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Numerology - DOC


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									           Numerology                                      Zenith Energy Work                                               Waters of Life
Esoteric Numerology is the art and science of             Zenith is an innovative and powerful energy                          Consciousness Ascension
understanding the spiritual significance and orderly      management system that interacts with the                This process for consciousness expansion is being
progression of all manifestation.     Every word or       electromagnetic energy fields in and around the          offered in coordination with the astrological shift
name vibrates to a number and every number has its        human body. Blockages in the human's energy field        from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The
inner meaning.                                            come from negative emotions, traumas, stress, past       feminine energy flow coming forth in the Aquarian
                                                          negative experiences, untrue ideas, or genetic           Age ushers in the New Golden Age of peace and the
With the help of the science of numerology, we can        patterns.                                                raising of mankind's consciousness. It creates the
begin to understand hidden karmic forces behind our                                                                perfect seedbed for developing inter-dimensional
experiences, present influences, which affect our life    Zenith eliminates these blockages, allowing a natural    technology. The Waters of Life process offered is
and possible future circumstances. The ancient            and balanced free flow from The Source.                  one method toward "Consciousness Ascension." It is
science of numerology permits a deeper level of self-     Zenith is the science of colored energies (light) and    the next phase required in Soul Alignment.
knowledge and understanding to see our life from a        its applications to the human energy field for the
higher perspective.                                       purpose of clearing, restoration, and balance. The       The Waters of Life is a process that systematically
                                                          colored energy frequencies are transmitted by the        re-coordinates the light energies of the physical
Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult        hands and fingers in systematic patterns to specific     body's unified fields with the individual's multi-
manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and        points on the head and body of the receiver. It is       dimensional aspects. In this way, less active lay lines
character tendencies, as an integral part of the          not necessary for the person receiving the energy to     of light are connected to the Soul.             All is
cosmic plan. Each letter has a numeric value that         be touched.                                              accomplished by using shades of color and the
provides a related cosmic vibration. The sum of the                                                                feminine aspect of light frequencies through
numbers in your birth date and the sum of value           The Zenith clearings and / or integrations are           intentional holographic application to generate a true
derived from the letters in the name provide an           contained in 4 books. There are 29 clearings in Book     alignment to the Soul.
interrelation of vibrations. These numbers show a         1, which are given to the person in order. They
great deal about character, purpose in life, what         focus on the blockages most prevalent in the human       Examples of Alignment intentions with the Waters of
motivates, and where talents may lie.                     energy fields such as fear, low self-worth, anger, and   Life include:
                                                          guilt. Once a person has received Book 1, he/she
Experts in numerology use the numbers to                  may then have any of the clearings in Books 2                    Victim to Victor
determine the best time for major moves and               through 4.                                                       Personal Validation
activities in life. Numerology is used to decide when                                                                      To Have the Power to Ask and Let Go
to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to         The function of Zenith is to clear the blockages so              Clarity & Recognition
change jobs, or relocate.                                 the person is freer to choose his/her path moment                Trust in Self-creation
                                                          by moment without past Influences.
Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who live from                                                                  Practical Result of this work include:
569-470 B.C., is said by many to be the originator of     Therefore, Zenith facilitates self-empowerment and
much of what we call numerology today.               He   awareness. The four Zenith books contain clearings               Integrity Shifts
believed that all things are numbers and that             and integrations for physical emotional, mental, and             Behavioral Changes
numbers represent spiritual entities who presence is      spiritual levels. The effects of Zenith are varied,              A Centered Approach to Everyday Life
felt in all existence. The actual origins of numerology   specific to the person receiving the work, and may               A Highly Developed Sense of Oneness or
predate Pythagoras, the most popular being the very       be dramatic or subtle. Results have include physical              Totality of the Individual Self Flourishes
old Hebrew Kabala.                                        healings, emotional changes, shifts in attitude,                 True Self Begins to Manifest and Gain
                                                          changes in life direction, insight, self-confidence,              Momentum
In numerology reading, Kathi combines her                 more responsible choices, empathy, etc.                          Manifestation of Gifts Considered Spiritual
background     in   psychology with    Pythagorean                                                                          Gain
numerology to illuminate each client’s life purpose,                                                                       Great Footholds
past influences and offers a 10-year prediction
regarding future tendencies.

                                                                                                                   Individual sessions may be scheduled at $65
Individual sessions are available at $65 per              Individual sessions are available to receive             per hour. Kathi has been a Waters of Life
hour.                                                     Zenith energy work at $65 per hour. Kathi has            practitioner since 1995.
                                                          been a Zenith Energy facilitator since 1996.
DNA                                                                  has fifteen years experience studying a
                                                            range of healing, meditative, intuitive arts and
                                                            numerology in the United States, Europe, and
                                                                                                                     Healing By
DNA Activation                                              Canada.
                                                                                                                  Light & Numbers
                                                            In her practice as a special education teacher and
You have forty-six chromosomes in every cell of your
                                                            counselor, she combines her traditional training in
body. They come in twenty-three pairs. They, in
                                                            psychology with the newest healing, therapeutic
turn, are made up of over 100,000 genes. Each
                                                            techniques along with her psychic and channeling
gene has a specific job such as choosing your eye
                                                            gifts offering a unique service to her clients.
color or helping to make you a man or a woman.
They perform their functions by creating specific
proteins to complete the task. Each gene, if                                          .
damaged, leads to a specific disease or
malformation. Each gene is made up of DNA.

              Besides the over 100,000 active genes
              you carry in every cell of your body,
              scientists     have    discovered    DNA
              material that does absolutely nothing.
              It is, as if, dead, dormant, asleep. The
              technical term they use to refer to this
              dormant DNA is “junk.” They call it
              junk DNA or also “spacer DNA.”
              It is not however, junk or worthless
              filler.   It contains vast amounts of
              information about who you are. It
              contains all the “missing” information
              about you in the full range of your
              glory, functionality, and power.       It
contains information about your true, life goals and
work, your perfect health, the perfect communication
between you and your body, heart, spirit and others.

DNA activation triggers the mechanism to wake up
this dormant DNA so that it can begin to do its job         For information or to make an appointment
and to flesh out the complete, miraculous jigsaw            please contact her by:
puzzle that you are.
                                                            Phone: (310) 828-8394
Core Beliefs Inner Work                                     Cell & Voicemail: (310) 710-2977

We hold many beliefs within our subconscious mind,
and oftentimes these beliefs cause us to experience         Email: kata33@lightandnumbers.com
negativity because they are based on a limited,
unenlightened point of view. In this work, we               To make an appointment or to learn more, visit our
energetically “pull” or remove these limiting belief        website at http://www.lightandnumbers.com.
systems, also know as “programs.” Pulling the belief
means reprogramming the subconscious mind so
that the belief is replace with a positive belief that is                                                                          With
more appropriate for the person’s highest good.
                                                                                                                              Kathi D.
Individual sessions are available for DNA                                                                         Numerologist, Reiki Master, DNA Healer,
Activation and Core Beliefs Inner Work for $65                                                                      Zenith & Waters of Life Practitioner
per hour.

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