufacturer’s guarantee
                                                                                            Contact: Tiffanie Simpson 446-2077 or
that all the pieces are there, and they will fit together if you just keep trying and
trying and trying. You may have to try every one of 1000 pieces in a given spot, but
if you are willing to stick at it, you know the job can be done. Maybe this certainty is
what gives the energy to keep going and experience the exhilaration of a tough job           Jed Smith BackSnack
completed.                                                                                    and Clothes Closet
Real life is a bit more like buying your jigsaw puzzle at a yard sale. I did that once,     What we need . . .
and the puzzle was the hardest I ever worked on. In addition to the usual challenges,       BackSnacks: We need fruit cups, chili
there was always the nagging fear that the piece I needed just plain wasn’t there,          or spaghettios, cheese sticks, peanut
that it had gotten lost along the way. This made it very tempting to give up. When we       butter, tuna and oatmeal packets.
tackle real-life challenges, it is easy to lose steam because we aren’t sure that all the   Clothes Closet: We need gently used
“puzzle pieces” needed for success are at hand. Any challenge or set-back tempts us to      clothing, including underwear for
                                                                                            babies, children and teens.
drop the project and look for another.
                                                                                            Volunteers: Check Welcome Center for
Is our life of Christian ministry more like a nicely sealed, brand new jigsaw puzzle        sign-ups or contact Nancy Tennyson,
or more like one bought at a yard sale? When we                                             446-2513.
head in a particular direction that seems right for                                         Books: We need gently used (or new)
our gifts and our context, can we be sure that                                              books for the children at Jed Smith. If
everything will come together in God’s good time? This                                      you can donate books, please bring
morning, a familiar line from the Lord’s Prayer spoke to                                    them to church and put them in the
me in a new way: “Give us this day our daily bread.” Jesus                                  Jed Smith barrels under the stairs by
                                                                                            the office. Checks are also greatly
did not seek any assurance about what might be way
down the road. He taught us to pray simply for today’s
                                                                                            School Supplies: Markers, pencils,
needs. Perhaps this approach keeps us connected
                                                                                            notebooks and backpacks, etc.
more tightly to God, more fully rooted in the source of life we need for “down
                                                                                            What else can you do? Area retailers
the road” to be the best that it can be.
                                                                                            may be willing to donate clothing,
On September 7th after the 7:30, 9:00 and 11:15am services, presentations will occur        school supplies and gift cards, or to
about financial challenges this congregation faces right now. This is a key time            provide special discounts. They may
for us as a community. We will have the opportunity to learn more together                  just need to be asked. Also, consider
                                                                                            other churches and businesses as
about how to pray “Give us this day our daily bread” with all our being. We will
                                                                                            possible donors.
have the opportunity to experience the unfolding answer. Please plan to come
                                                                                            And Finally . . . Thanks to all who
to one of these presentations.
                                                                                            have already donated so generously.
                                                                                            This wouldn’t be possible without
                                                                                            your help.         —Nancy Tennyson

