How do I find out if I Have A Warrant For Arrest by warrantsforarrest


									How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?

Are you aware whether or not you have any arrest warrant pending against you? There are
many reasons for having a warrant for your arrest. You may have not paid parking tickets,
you might have gone past the speeding limit while driving, or you may even have missed out
on a court appearance. Whether for these reasons, or any other reason, this may be valid
grounds for an arrest warrant to be issued against you. If you have not checked yet, then it
may be possible that the police are coming to arrest you any minute!

The next question that arises is, “how to check if I have a warrant for my arrest?” One of
the simplest ways to do this is to go to a police station and ask a police officer. He will check
his records and let you know if you do or not. However, there is a higher element of risk
involved in this approach. If the police officer finds out that there really is a warrant for your
arrest, he may take you into custody at that very moment. So, it may not be a very safe idea
to get in touch with a police officer just yet.

The next option is to visit the courthouse that holds jurisdiction over the area where the
offense was committed. To do this, you need to know exactly where the offense was
committed and which courthouse you need to go to. At the courthouse, you can inquire if
there is any warrant against your name and they will let you know. Chances of getting
arrested are lower in this situation particularly if the offense committed was merely a minor

Another option is to check warrants is online. If you go to a specialized website for law
enforcement, you can gain access to public records, like warrants, and find out whether or
not there is a warrant that has been issued for your arrest. Since records of this nature are
public, you will not be arrested when you check online.

People who have asked the question “how do I find out if I have a warrant?” can easily
avail any of the abovementioned ways to get a solution. If you feel you have committed an
offense, then it is possible that the police will, sooner or later, show up at your home to
arrest you. Therefore, it would be prudent to find out if a warrant exists for yourself. If you
do have a warrant issued for you, then it is best to give yourself up voluntarily to the police.
Due to this, you will be treated with some leniency and consideration by the court and your
fines and sentence will not be as substantial as compared to if you were arrested

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