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In short                                     What are the benefits?
Hands-on help to build profits by moving     Designing Demand Immerse offers all the
design to the heart of business strategy.    potential benefits associated with the
                                             strategic use of design, including:
What is it?                                  — Increased sales
Designing Demand Immerse is an intensive     — Bigger profit margins
support service which helps companies        — New market opportunities
grow by using design as a business           — Increased market share
development tool. It gives companies the     — Better design management and product
chance to work with leading designers to        development processes.
investigate how using design can tackle
core strategic issues and make a lasting     The service gives companies the skills to
impact on performance.                       choose, brief and manage designers, and it
                                             gives them the ability to exploit design as a
Who is it for?                               tool to drive growth and competitiveness.
Designing Demand Immerse is for mature
businesses with the appetite for strategic   Companies also benefit from peer
change. It is for management teams who       networks developed during Designing
are ready to be challenged, ready to learn   Demand Immerse.
new skills and ready to invest in design.

What does it involve?                        What is the commitment?
Designing Demand Immerse begins with a       Businesses receive up to eight days’ face
high-impact Immersion Day, held at each      to face support from their Design
company’s premises and run by a Design       Associate.
Associate – a Design Council-approved
design manager selected for their            Companies are chosen through a rigorous
experience in tackling business issues.      application process. They must be willing
Management teams work with a group of        and able to invest significant resources in
design experts to examine key aspects of     realising the design opportunities
the business in depth, from its strategy,    uncovered during Designing Demand
offerings and markets to its objectives,     Immerse. They must also be able to make
challenges and working culture. The day      senior management available throughout
ends with the design team highlighting a     the service, so strategic decisions can
range of opportunities for design to         be made quickly and activity can be kept
improve performance. This is followed up     on track.
by a formal report on the design team’s
recommendations and the thinking
behind them.                                 ‘The programme helped us get
In the next stage, each company               ahead of the competition
decides which opportunities to take
forward and all participating businesses
                                              instead of always playing
come together to share their plans            catch-up and that is why it has
and objectives. Over the next 12 to 18
months, businesses run design projects
                                              been so very important for us.
with close support from the Design            If we had not introduced design
Associate. During this implementation
phase, a series of NetWorkshops™
                                              into our strategic processes,
cover key design themes such as               we would have been in a really
brand, new product development and
customer focus.
                                              difficult position.’
                                             Alastair Fisher, Harrison Fisher
Designing Demand Immerse concludes
with a close-out event to celebrate
companies’ results.
                                             ‘£4m of recently won business
                                              is a direct result of our
                                              involvement in the Designing
                                              Demand programme.’
                                             Stephen Durrans, Jay-Be

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