FAMILY MINISTRY                                                                                            Is your teenager
                                                                                                           interested in
                                                                                                           hearing about
God’s Big Backyard                           Children’s Ministry                                           upcoming
Where We Serve Jesus!                            Highlights                                                events & youth
by Nancy Tennyson                                                                                          service project
                                           August 31 - 16th Sunday of Pentecost                            opportunities?
Special thanks to all who helped with
                                           The Children’s Chapel Ministers will
Summer Sunday School: Story Tellers,
                                           present a flannel board story of “Who     Check out our website at:
Nadine Welty, Canon Lynell Walker,
                                           Am I?” from Mark 8:27-30 at the 
Canon Grant Carey, Dean Brian Baker,
                                           9:00am 11:15am Children’s Chapels.
John Tennyson, Ric Burwell, Morey
Lloyd, Rick Kenealey and Bob                                                         For Youth Group News
                                           September 7- 17th Sunday of Pentecost     Send an email to Kathryn Bonney to
Reinhard; Snack and Craft helpers,
                                           The Children’s Chapel Ministers will      be added to the J2A/Rite 13 list for
Geanne Lyons, Jason Montiel, Gayle
                                           present a skit of “Daniel in the Lion’s   the most current Youth Group events.
Brown, Rachel Bridges, Tim and Mary
                                           Den” from Daniel 6 at the 9:00am and
Smith, Becky Del Piero, Amy and Doug
                                           11:15am Children’s Chapel services.
Dierlam, Josephine Hein, Sharon
Zentner, Doris Puzi, Joye McKetty,                                                          No Spam Allowed
Rebecca Higgerson; Preschool               Jed Smith BackSnack                       J2A (Senior High) – Gayle Monroe,
teachers, Barbara and Brian Bouchelle,                                               Director 419-8401
Charlene Bastian, Ruth Brown, Bobbie       and Clothes Closet                        Rite 13 (Middle School) – Kathryn
Yelverton, Shannon Huddy, and Kirk         The BackSnack program and Clothes         Bonney, Director 718-8903
Bone; and Special Craft Helpers and        Closet will resume on Friday,
assistants, Gladys Hustler and Mary        September 5. On that day we will              Dates to Remember
Hustler. A Big Thanks to all!              host a back-to-school welcome for         Moms, Pops & Tots
                                           the staff of Jed Smith. Please sign up    Every Wednesday from 10am - Noon.
Another big thank you to the children      at the Welcome Center if you can
and families who helped with our           bring goodies or help with set-up.        Saturday, September 6: A special
service project to the Steps Program                                                 ”Welcome to the Youth Group”
clients. We served lunch to about 40       Jed Smith Back- to-School Night
                                                                                     Swim Party for new 6th graders.
people who are homeless. We made           On Wednesday, September 24 our
the decorations and invitations, set the   Health Ministries Team, the Youth and
                                           Family Ministries, and many other         Sunday, September 7: 10:15am - The
tables, made Enchilada Pie casserole
                                           wonderful people in our church will be    Mini Children’s Ministry Fair. Be sure to
and made the cookies for dessert.
                                           offering a Health Fair and dinner at      see that your child is registered for Sun-
Thank you to Margo Bach and Rachel
Henne-Wu for making the cookie dough       Back-to-School Night for parents and      day School. Look for a table in the
for us. We had a great time.               children. We need helpers to set up,      breezeway.
                                           cook dinner, serve and clean up. If you   Also on Sept 7 at 10:15am:
                                           can help please sign up at the Welcome    The movie, “Jonah, a Veggie Tale” will
                                           Center on a specially marked clipboard    be shown in the Assembly Area upstairs
  Fall 2008 Sunday School                  that says Back to School Night.           for all those whose parents are attend-
   Begins September 14                                                               ing the Financial Information meeting in
                                           The Clothes Closet for the children       the Great Hall.
Serving Jesus is the theme of this term.   of Jed Smith School is open on two
I am hoping that the Sunday School can     Fridays a month from 3:00-4:00 pm. We
                                                                                     Sunday, September 14: Fall Term of
do more service projects this term to      are looking for gently used baby,
                                           children, and teen clothes, including     Sunday School begins, 10:15am.
help others. This way we are serving
Jesus. We have most of the staff in        underwear. We need volunteers to help
                                           on Thursdays to help sort clothing and    Sunday, September 21: Parish Picnic,
place but need a few aides.
If you would like to help, please          Fridays to set up the Clothes Closet      4:00 to 7:00pm at Mather Park. Sign up
contact Nancy Tennyson at 446-2513         from about 1:00pm - 4:00pm. If you can    at the Welcome Center.
or           help, call Nancy Tennyson 446-2513.       —Nancy Tennyson,
                                                                                     Director of Family Ministry
                                           (More Jed Smith information on page 2)
THE PARISH                                                                                                 Resource”
                                                                                           “Let Us be Your Resource
                                    VESTRY VIEW                                         Cathedral
                                                                                    The Cathedral Bookshop
                      from the Warden’s Corner
                       by Rob Stoinoff, Junior Warden
                                                                                  Bishop Gene Robinson’s DVD, “For the Bible
                                                                                   Tells Me So,” is available in the Bookshop.
We need volunteers to help with some landscaping                                   The price is $24.98.
projects. Paul Brosio is the chair of our Landscape and
Gardening Committee and we want to continue working              Look for the Bookshop at the San Joaquin Diocesan
on improving the appearance of our gardens both inside           Convention in November!
the courtyard and the grounds on Capitol Avenue and
27th Street.                                                      As always, we welcome your suggestions & ideas!
                                                                                          Cherie Chamness, Bookshop Manager
One project Paul wants to get started ASAP is to remove
volunteer plants and trees that are growing mainly in               HOURS OF BUSINESS: Wednesday & Thurs: 10am—5:30pm
the area near the alleyway on 27th Street. Some of these            Friday: 10am—4pm - Sat: 10am—2pm - Sun: 8:30am—2pm
plants and trees need to be removed before they get                      Phone: 916/442-9194 — Fax: 916/446-2589
any larger. They are crowding out a magnificent gardenia                 Email:
bush and some of the camellias and azaleas. In addition,
all of these plants need a good fertilizing and mulching.
If you are unable to do any physical labor on this project,
several bags of mulch and fertilizer would be a big help.

Have you noticed the beautiful green lawn we have on
                                                                                                Parish News
Capitol Avenue near the bookstore? It is a nice apple                           Congratulations to Wendy Mustain and Nancy
green and very lush. Oh, wait! That’s not grass. It’s                           Bennett who were married on August 2nd and
CRABGRASS! It has been on my list of projects to get a                         Natalie Vides and David Boelke who were
large group of volunteers and see if we can renovate those        married on August 3rd.
lawn areas and improve the beauty of the front of the
church. To dig all of the old material out, mulch the soil        Condolences are offered to the family and friends of Patricia
and perhaps plant new sod will require many volunteers            Wagnon on her death August 7th; and to the husband and
to do this properly. It is just too big a job to do by myself.    children of Beth Grebitus who died July 30.
If you are willing to be part of this adventure, please
contact me (372-3563) or Paul Brosio. If I get sufficient
volunteers, I will schedule this as a work project.

