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									What can the academy                                   St. Mary’s College,
prepare me for?                                        Blackburn

With such an elitist level of training the Academy
dancer will be in the exciting position to apply for
the top professional dance courses around the            Course Leaflet    Entry 2010
UK. Northern School of Contemporary Dance, LIPA
and London Studio Centre, now expect applicants                                    enhancement
to have experience with working alongside                                              courses
professional dancers and performing in a range
of showcase events. With the top dance courses
taking only 25 applicants from hundreds, being an
Academy dancer shows that you are striving to be
the best that you can be!

                                                                   ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

                                                                   There are no formal qualifications
                                                                   for entry although all applicants
                                                                  will need to have applied to be on a
                                                                  programme of study that includes AS
                                                                 Level or A2 Level Dance. Applicants for
                                                                 the Dance Academy will need to be
                                                                talented dancers that will be selected
                                                               through an audition process that
                                                               identifies a high performance standard.

If you would like further information about this
subject please contact the Head of Dance at
St. Mary's College
Shear Brow

The ethos of the Dance Academy is to allow
talented dancers to continue their education whilst
maintaining their passion for performance. Dance
Academy students will be able to choose from a
wide range of academic courses and be supported
in their studies whilst receiving specialist training.
An Academy student will receive professional
training from Ludas Dance Company; the
inspirational contemporary dance company based
in the North West.
Ludas Dance Company will train the Academy
dancer to an elite level of performance that is
beyond A level expectation.
The coaching will consist of the following exciting
components on a weekly basis:
                                                         What do I need to
 •	A	professional	level	technique	class
 •	A	choreography	workshop	creating	work	for	
                                                         make a sucess of the
   professional performance                              academy?
The pieces of choreography will then be toured           Like all elite performers, Academy
to perform at a range of showcase events in              students will need to show a talent
Lancashire.                                              for dance but also the personal
The Academy dancer will also have the outstanding        qualities necessary to raise levels of
opportunity to take part in a two day choreographic      performance.
residency that will involve a series of workshops        Ability, Attitude and Application are
with a leading UK choreographer. The workshops           all equally important combined with
will introduce the dancer to work with innovative        a willingness to learn and take on
choreographic methods, exploring creative                new ideas.
boundaries to produce a performance piece. The
choreography will then be performed to an invited,
external audience.
Further benefits of the Academy include the
opportunity to:
 •	perform	at	a	professional	level	in	
   professional venues
 •	increase	the	dancers	technical	ability
 •	create	a	solo	for	audition	purposes
 •	discuss	careers	and	artistic	advice

 The exciting event of a new state-of-the-art
 Performing Arts build has ensured that the
 resources at St Mary’s College are amongst the
 best in the country. Within the new build there is a
 multi-purpose theatre with the latest technology,
 two fully equipped drama theatres and a
 spacious dance studio.
 The weekly sessions will take place in the
 dance studio that is equipped with a junkers
 specialist sprung floor, ceiling to floor mirrors
 and a professional ballet barre. Performances
 will be housed in the theatre with seating for 150
 audience members.

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