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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AlwATAN dAIlY
   6          world                                                                                                                                                                                                       monDAY, februArY 15, 2010

       Hundreds protest violence
                                                          Accused Alabama
                                                          professor shot and killed brother in 1986
       in Mexican border city
       CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico: Hundreds
       of people marched Saturday against the
       drug gang violence besieging mexican
       border city of Ciudad Juarez, gathering at
       a bridge where they simulated the massa-                HUNTSVILLE, Alabama: more than 23 years before a col-
       cre of a group of teenagers last month. Po-        lege professor was accused of shooting six of her colleagues, her
       lice, meanwhile, found the bullet-ridden           teenage brother died from the blast of a shotgun she held in the
       bodies of five men in a town in the south-         kitchen of her family’s home in massachusetts.
       western corner of Chihuahua state. And                  The 1986 shooting was ruled accidental and no charges were
       a decapitated body was found dumped                filed against Amy bishop. The case could get a closer look as au-
       beside the highway leading into the Pa-            thorities try to explain why they believe the Harvard-educated
       cific resort city of Acapulco. The protest-
       ers marched to a border bridge in Ciudad           neurobiologist opened fire friday, killing three.
       Juarez, where they dropped to the ground                bishop, a rare woman suspected of a workplace shooting,
       as masked people dressed in black arrived          had just months left teaching at the university of Alabama in
       at the scene, pretending to be the gunmen          Huntsville because she was denied tenure.
       who killed 15 people in a working-class                 Some, including the husband of one victim and one of her
       neighborhood on Jan. 30. many of those             students, have said she was upset after being denied the job-for-
       killed were teenagers with no known ties           life security afforded tenured academics.
       to drug gangs. Police have arrested two                  Authorities have refused to discuss a motive, and school
       suspects who told authorities they were            spokesman ray Garner said the faculty meeting wasn’t called
       targeting members of a rival cartel, but in-       to discuss tenure.
       vestigators say the killers may have been               It appeared the violent episode in bishop’s past wasn’t known
       acting on mistaken information. -AP                to her colleagues in Huntsville.
                                                               bishop shot her brother, Seth, an 18-year-old accomplished
       Burundi violence may                               violinist, in the chest in 1986, said Paul frazier, the police chief
                                                          in braintree, mass., where the shooting occurred.
       escalate in run up to polls                             both William Setzer, chairman of chemistry department at
                                                          uAH, and university police Chief Chuck Gailes said they had
       BUJUMBURA: Tensions are rising ahead               not heard about the massachusetts incident until being asked by
       of elections in burundi, a small central           reporters Saturday.
       African country still struggling to emerge              The norfolk County District Attorney’s office released a
       from 13 years of civil war, according to           1987 report with details of their investigation, based on inter-
       the International Crisis Group. Such ten-
                                                          views with Amy bishop and her parents conducted by a state             Amy Bishop is detained by Huntsville, Ala. police, Feb 12, on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus in Huntsville,
       sions “could escalate dangerously in com-
       ing months, ruining the electoral process’s        trooper after the shooting. The report concluded Seth bishop           Alabama. (AP)
       credibility and endangering a fragile de-          was killed by an “accidental discharge of a firearm.”
       mocracy and, ultimately, many gains of                  Amy bishop told investigators she was trying to learn how to      brought it downstairs to the kitchen for help unloading it.                She then ran out of the house with the weapon. When she
       the peace process,” the ICG said in a re-          use a shotgun that her father had purchased for protection in the          She said she was raising it when “someone said something to        talked to investigators 11 days after the shooting, she told them
       port released late friday. between may             home after a break-in.                                                 her and she turned and the gun went off” while her brother was         she could only remember hearing her mother scream and she
       and September burundi will organize a                   She said she did not know how to use the weapon and               walking across the kitchen, according to the report.                   didn’t know the gunshot struck her brother until later. -AP
       series of elections, including presidential
       and legislative polls. “Given President
       (Pierre) nkurunziza’s popularity in rural