The third project we will be working on is a new “rock                  FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT as of July 31, 2008
and water contemplation garden” just inside the
solarium as you walk through the entry glass doors. This            Accounts           Year-to-Date Actual       Year-to-Date Budget
planter area has been struggling for years. Many plants           Pledge Payments               $   560,087.59           $   576,500.00
have been planted and almost all have died. There is              Other Operating Income        $    34,152.66           $    23,600.00
one camellia that has barely survived still gasping for a
little more light and tender loving care. There is                Total Revenues                $   594,240.25           $   600,100.00
insufficient light even for shade plants. I have proposed         Total Operating Expenses      $   784,807.92           $   792,164.88
this project to the Trinity Men’s Group and they have             Net Operating Results         $ (190,567.67)           $ (192,064.88)
agreed to sponsor it. To make this area really special, we
will remove all existing plants and replace with large smooth
river rocks and some kind of water feature. Just outside of      Maintenance jobs that have been worked on in the last few weeks include
the planter area, we will add two benches to allow a view        installing plastic hygiene products waste containers in all of the women’s
of the garden and time to just sit and contemplate. Contact      bathroom stalls. These are installed off the floor so custodial staff will
me as soon as possible if you can help.                          be able to more effectively clean in these areas. The old rusty containers
                                                                 have gone to garbage heaven. We have also installed additional bulletin
The Altar Guild is planning a project to paint the rest of       boards in the Admin and Classroom building hallway next to the stairs.
the rooms in the Sacristy. The Flower Committee
recently completed renovation of their room and it looks         I want to thank all of you who are beginning to notice projects that have
spectacular. Sue Clark would appreciate any volunteers,          been completed and those of you who have an “eye for detail” and have
(and so would I) to help tape up and paint walls and             helped me search out additional projects to beautify and maintain the
trim. We hope to start this project in early September.          buildings and grounds.
Please seek out Sue and offer to help.
                                                                 God’s Peace, Rob Stoinoff 372-3563

                                                                                           Partnership continued.
ADULT MINISTRY                                                                             The school has become a pioneer in
                                                                                           bilingual education, having graduated 13
                                                                                           classes of bilingual students, totaling
   Shalom Group 20s/30s Trinity 30s/40s Group                                              more than 128 students. Graduates of
                                                                                           Espíritu Santo have set a standard of
The Shalom group is made up of                 Sunday mornings at 10:20am. Join            excellence in institutions of higher
                                               us in the Assembly Area for check-in,       education, both nationally and
young adults 18 years and older.                                                           internationally.
We are an inclusive group of young             prayer requests, and discussion.
adults committed to sharing, exploring,        Sunday, September 7: No meeting. We
and developing our unique spiritual            will join the Adult Forum on Finance.
                                                                                           §    With a bequest and seed money
paths and social justice concerns in                                                       donated from other generous donors in
                                               Sunday, September 14: Start of our          the Diocese of Northern California, the
community. We have dinners, attend             Fall study session—Living the Question.     library is already under construction. With
movies, wine tastings, and will attend a       We will meet in the Assembly Area. All      another $5,000 to 10,000 raised by
fashion show in San Francisco.                 are welcome! Drop in anytime.               members of our congregation, we can help
We welcome everyone to join us every                                                       complete it. Any funding we raise above
Sunday at 10:15am in Room A.                          Outreach & Service                   the needed amount will be used to furnish
                                               Working on planning our Fall outreach!      the library and fund scholarships for poor
Drop-ins are ALWAYS welcome.                                                               students. Can you help?
                                                      Social Gatherings
Upcoming Events: TBA                           September 5 - 7, Friday through             §    A different, exciting project is still in
                                               Sunday - Camping Trip to Calaveras          the early design stage. It would involve
You are encouraged to sign up for our                                                      the development of a camp tentatively
electronic mailing list, which is the          Big Trees State Park.
                                                                                           planned for the summer of 2009 in
primary way to stay informed of the            Host: Theresa Newell 686-4031               Honduras with a group of youth from
group’s news and upcoming events.                                                          Northern California meeting and working
                                               Wednesday, September 20:                    with youth from Espíritu Santo and other
To sign up, just send an e-mail to:                   Game Night—location tba.                    schools in Honduras. (Wow!) Funds are
                                               Questions? Contact Amy Dierlam:             needed for some of the hard costs such
                                      or 601-1699             as food and travel costs for U.S. youth. We
                                                                                           will also, of course, need adults willing to
                                                                                           fund their own travel and work as camp
                                                                                           counselors and other camp staff.
by Shireen Miles                                                                           If you can contribute financial support
                                                                                           and/or have interest or expertise to
For some time, the Diocese of Northern         The school is called Escuela Episcopal      share, please let us know.
California has been working in close           Espíritu Santo. It currently serves 240
partnership with the Diocese of Honduras.      students. Scholarships are provided to      If you feel called to participate in any way
An important outgrowth of the                  enable even those students from families    in this ministry, we would love to have
relationship has been assistance with a        too desperately poor to afford tuition to   your involvement. Please let a member of
variety of important social service            attend the school. The mission of the       the Trinity clergy know, or call Shireen
projects operated by the Diocese of            school is to offer a high-quality           Miles directly at 203-5595.
Honduras. Sometimes our support has            comprehensive bilingual
been financial; in other cases, it has been    education program, with
accompanied by the “hands-on” help of          the goal of helping each
volunteers from the Diocese of Northern        student develop academi-
California. Of course, this kind of            cally as an individual, so
interchange and cooperation has been a         that he or she may live a
life-changing ministry to all those who
                                               creative and caring life
have participated.
                                               worthy of a child of God
One of our latest collaborative projects       and become a citizen
is to help fund the construction of a          capable of contributing
                                               positively     to     the
school library at a K-12 bilingual school
                                               development of society.
operated by the diocese in the city of Tela,
a beautiful city on the Atlantic coast.

