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					     VAS Research Series

   Future Handset
   Connectivity Technologies

   Future Handset Connectivity Technologies gives first-hand
   insights into the development of Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC and
   UWB technologies for mobile handsets.

   This report in the VAS Research Series from Berg Insight
   provides you with 100 pages of unique business intelligence
   including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on
   which to base your business decisions.

      This report will allow you to:
      Understand the opportunities and challenges with integration
      of new connectivity technologies in mobile handsets.
      Learn about the strategies for Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC and
      UWB of the leading chipset and handset vendors in the
      mobile industry.
      Identify drivers and barriers for industry-wide adoption
      of new technology.
      Predict future design trends and technology developments.
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Berg Insight’s VAS Research Series
What are the key business opportunities for value added services in the mobile industry?
Berg Insight’s VAS Research Series is a unique series of analytical industry reports.
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                                                                                                                     VAS Research Series

Will WLAN, NFC and UWB join Blue-                                                short-range connectivity with data rates up to 480 Mbps. The ra-
                                                                                dio platform has for instance been adopted by the USB-IF for the
tooth in future handsets?                                                       Certified Wireless USB standard and by the Bluetooth SIG as an
                                                                                alternative high-speed radio for the future Bluetooth specification.
Numerous connectivity technologies are being integrated into mo-
                                                                                The first handsets with UWB radios are likely to become commer-
bile phones. These technologies are largely complementary, with
                                                                                cially available in the late 2009 to 2010 timeframe.
different use cases. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)
drives the development of the Bluetooth standard. Bluetooth is                  Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standard for short-range
a Personal Area Networking (PAN) technology optimised for low                   wireless, point-to-point communication between devices over dis-
power consumption. From the onset, Bluetooth was designed to                    tances of about 10 centimetres. When deployed in mobile phones,
enable easy, ad-hoc pairing and medium data rate communica-                     NFC can be used for countless applications, ranging from infor-
tion for numerous electronic devices. Today, the technology is                  mation exchange, electronic ticketing, electronic payments, to de-
available in countless devices, for instance handsets, headsets,                vice pairing for establishing data transfers using complementary
consumer electronics and computers, medical equipment and                       technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN. In Japan, contactless
cars. Since the introduction of the first Bluetooth-enabled hand-               payment and authentication services using mobile phones was
sets in 2000, the technology has seen phenomenal growth. The                    introduced in 2004 and has since been widely deployed there.
number of handsets featuring Bluetooth has surpassed 550 mod-                   Mobile payment and ticketing services are likely to be the main
els and unit shipments exceeded 560 million in 2007.                            drivers for NFC integration in handsets. Outside Japan, payment
                                                                                services using NFC largely remains in the trial state and only a few
The IEEE 802.11 standards for wireless local area networks (WLAN)
                                                                                handsets are commercially available. However, the technology
have been developed to standardise wireless LANs for computer
                                                                                and business models are falling into place, thus enabling service
networking applications. The first mobile phones featuring WLAN
                                                                                rollouts in the near future.
connectivity became available in 2004, primarily intended for Inter-
net access, corporate VoIP services and later, UMA fixed mobile                 In order to reduce solution cost and footprint, chipset vendors are
convergence services. Moreover, the Bluetooth SIG is developing                 developing multi-radio chipsets that combine multiple connectivity
a new radio substitution architecture that will enable the use of               technologies into system-in-package or single-die system-on-chip
the established Bluetooth protocols, profiles, security and pairing             solutions. Revenues for Bluetooth, WLAN NFC and UWB connec-
mechanisms to be used by a secondary radio already present                      tivity chipset solutions for mobile phones reached around US$
in a handset to achieve faster throughput. In February 2008, the                1,220 million in 2007. Berg Insight forecasts that these revenues
Bluetooth SIG added the IEEE 802.11 standard as an interim so-                  will grow with a compound annual growth rate of 11 percent to
lution for the Bluetooth “Alternate MAC/PHY” architecture before                US$ 2,090 million in 2012. Moreover, total connectivity revenues,
the WiMedia Alliance ultra wideband radio becomes more widely                   including AM/FM radio and GPS, are forecasted to grow from US$
available. The number of WLAN-enabled handset models has                        1,660 million in 2007, to US$ 3,050 million in 2012.
experienced rapid growth during 2007 and the first half of 2008.
About 40 models had been announced at the end of 2006. In June
2008, more than 110 models were available, or about to become
available on the market. Meanwhile, shipments have grown from                        This report answers the following questions:
slightly more than 5 million to 27 million in 2007.
Ultra wideband (UWB) is not a standard in itself, but refers to a                    How will Bluetooth evolve in the future handset
radio technology using low energy, high bandwidth communica-                         environment?
tion. The WiMedia UWB Common Radio Platform specification is
being adopted by numerous standard organisations for enabling                        What is the roadmap for integration of WLAN in
                                                                                     mass-market mobile phones?
           %                                                                         When will NFC become a widespread handset
     100                                                                             connectivity technology?

