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									Wedding jitters

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An idea of a perfect wedding; proposal thoughts and its relation to
anxiety; factors in getting married; parents and weddings; stress and
anxiety in planning a wedding.

stress and anxiety, anxiety

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These are the most precious possessions that every woman must have on the
day that every woman dreams of: a long and white satin gown, fresh
flowers, a nice long veil, strappy golden shoes, and a nice looking guy
beside her. Well, it is special not only for the woman, but hopefully
for the guy with her.   It is supposed to be the “day of all days” for
every couple about to get married.

More than just an adolescent fantasy, the “Dream Wedding” has been
ingrained into each and every little girl from as far back as they can
remember. Little girls were taught that the wedding was a holy ceremony
and that those who get married are supposed to share a bond that would
last forever.

A fairytale-like story, isn't it? Well, of course it is. But as we all
know, life is not a fairy tale. And even the lives that nearly become
living fairy tales do not happen with just one snap. Getting married is
a difficult, if not painful episode or prelude to a normal, happy married

Let's start from the beginning ---- right at the time of making The
Proposal. Every guy in the world should at least propose to his fianc·
Of course, proposing to share the rest of his life to his girl is not
that easy. Anxiety takes place from the very thought of proposing. What
would I say? What would I do to make this event special? What should I
wear? Would she say “Yes”? These are just some of the questions that can
make any guy's heart pound with nervousness. Even the most “macho” of
men would find their hands sweaty. Most even stutter right up to the
very moment of asking the girl to marry him. All these strange yet normal
reactions are due to anxiety.

Fast forward. The couple now thinks of the next big step: getting
married. A lot of factors are to be considered in planning for the “best
day” of your life. It is not just the flowers, the gown, and the church.
It is about planning the main event that will be a part of them for the
rest of their lives. Given this idea, couples would really feel the
stress and anxiety...and who wouldn't if you're planning your dream
The thing with parents is, that, sometimes, they get to choose what they
want to see in your wedding. Call it unfair, but it is what it is. Of
course, they do to get to experience anxiety too. They too have
undergone the “rigors” of getting hitched. The key is to compromise ---
knowing that parents also want the best for the couple. Taking time to
prepare for your grand event would decrease the anxiety that you feel as
the big day approaches. Think of a spa trip with your fianc? That should
do the trick.

           Indeed, planning a wedding can make the couple feel the
stress and anxiety almost everyday up to the very date of the wedding.
Due to stress, the couple may even forget a lot of important things. One
of the most important things to sort out before the wedding is the guest
list. Weddings are not complete without a list of guests. Now in this
area, both of you should think of the size of the wedding. How many
people should be invited for each side of the family, and yes,
invitations? Then comes the church. Where would be convenient for
everyone? What has a nice interior? Will everyone fit there? How about
the priest? And most important, when will the wedding be? How about the
reception? Catering? The flowers? The cake? and everything else in
between? All these questions should be answered while going through the
wedding plan.

           Considering all these, the couple, especially the bride-to-
be, could experience anxiety even if she is just having her fitting for
her dress. Of course, the feeling of getting married, being with your
fianc for the rest of your life --- are just some ideas that would make
pre-wedding jitters even worse. Stress and anxiety often comes hand in
hand while the wedding day gets nearer but it is perfectly normal to feel
so. But as a last resort, hiring a wedding planner just might be easier
way to get your Dream Wedding.

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