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									 Defense Systems
 Acquisition Management
    January                   March                     June                   September
   11-15, 2010              22-26, 2010              14-18, 2010               13-17, 2010
  Long Beach,             Williamsburg,           San Francisco,                Chicago,
      CA                        VA                     CA                          IL                       Government Students
                                                                                                              Please contact:
The Defense Systems Acquisition Management course meets the needs of defense industry acquisition             Ms. Karen Byrd
managers in today’s dynamic environment, providing the latest information related to:
• Defense acquisition policy for weapons and information technology systems include discussion of the new
                                                                                                              Defense Acquisition University
  DoD 5000 series (directive, instruction, and guidebook)                                                     Phone: 703-805-5411
• Defense acquisition reform initiatives                                                                      Email:
• Defense acquisition procedures and processes
• The Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Execution Process, and the Congressional budget process
• The relationship between capability needs determination, resources allocation, science and
  technology activities, and acquisition programs                                                           Industry Students
 Target Audiences                                                                                             Please contact:
                                                                                                              Ms. Michelle Hariston
 • Program Managers                                                                                           Associate Director, NDIA
 • Systems Engineers                                                                                          Phone: 703-247-9478
 • DoD members of integrated product teams                                                                    Email:
 • Persons involved in acquisition program development and execution
 • DoD Personnel - 04-06, GS-13-13, level II certified
 • DoD students who attend DAU course for formal acquisition certification

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