                                                                                     Does UWB have a future in the mobile industry?
                                                                                     Which connectivity technologies are being adopted
      60                                                                             by the main handset manufacturers?
                                                                                     What impact will new technologies have on the wireless
                            WLAN         NFC/FeliCa       UWB                        chipset value chain?
      20                                                                             How is the greater diversity of radios affecting wireless
                                                                                     chipset and handset design?
               2007-2012   2007-2012     2007-2012      2007-2012                    What is the current status of the standardisation work?
Projected attach rate for handset connectivity technologies (World 2007–2012)
Table of Contents

   1 Mobile connectivity                       2.2.4 Bluetooth and cellular baseband           4.4.9 Staccato Communications
     technologies                                    integration                              4.4.10 Wisair
                                                 2.3 Company profiles                         4.4.11 WiQuest Communications
  1.1 Wireless communication
                                               2.3.1 Broadcom
1.1.1 Personal area and local area network
                                               2.3.2 CSR                                          5 Handset manufacturers
                                               2.3.3 Infineon Technologies                       5.1   Nokia
                                               2.3.4 Qualcomm                                    5.2   Samsung Electronics
1.1.2 Cellular mobile communication
      technologies                                                                               5.3   Motorola
1.1.3 Spectrum and interference
                                                  3 Wireless LAN in                              5.4   Sony Ericsson
1.1.4 Technical comparison                          mobile phones                                5.5   LG Electronics
  1.2 Broadcast connectivity technologies        3.1 Overview of Wireless LAN                    5.6   Research In Motion
1.2.1 Radio                                    3.1.1 WLAN standards                              5.7   HTC
1.2.2 Mobile TV                                3.1.2 WLAN in mobile phones                       5.8   Second tier handset vendors
1.2.3 GPS                                        3.2 WLAN and Bluetooth coexistence            5.8.1   Acer / E-TEN
  1.3 Handset platforms and connectivity         3.3 Company profiles                          5.8.2   Apple
      integration                              3.3.1 Atheros Communications                    5.8.3   ASUSTeK
1.3.1 Handset hardware and software            3.3.2 Marvell                                   5.8.4   BenQ
      platforms                                3.3.3 Nanoradio                                 5.8.5   Fujitsu
1.3.2 Horizontal and vertical integration of   3.3.4 Redpine Signals                           5.8.6   Gigabyte
      connectivity technologies                3.3.5 STMicroelectronics and NXP wireless       5.8.7   Hewlett Packard
  1.4 Single chip versus discrete chip               joint venture                             5.8.8   i-mate
      integration                              3.3.6 Texas Instruments                         5.8.9   Mio Technology
  1.5 Handset value-chain overview                                                            5.8.10   NEC
1.5.1 Cellular chipset vendors                    4 NFC and UWB technologies                  5.8.11   Palm
1.5.2 Connectivity chipset vendors                                                            5.8.12   Panasonic
                                                 4.1 Overview of NFC and UWB
1.5.3 Handset OS and software vendors                                                         5.8.13   Sagem
1.5.4 Handset manufacturers                                                                   5.8.14   Sharp
                                                 4.2 Near Field Communication
  1.6 Drivers and barriers to integration                                                     5.8.15   Toshiba
                                                     technology and standards
1.6.1 Bluetooth                                4.2.1 NFC modes
1.6.2 WLAN                                     4.2.2 NFC solution architecture and chipsets       6 Market trends and forecasts
1.6.3 UWB                                        4.3 Ultra wideband technology and              6.1 Market trends
1.6.4 NFC                                            standards                                  6.2 Worldwide handset sales
                                               4.3.1 WiMedia Alliance                           6.3 Handset shipments by connectivity
   2 Bluetooth in mobile phones                4.3.2 Certified Wireless USB                         standard
  2.1 Overview of the Bluetooth                  4.4 Company profiles                           6.4 IC vendor market shares
      technology                               4.4.1 Alereon                                    6.5 Connectivity IC shipment forecasts
2.1.1 Bluetooth specifications                 4.4.2 Artimi                                     6.6 Connectivity IC revenue forecasts
2.1.2 Bluetooth applications and profiles      4.4.3 Gemalto
  2.2 Bluetooth and other connectivity         4.4.4 Innovision                                        Glossary
      technologies                             4.4.5 Inside Contactless
2.2.1 Bluetooth and FM radio                   4.4.6 NXP Semiconductors
2.2.2 Bluetooth and WLAN                       4.4.7 Realtek
2.2.3 Bluetooth and GPS                        4.4.8 Sony

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