WORSHIP & MUSIC                                                                                    MUSIC
             of the                                 SCRIPTURE                         Cathedral Music Series
         Transfiguration                           August 31, 2008                    The Cathedral Music Series is shaping
Their next meeting is on Saturday,                                                    up as a great 2008-2009 season. This
                                           The 16th Sunday after Pentecost
September 13 at 10:00 am.                                                             is a special year, as we celebrate the
                                                   Exodus 3: 1-15
                                                                                      twenty-fifth anniversary of the
                                              Psalm 105:1-6, 23-26, 45c
The Associates of the Transfiguration                                                 installation of our Cathedral’s
                                                  Romans 12:9-21
meet on the 2nd Saturday, every other                                                 magnificent Reuter pipe organ. We have
                                                 Matthew 16: 21-28
month at the Cathedral at 10:00am for                                                 a number of organ recitals this season.
Eucharist followed by meditation and                                                  Our own Canon Link will present a recital
                                                 September 7, 2008                    in October. Norwich Cathedral organist
program in the conference room. All
                                            The 17th Sunday after Pentecost           David Dunnett will be with us in January.
women are welcome! Please join us.
                                                   Exodus 12: 1-14                    And we’re very excited about a gala
                                                      Psalm 149                       organ concert by the English virtuoso
                                                  Romans 13: 8-14                     Christopher Herrick in March!
                                                 Matthew 18: 15-20
                                                                                      We have many exciting choral events as
                                                                                      well. As the Cathedral Choir prepares
                                                                                      for a tour of England in summer of 2009,
                                                                                      the glorious service of Choral Evensong
                                                                                      will take center stage. In addition, we
                                                                                      welcome Camerata California as
                                           2008 Baptism Schedule                      artists-in-residence. This excellent
                                                                                      ensemble is making Trinity Cathedral
    ACOLYTE TRAINING                       Sept 14 at 11:15am                         their “home base” for concerts in
A new class for acolytes will begin on     October 12 at 9:00am                       Sacramento.
Tuesday, September 9 at 7:00pm in the      November 2 at 11:15am
Cathedral. Children who are at least 9     December 25 at 10:00am                     Our music series brochure with dates
years old may join the class. There will                                              and ticket information will be available
be an opportunity to sign up at the        If you are interested in baptism for       soon. Watch the Cathedral Cross for
Children’s Ministry Fair on Sunday,        yourself or a child, call the office for   details!!         —Canon David Link
                                           information or speak to one of the
September 7. Look for their table in the
                                           Cathedral clergy after services. The
breezeway. For further information,
                                           office staff can send you a packet
please contact the Director of Acolytes,
Brian Kempton at 361-3736 or
                                           of information about baptism and/            CENTERING PRAYER
                                           or help arrange an appointment with                   a clergy person.                            The Centering Prayer group meets
                                                                                       every Tuesday, from 6:00pm to
                                                                                       6:50pm in the East Transept of the
                                                                                       Cathedral. Beginners are welcome.
                                     Healing Eucharist                                 We will practice Centering Prayer,
                                                                                       then have a brief meditative reading
                                    The next Healing Eucharists
                                                                                       with contemplative dialogue. If you
                                     will be September 7 at all                        have questions please contact
                                     four Sunday service times.                        Janice Boyd at 368-1568 or

Opening the Treasures
of the Prayer Book
                                                                   Stump the Canon
                                              Dear Canon Carey,
                 by Canon Grant Carey
                                               When did you begin writing, “Stump the Canon?” It seems to me
    Psalter     orship
The Psalter in Worship                        that it has been a part of The Cathedral Cross for years and years.
                                              Do you ever run out of questions to write about?
Praying the Psalms
It has been said that the Psalter was         The idea of the “Stump the Canon” column dates from the
Jesus’ “Prayer Book.” All four Gospel         celebration of my forty-fifth anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. During
writers indicate that Jesus knew many         a question and answer session, someone said he had a question that would
of the 150 Psalms by heart and often          stump the canon? From that time there have been hundreds of “Stumps” that
quoted or referred to them in his             have been both fun and a challenge to write.
discourse. Most touching is the
reference to Psalm 22 as Jesus hung on         I am convinced that we will never run out of questions about the Church and
                                              its teachings.
the cross and cried out “My God, my
God, why have you forsaken me…”               I prefer questions of general interest that may be included in The Cathedral
                                              Cross. They may be sent to Trinity Cathedral either by mail or to
The psalms reflect every mood, every Please be sure include your name and address.
feeling, and every aspiration known to        Whether or not your question is published in the Cathedral Cross, I will do my
humankind. Some reflect the sadness of        best to answer it!                                             Canon Carey
a people who had been enslaved and
removed forcibly from their native land
(Psalm 60: 1-5, and 137). Others offer       refers to years ending in even numbers
the assurance of God’s help in time of       (2008). Lessons and psalms are appointed
trouble (Psalm23) and consolation in         for each day of the year to be read either in
time of need (Psalm 116).                    community or in private. If one follows this
                                             plan in the course of two years, he or she
There is a difference between reading        will have read the essential parts of the Holy
the psalms and praying them. While not       Bible in an orderly and meaningful manner.
all appear appropriate for prayer, all are   A companion in praying the office is the
worthy of meditation, discerning how         seasonal Episcopal publication, Forward
their words apply to our human               Day by Day, available in The Cathedral
condition. In such manner, the Psalms        Bookshop. This little booklet both lists the
often provide insight, inspiration, and      daily readings and provides a brief
encouragement just as they did long ago.     meditation for the day.
                                                                                                   Trinity Labyrinth
One suggestion is to dedicate a month        In the Next Cross . . . . .                      JOIN US for a peaceful, quiet
to prayerfully reading all of the 150        Prayers and Thanksgivings                        evening of prayer and meditation
Psalms, marking those that hold the          (pages 810-841 in the BCP)                       on the 3rd Friday of each month.
deepest meaning. To facilitate this,                                                          Walk the Labyrinth from 6pm to
the prayer book version divides the                                                           9pm. We are taking a break for the
Psalter into thirty-day segments
                                                                                              remainder of the summer. The next
(morning and evening). As we become
familiar with these great songs of
                                                                                              Labyrinth Walk will be September
faith, we may more fully understand                                                           19. We are still in need of volun-
how the Psalter has continued to                                                              teers starting in September to as-
touch the lives of God’s people.                                                              sist with the set-up and take-down
                                                                                              of the Labyrinth. Please contact
NOTE: Concerning the Daily Office                                                             Geina & Ron Waddell              at
Lectionary (page 934) is a plan to help                                              or 684-9197,
one to pray The Daily Office:                                                                 for more information.

