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									These issues can also be discussed with your Personal Adviser
when considering the options open to your child.

Milton Keynes Adult Continuing Education (ACE)
A further option to consider in terms of continuing education are the
courses run by ACE who aim to provide a range of part-time learning
opportunities to meet the needs of the whole community. Courses
leading to a qualification and skills for life classes are free to 16 - 18
The Accessibility Statement mentioned previously in this leaflet also
details some of the support that ACE can offer to young adults with
disabilities and/or learning difficulties. The Accessibility Statement is
also available in large print or via email upon request. In addition, a
                                                                             Education -
member of staff will read and explain any part of the statement to
you. For further details please contact Ritu Hunjan by calling
01908 556700, faxing 01908 556795 or emailing
                                                                             Options and
They have a student support team who can arrange different kinds of
support to help with your studies while you are learning. All support is
available subject to assessment and agreement of need. The
                                                                              things to
following is a list of examples of support arranged for existing

* Study Skills
* Exam Preparation
* Additional English and/or Maths
* 1:1 in-class and/or out-of-class support where appropriate
* Providing Specialist Equipment
* Adapted Materials
Further Education                                                            As with any student, young people with Learning Difficulties
                                                                             and/or Disabilities are able to access local colleges other than
If your child has a learning difficulty and/or disability they are able to   those in Milton Keynes. Talk to your Personal Adviser about
remain in education until they are 19.                                       this, they will be able to give you the contact information,
If they have a Statement of Special Educational Need, and the most           please remember however, that transport is not available for
appropriate placement for them remains in school, they continue to           college so if you are looking at colleges further afield you’ll
be the responsibility of the local education authority.                      need to think about how your child could get there.
During Transition Planning a range of options will be considered, it         In exceptional circumstances, local colleges of further
might be appropriate for your child to go on to further education. This      education may not be able to cater for the needs of your child.
could be at the local colleges.                                              If these circumstances apply to your child, an out-of-county
                                                                             placement in a specialist college may be considered.
Your personal adviser will be able to help you in making these
decisions. This is the person who is helping you to make decisions           You should talk to your Personal Adviser who will help you
about your child’s future, it may be the social worker, or a                 determine whether or not your child would be best served by
Connexions personal adviser.                                                 an out-of-county placement and discuss courses and colleges
                                                                             with you and support you through the funding process.
Milton Keynes College has a wide range of courses available for
students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. To get hold of a    Whilst it is now possible for families/parents to fund courses at
copy of the prospectus, which details the courses on offer call              residential colleges, many charge well in excess of £20,000 per
Admissions on 01908 684444.                                                  pupil per year and some charge over £50,000.
Students with special needs are very much a part of the college              If it is clear that local options (i.e. colleges and work
community and many enjoy and benefit from the social aspect of               placements etc.) cannot meet the needs of your child then it
going to college as much as the learning itself.                             may be possible to apply for funding through the Learning and
                                                                             Skills Council – sometimes together with Social Services.
Each year a disability statement is published with lots of details about
support and courses available for your child. For a copy of the              Residential colleges often have long waiting lists in excess of a
disability statement and more information about provisions for               year, so if it appears likely that local options will not meet the
students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities contact the          needs of your child then residential colleges will need to be
Learning Support Team on 684433 who can arrange a face-to-face               explored well before your child is due to leave school.
interview.                                                                   This is partly why transitions planning takes place so early.
It might be that your child needs help with learning and a preparatory
                                                                             Further points to consider when thinking about residential
course to help them improve their learning skills might be useful. It
                                                                             colleges are:
might be that your child is more suited to the “Courses for Students
with Learning Difficulties” which allows your child to pick an individual    •   What will happen when my child returns home after
programme to meet their needs and aspirations. Talk to the college               college?
or your Personal Adviser about this.
                                                                             •   Are the placements term-time only (i.e. your child returns
                                                                                 home during the holidays)?

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