Compost Specifications to Help Municipal Governments, Landscape

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					                                                             18thANNUAL CONFERENCE and TRADE SHOW

Sunday, January 24, 2010

     Compost Specifications to Help Municipal Governments, Landscape Architects,
    Engineers, and Landscape-Related Professionals Better Specify and Use Compost
This interactive workshop will integrate discussion of local needs with experiences in specification implementation
in California and Texas for Cal Trans and TXDot type applications. There will be a special focus on partnerships
between Municipalities, Compost Producers, and End users to increase compost use through public procurement,
policy drivers and standardized specification. Specification guides will be provided as samples for replication, and
each use will be discussed from a marketing perspective. Don't miss this opportunity to increase compost use in
your area through partnership and standardized specification.

Michele Young is the Environmental Services Director with the City of San Jose, CA. She has extensive
experience with the development of backyard composting programs, organics diversion and zero waste planning.
Ron Alexander is the President of R. Alexander Associates, Inc., a company specializing in market development
and research for organic recycled products. Mr. Alexander is a horticulturalist with over 24 years of experience
working with compost. He has also authored the ‘Field Guide to Compost Use’, and more recently, ‘The Practical
Guide to Compost Marketing and Sales’.

2:30 PM-5:00 PM | members: $95 | non-members: $145 | max.of 50 attendees


Meeting Environmental Goals through Composting
Discuss the benefits of composting as a management tool for diversion and other environmental goals. Discuss
case studies of public private partnerships for increased compost utilization, and brainstorm needed actions.

Converging Opportunities for Compost Use
Composting as a Municipal Strategy
Available and Needed Tools
California Case Study
         California Organics Policy Roadmap
         Cal Trans Specifications
         Municipal Specifications – Workshop Series Results

Plant/Soil and Environmental Benefits of Compost Use
Learn about the plant and soil benefits to compost use proven through both research and field experience, and how
they can reduce project maintenance costs

Landscaping/Environmental Applications for Compost,
Caltrans Compost Specifications and
Creative Specifying for Cost Savings
Learn about varied compost applications, application rates and product specifications, as well as methods to
specify compost for cost savings