The Daily Office (year one) refers to
those years ending in odd numbers
(2009). The Daily Office (year two)              King David, Prophet & Psalmist

SPIRITUAL FORMATION                                                                          and decorations
                                                                                         —Printing your book,     including poly-
               Thursday Night at the Cathedral                                               ester
                                                                                                      plate         lithography,
                   Fall Term – Session One                                               and copyright law          —Binding
                                                                                         the book
                    September 11 through October 9
                     5:45 Eucharist – Classes 6:30pm                                     Cost for materials: $20.00 for the
                           Please note new start time!                                   series or $5.00 for a single class.
                     Feel free to bring a brown bag dinner to class.
                                                                                         WILLIAM P. YOUNG’S BESTSELLER,
DOCUMENTARY - UnnaturalCauses:                twenty years of experience and has         THE SHACK: Karl Greene, Facilitator
Trinity Cathedral & Sacramento County         studied with some extraordinary
Dept of Health, Facilitators                  teachers including Gary Zukav, Judith       This class will spend five weeks asking
                                              Orloff and Caroline Myss.)                 questions and sharing insights upon
Trinity Health Ministry, together with                                                   reading the New York Time’s bestseller,
Sacramento County Dept. of Health,            CREATIVE WRITING WITH                      The Shack. Young uses fiction to
TREE, and SoJust are hosting a film           MADELEINE L’ENGLE:                         courageously ask, “Where is God in the
series called Unnatural Causes. This          Michelle Jackson, Facilitator              midst of suffering?” Here are a few
five-week series explores our alarming                                                   reviews from writers and the publisher:
socio-economic and racial inequities in       Creative writing is back, this time with
health and searches for their root            Madeleine L’Engle as mentor. We will       “This book has the potential to do for
causes. In spite of huge amounts being        read excerpts from her works and find      our generation what John Bunyan’s
spent on health care, American life           inspiration and courage to put words       Pilgrim’s Progress did for his. It’s that
expectancy is low and infant mortality        on paper. I will be using a book called    good!” Eugene Peterson, Author of
                                              “Madeleine        L’Engle       Herself,   The Message.
is high compared to other countries.
                                              Reflections on a Writing Life.”
Apparently, more is involved than our                                                    “An exceptional piece of writing that
genes or eating habits: the social            This book is out of print, so it is not    ushers you directly into the heart and
conditions in which we live affect our        necessary, and may be difficult or         nature of God in the midst of agonizing
well-being. With titles like “Bad Sugar”      impossible, to buy. Just come with a       human suffering.” David Gregory,
and “Place Matters,” each week’s              journal and a pen. I will provide          Christian Writer
showing will include time for                 excerpts to work from. (Michelle
discussion, sharing, and action plans.                                                    “If God is all powerful and full of love,
                                              Jackson is a trained spiritual director
Experts on Sacramento area health                                                        why doesn’t he do something about the
                                              and an oblate of the Order of Julian       pain and evil in our world? This book
concerns will attend to provide additional    of Norwich; she also sings in the
support and resources to the video                                                       answers that age-old question with
                                              Cathedral Choir. She is a long time        startling creativity and staggering
presentations. Invite your family, friends    participant of the writing groups that     clarity.” James Ryle, Author
and neighbors for this outstanding public     have met at the Cathedral over the
forum on health issues.                       years.)                                    “William P. Young was raised among a
                                                                                         stone-age tribe by his missionary
THE INWARD JOURNEY:                           ARTIST’S BOOK CLASS:                       parents in the highlands of what was
Kathleen White, Facilitator                   Tom Weideman, Facilitator                  New Guinea. He suffered great loss as
Being deeply aware of who you really                                                     a child and young adult, and now enjoys
                                              Learn the ABC ’s of creating and           the ‘wastefulness of grace’ with his
are is the key to living a life of purpose,   publishing artist’s books. Whether you     family in the Pacific Northwest.”
fulfillment and authenticity. This is a 5-    are interested in creating one book as     Windblownmedia, Publisher
week interactive survey class that will       a gift, or an edition, this class will
explore various methods of tuning into        answer questions AND you will have         UNDERSTANDING AND
our inner voice of wisdom and to              hands on experience and assistance in      EXPERIENCING THE MINISTRY
identifying the archetypal patterns of        making your artist’s book. The five        OF HEALING: Elba White, Facilitator
our personality. The class will be            week sessions will include:
tailored to the desires of the group and      —Book Structures and Bindings              Elba White will begin a yearlong study/
the collective level of experience. (Class    —Papers, including making your own         discussion of the 26 Healing Encounters
is being offered by Kathleen White, a             paper                                  with Jesus. The class text is The Power
Holistic Health Therapist with an office      —Decorating your book, including           of Prayer and the Practice of
in East Sacramento. Kathleen has over             paste papers, illustrations                      Continued on top of page 9.

COMMUNITY                                                   TREEtip                             Outreach Ministry Fair
                                                                      By Ann Rothschild            Sunday, September 14
Fall Classes continued.
                                                                                                     8:30 AM—1:00pm
Medicine by Larry Dossey M.D.                             Green Home                              in the Breezeway & Great Hall
                                                     Improvement is Possible
After finishing the course the                   In keeping with our Ministry Fair and          Sponsored by:
participants may choose to be                    TREE’s focus on green home                           Trinity Respecting Earth
inducted into the Order of St. Luke.             improvement, the Union of Concerned                  and Environment (TREE)
The Order of St Luke is an                       Scientists offers advice in their online           SoJust Social Justice Ministry
                                                 newsletter, Greentips, May 2008.                         Integrity Ministry
interdenominational              and
                                                 Apparently, much landfill waste comes
international order dedicated to
                                                 from residential construction and
Christian healing of body, soul, and                                                            TREE will showcase options for
                                                 demolition—see that dumpster parked
spirit.                                          down your street! Ninety percent of            Green Home Improvement with
                                                 this waste is recyclable.                      representatives and samples from:
GENESIS: Canon Kathleen Kelly & George                                                                      Green Built Construction,
Johnston, Attorney at Law, Facilitators
                                                 Read and plan ahead.              When
                                                                                                                         Home Depot,
                                                 remodeling, reduce waste by using
                                                                                                                 Hall’s Window Center,
Some believe that the Bible and                  available space and daylight. Can you
                                                                                                                   Sierra Pacific Solar,
“creationism” must be defended against the       use renewable resources such as solar
                                                                                                          Solar Cookers International.
claims of science regarding life’s origins. Is   power, tankless water heater, or counter
this the most faithful use of Genesis? Is        tops made of recycled materials?
this the most faithful use of human learning                                                      SoJust will furnish information on
through science? The Episcopal Church has        The EPA recommends choosing an                   upcoming ballot initiatives and an
                                                                                                   opportunity to register to vote.

a Committee on Science, Technology and           environmental contractor, whose bid

Faith which has prepared an engaging             includes plans for reducing and recycling
                                                 materials and a description of his/her

“Catechism on Creation” (http://
w w w. e p i s c o p a l c h u r c h . o r g /   experience with such projects. Ask for                       The Trinity
19021_58398_ENG_HTM.htm). We                     proof and references. Ideally, find a                        Social Justice
will use this document as a guide to             LEED-certified contractor (Leadership                        Advocacy Ministry
exploring the nature of the Bible’s              in Energy and Environmental Design).
authority in our time.
                                                 Deconstruct. When renovating an                TREE Tip continued.
INTRODUCTION TO YOGA:                            existing space, think “deconstruction”         In addition to raising funds, ReStores
Kim Gardner, Facilitator                         rather than demolition. Much can be            help the environment by rechanneling
                                                 reused or donated, including flooring,         good, usable materials into use. Find
Yoga has been practiced for thousands                                                           one near you at
                                                 siding, windows, doors, bricks, plumbing
of years and integrates an awareness of
                                                 and lighting fixtures, ceiling tiles, unused   restores.aspx
our body mind and spirit. Yoga
physically promotes strength, energy,            roofing materials, leftover paints and         Source:
flexibility and relaxation. Yoga mentally        varnishes, even nails and screws.              publications/greentips/home-
promotes concentration, balance and                                                             improvement.html
tranquility. Yoga is for all ages and all        Reuse. Before heading to the lumber-
Also on Thursday Afternoon
fitness levels. Please bring your own mat.       yard or hardware store, find a materials
                                                                                                Related link: Green Home Guide—
                                                 exchange such as Habitat for Humanity’s        Renovation Guidelines
Thursday Lunch Bunch                             ReStores. These retail outlets sell  
12N to 1pm - Bring a Sack Lunch                  quality used and surplus building
                                                                                                Reminder: Come to the Thursday
and . . .                                        materials at a fraction of normal prices.
                                                                                                Night at the Cathedral film series
                                                 Proceeds help fund the construction of
Creative Writing: 2pm - 4pm                      Habitat houses within the community.
                                                                                                offered by Health Ministry, TREE, and
Designed for those who are both novice                                                          SoJust. Unnatural Causes studies the
                                                 Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are
and accomplished writers. Drop-ins                                                              nation’s poor record of health, finding
                                                 usually donated from building supply
welcome. The Rev. Lynell Walker, Canon                                                          root causes in socio-economic and
                                                 stores, contractors, demolition crews or
for Spiritual Formation, facilitator.            from people wishing to support Habitat.        racial inequality. Series starts on                                     Continued in next column
                                                                                                September 11.

NEWS NO                                                     INTEGRITY MEETING: Sunday, September 7
                                                            at Trinity Cathedral, 1:00pm.
     Daughters of the King has a new prayer
     box in the Narthex. Please feel free to put            Items to be discussed include:
      your prayer requests in the box. You will             —how we can best work together to defeat Proposition 8;
           receive prayers for the month.                   —planning for an upcoming meeting with Bishop Beisner;
                                                            —reflecting on Bishop Robinson’s recent visit to Sacramento.

                                                            We ask that all supporters of the LGBT community join us for these
                                                            most important discussions as we move toward full inclusion of all
                                                            members into the total sacramental life of the church.
                                                                                                         —Steve Skiffington

                                                            Cathedral Library to Open September 7
      ìCome knitters one and all
                                                                                                                 —Phyllis Ehlert
          Join us as we knit a shawl.î
       Please contact: Alva Kennedy 791-5719 or             The BIG day for the Cathedral Library will be Sunday, September 7,
       Dorothy Malcolm 441-5305.                            when we open the doors for the first time, and celebrate a milestone.
                                                            Like the bookshop, we will be open between the first three services,
                                                            approximately 8:30-9 am, and 10:15-11:15 am.
Trinity Women’s Mini-Retreat                                For a new library, we have an amazing collection—books for children,
Saturday, September 13                                      a few for teens, and loads for adults on such topics as spirituality,
9:00am – 12:00pm                                            meditations, Jesus, the Bible, church history, environment, biographies,
                                                            humor, social justice, homosexuality, comparative religion, the
Women of the Parish, Take Note! New school year             Episcopal Church, and inspirational fiction.
starting? Getting the family ready for new
experiences? Looking anxiously at the end of summer         We intend to include other media but we are growing one step at a
and cooler days (and holidays) ahead? How about a           time. If you would like to be part of this growth, you can sponsor a
little time to center, to ground, to remember why we        new book as a memorial or celebration of birth or other important
do this whirl of social activities? Join us for a Women’s   event by contacting the librarian.
Silent Mini-Retreat at Trinity Cathedral, focusing on
                                                            The game plan is to open the library the first Sunday of each month.
the uniquely feminine spirituality of St. Hildegard von
                                                            In between, people can return material at any time in the labeled
Bingen. Readings from her works, along with
                                                            bin in the Library/elevator alcove opposite the Cathedral office.
meditative music, candles, quiet space, and a special
Eucharist celebrating her feast day will open a             And, of course, we are looking for volunteers to help people check
window onto a place of calm that you can carry out          out material. If you are a “bookie” and make this part of your
with you into the changing seasons. Please join us!         stewardship, please join other volunteers who have worked to bring
A sweater or lap blanket is suggested, and journals         us this far, by calling Phyllis Ehlert, Librarian, at (916) 456-8692 or
and meditation pillows are welcome accoutrements.           email We especially need people for Sunday
                                                            mornings, but if you want to dig in more, there is much more to do!
Please note that the Mini-Retreat itself is free, but
                                                            Please contact us.
parking in the Sutter Garage on Saturdays is not!

Parking is available on the streets around the               PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS CHANGE
Cathedral as well as in the parking garage at 27th
Street and N Street. The garage entrance is on 27th          PO Box for Bishop’s Office is being eliminated.
Street. Use of the parking garage is $3.00/hour              At the Office of the Bishop we have been working to become
charged to your credit card. Use the same credit card        more streamlined and efficient. As part of this process, we have
to exit as you used to enter the garage, or the              begun to phase out the use of our PO Box. Starting September
gargoyles will not let you out until Sunday! Just            1, 2008 there will be only one address for the Office of the Bishop
kidding... Trinity doesn’t have any gargoyles.               of The Diocese of Northern California: the street address, 1318
                                                             27th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.
                                    ~ Pat Vercruyssen

The Good News of Trinity                               by Susan Van Dyke

So, what is it? What is so very special, so holy about Trinity Cathedral?
I invite you to consider these questions – how do you feel when you approach
and enter the doors? In the Sanctuary? Other areas? After asking myself
these questions—my answers were immediate. And not the same.
The doors – if they are closed, I know the way in. But I am most aware that a stranger or newcomer
might hesitate, maybe even leave. Those huge, dark doors, they don’t say “Come in; you are
welcome here.” At least not to me. When they are open, I walk in easily – I have an idea that
I am welcome here.

So, the Sanctuary – the feeling is always the same. The Spirit smiles on me as I enter; she invites me to slow down; she puts my
mind at rest. Trinity Cathedral is a sanctuary of and for the Spirit. Here, the Spirit greets us, lifts us, washes over us, allows us
a period of rest – a place and time where we can praise, worship, and rest with our God. This is also the place where the Spirit
sends us out – to “love and serve” that same God – the one who invites us, not only to be comforted, but to serve.

As a newcomer here, I was blessed to be welcomed by friends, to become a part of this loving community – I am very grateful
for that. My heart’s desire is for others to share in what we have, to find the solace here, to gain the strength to serve our
God in whatever way we are called to do so. My challenge then, and possibly a challenge for each of us, is to be certain that
my eyes and ears are open to others – those who visit us and those who may want or need to come here but not know how
to approach. I want to be sure that my doors are open, the doors to my church and to my heart as a follower of Jesus. I want
to hold open my arms and say, “Come.”

                                                           FAMILY PROMISE NEWS!
                                                           Family Promise is coming to Trinity
 Taste and See                                             the week of September 28.
 A New Class beginning September 14                        Family Promise is a nationwide organization that helps homeless
                                                           families get back on their feet. The Sacramento chapter includes 16
 The Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry Team               congregations who share their church facilities one week at a time.
 invites newcomers, long time members,                     Families stay overnight and have breakfast and dinner at the host
 visitors – YOU – to attend the new Sunday                 church. During the day, they go to the Day Center (at Loaves and
 morning class, A Taste of the Bible. Topics               Fishes) and do whatever they need to do to get on the road to a new
 include: Finding God, Following God,                      life. It is a program that works, but not without volunteers from the
 Wrestling with God, Prayer, the Eucharist, and            host congregations. Contact any of Trinity’s coordinators for more
 What It Means to Be a Christian.                          information. Volunteering is easy and very rewarding! To volunteer,
                                                           sign up on the board found on the 3-sided kiosk in the Great Hall.
 The classes will last for 6 weeks, beginning
 September 14, and beginning again on November             Great news: William and his daughter, Brittany, have graduated from
 2. We will meet in Classroom C during the coffee          the program. They have their own apartment and are very excited to
 hour following the 9:00 service.                          have this new beginning. Raul and Leanna are not far behind. They
                                                           have been in the program for almost 1 year and they have wonderful
 Drop ins are welcome at any time. Please come             stories to share. Come join the Family Promise team!
 and taste – perhaps a new spark will grow in your         Sally Smith at or 930-9564
 heart. Let’s meet each other in a casual circle           Lynn Clifford at or 739-8723
 where discussion and questions are most welcome!          Bill Jaskoski at or 443-2363
 Questions? Contact Susan Van Dyke at 421-5878             Mark Rasmussen at or 712-9580
 or                             Elizabeth Kenealey at or 362-5808

    CA           ALENDAR
SUNDAY August 31                                                SUNDAY September 7
Services: 7:30, 9:00, 11:15am, 12:45pm                          Services: 7:30, 9:00, 11:15am, 12:45pm (Healing all services)
     Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne                                    8:30am    Trinity Library Grand Opening
     10:15amSunday School                                            10:15am   Forum: Congregational Meeting
     10:15amForum                                                    10:15am   Sunday School
     10:15am20/30 Shalom Group                                       10:15am   20/30 Shalom Group
                                                                     10:15am   30/40 Group
     10:15am30/40 Group
                                                                     1:00pm    Integrity Meeting
Monday September 1 - David Oakerhater, Deacon/Missionary        Monday September 8
   Labor Day—Office Closed
                                                                   8:30am Morning Prayer
   8:30am Morning Prayer                                           12Noon NA Meeting
   12Noon NA Meeting                                               5:45pm Holy Eucharist
   5:45pm Holy Eucharist                                           7:00pm Stephen Ministry ALL
Tuesday September 2 - The Martyrs of New Guinea                 Tuesday September 9 - Constance (Nun) & Companions
   9:00am Morning Prayer                                           9:00am Morning Prayer
   12Noon NA Meeting                                               12Noon NA Meeting
   12:10pm Holy Eucharist                                          12:10pm Holy Eucharist
   1:45pm Stephen Ministry Peer Support                            7:00pm Handbell Choir
   6:00pm Centering Prayer                                      Wednesday September 10 - Alexander Crummel
   6:15pm Ministry Team Dinner                                     8:30am Morning Prayer
   7:00pm Ministry Team Meetings                                   9:00am Holy Eucharist
Wednesday September 3                                              10:00am Moms, Pops and Tots
     8:30amMorning Prayer                                          12Noon NA Meeting
     9:00amHoly Eucharist                                          7:00pm Trinity Health Ministry
           Moms, Pops and Tots
     10:00am                                                       7:00pm Cathedral Choir Rehearsal
     12NoonNA Meeting                                           Thursday September 11
     5:15pmAdmin Team                                                9:00am  Morning Prayer
     7:00pmCathedral Choir Rehearsal                                 12 Noon NA Meeting
Thursday September 4 - Paul Jones                                    12 Noon Thursday Lunch Bunch
   9:00am Morning Prayer                                             2:00pm  Creative Writing Group
   12 Noon NA Meeting                                                5:45pm  Holy Eucharist
   12 Noon Lunch Bunch                                               6:30pm  Thursday Night Classes
   2:00pm Creative Writing Group                                     7:00pm  Celebration Choir Rehearsal
   5:45pm Holy Eucharist                                         Friday September 12 - John Hobart, Bishop of New York
   7:00pm Celebration Choir Rehearsal                               8:30am Morning Prayer
Friday September 5                                                  9:00am Holy Eucharist
     8:30am    Morning Prayer                                       12Noon NA Meeting
     9:00am    Holy Eucharist                                       12Noon AA Meeting - Open to all
     12Noon    NA Meeting                                       Saturday September 13 - Cyprian, Bishop/Martyr, Carthage
     12Noon    AA Meeting - Open to all                             8:00am Fall Women’s Silent Retreat
     6:00pm    “Unnatural Causes Program” Planners
                                                                    9:00am Cursillo 100 Planning
Saturday September 6
                                                                    9:00am Trinity Men’s Breakfast
     8:45am    Trinity Hiking Guild
                                                                    10:00am Associates of the Transfiguration
     9:00am    Commission on Women’s Ministries                     5:00pm Saturday Worship - Eucharist
     10:00am   East Transept Ministry Team
     10:00am   Cursillo 100 Planning
     5:00pm    Saturday Worship - Eucharist Speaking for all the office staff, I want to express my thanks to Karl Greene
                                            who started editing The Cross a few weeks ago. He does a careful and
                                            thorough job catching our grammar, style, and content errors. It can be a
                                            tedious job and I am truly indebted to him. Keep it up, Karl! meg


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