                                                          Spanish government struggles with crisis message
       areas and the financial and logistical ad-
       vantages it derives from control of state
       institutions, the CnDD-fDD is in a strong
       position to retain the presidency,” the
       ICG said in its report entitled “burundi:
       ensuring credible elections”. -AfP
                                                              MADRID: Could Spain be the next Greece?          to bail their banking systems out.                   has spooked markets and lenders.                      insurance against default.
       Ivory Coast opposition                             The government bristles at the very thought,             Still, Spain has tried to spend its way out of       Spanish sovereign debt has come under                  Spain’s economy is much larger than that
                                                          and points out its debt burden isn’t nearly as       recession with costly job-creation and stimulus      pressure, with creditors demanding a steeper          of Greece, so it’s a far bigger problem for the
       urges massive protests                             heavy.                                               measures, running up a budget shortfall that         interest rate to buy it and rates also rising for     european union and the euro if markets begin
                                                              It’s a stinging comparison nonetheless for                                                                                                                  to doubt Spain’s ability to pay.
       ABIDJAN: Ivory Coast’s main opposi-                a country that only a few years ago had bur-                                                                                                                         If there is an eu country next in line for
       tion Saturday urged massive protests and
       denounced President Laurent Gbagbo’s               geoning growth but is now lumped with other                                                                                                                     troubles with financing itself, it is Spain, even if
       sacking of the government and dismissal            deficit-laden countries on a watch list for a                                                                                                                   the likelihood of this is low for now, said Javier
       of the election panel as a coup d’etat ahead       Greek-style crisis.                                                                                                                                             Diaz-Jimenez, an economist at madrid-based
       of long-delayed polls. Gbagbo’s shock an-              The collapse of a real estate- and consumer-                                                                                                                IeSe business School.
       nouncements on friday is “undemocratic             fueled boom has left Spain with a euro-zone                                                                                                                          “Spanish public finances are under severe
       and unconstitutional,” a grouping of the           high jobless rate of nearly 20 percent, and                                                                                                                     stress. nobody in their sane mind can deny
       two main opposition parties said, adding           the government ran up a deficit that in 2009                                                                                                                    that,” he said.
       that it did not “recognize Laurent Gbagbo          equaled 11.4 percent of GDP.                                                                                                                                         Spain’s Socialist government rejects sugges-
       as the head of Ivory Coast.” Claiming more             That is way over the eurozone limit of 3                                                                                                                    tions that the euro-zone’s fourth-largest econ-
       than 429,000 names were fraudulently               percent and earned Spain a place as the letter                                                                                                                  omy, which had posted budget surpluses and
       inscribed on the electoral list, Gbagbo            “S” in the inelegant PIGS acronym coined by                                                                                                                     robust growth as recently as 2007 but has suf-
       also sacked the head of the Independent            analysts (the others are Portugal, Ireland, and                                                                                                                 fered dearly following the collapse of a real es-
       electoral Commission (CeI) robert beu-             Greece).                                                                                                                                                        tate bubble, has a debt mess similar to Greece’s,
       gre mambe, blaming him for the alleged                 Spanish officials argue they are better off                                                                                                                 which has driven down the euro and shaken the
       fraud. “Just as we thought we had com-             in several respects. national debt as a propor-                                                                                                                 european union.
       pleted our efforts to have clean elections,        tion of GDP - 66 percent this year and peaking                                                                                                                       but Spain did see fit to dispatch a team led
       we see that in reality the peace process...
       is taken hostage by political parties,” the        at 74 percent in 2012 - is well below the eu                                                                                                                    by finance minister elena Salgado to London
       president said. He called on Prime min-            average and far under Greece’s 113.4 percent                                                                                                                    and Paris last week to meet with ratings agen-
       ister Guillaume Soro, head of the former           for 2009.                                                                                                                                                       cies and investors in an effort to explain Spain’s
       rebel new forces (fn), to form a new gov-              It does not have credibility problems like                                                                                                                  deficit-reduction plans and restore its credibil-
       ernment by monday and propose a new                Greece, which is accused of fudging its debt                                                                                                                    ity.
       “format” for a “credible” electoral com-           numbers, and its banking system is relatively        Spain’s Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is seen during a plenary session at the                     And at times the government has looked on
       mission by next friday. -AfP                       sound compared with other countries that had         Spanish Senate in Madrid, Feb. 9. (AP)                                                                     the defensive. -AP

Tymoshenko to contest ‘falsified’ Ukraine poll Detained Americans
           KIEV: Defeated candidate Yulia Tymoshen-        moshenko.                                            servers, who included the oSCe, had given the
                                                                                                                                                                    seek distance from adviser
       ko on Saturday vowed to contest in court the            The comments were Tymoshenko’s first on          election a clean bill of health.
       results of ukraine’s presidential elections won     the outcome of the election, which interna-              Western leaders, including uS President              PORT-AU-PRINCE: relatives of a group             arrested on Jan. 29. They thought Puello, who is
       by Viktor Yanukovych, raising the prospect of a     tional observers and Western states had hailed       barack obama and french President nicolas           of jailed uS missionaries thought a man who           Jewish and from the Dominican republic, was a
       crippling political crisis.                         as fair and a milestone for democracy in the         Sarkozy have already congratulated Yanuk-           volunteered legal assistance - but who may be         good Samaritan and had no reason to doubt his
           Tymoshenko defiantly refused to recognise       former Soviet union.                                 ovych on his election win.                          wanted for human trafficking in el Salvador -         intentions, said Lankford.
       the triumphant Yanukovych as president and              According to preliminary results, Yanu-              but Tymoshenko said: “Yanukovych is not         was a good Samaritan, a family member said.               “He helped us find the lawyer we have now.
       said the february 7 presidential polls had been     kovych won by a slim margin of some 3.5              our president. He will never become a legiti-            Jorge Puello was not known to the mission-       He helped us gather evidence. before him, we
       marred by mass falsifications affecting over        percent or just under 890,000 votes, a much          mately-elected president of ukraine under any       aries’ church group before their arrest for trying    really were having a hard time finding anyone
       one million votes.                                  narrower difference than expected by most            circumstances.”                                     to take 33 children out of Haiti, and members         at all” to represent the missionaries in neigh-
           “The election in ukraine was falsified,”        pundits. final results are expected in the next          Tymoshenko vowed she would not organ-           failed to check his background, Sean Lankford,        boring Haiti, said Lankford.
       Tymoshenko, who is ukraine’s prime minister,        days.                                                ise a repeat of the mass protests seen in the       the relative who dealt most closely with him,             Puello never asked for money for himself
       said in a televised address to the nation.              Tymoshenko said that some observers from         2004 orange revolution on Kiev’s Indepen-           said Saturday. Lawyers for the missionaries said      but “was going to help us to pay the other at-
           “Have no doubt - we won.”                       the trans-Atlantic security group the oSCe           dence Square, known locally as the maidan, in       Puello, who had been a high-profile advocate          torneys. He was the guy who was going to hand
           “I have taken the only decision possible,       had said they were prepared to declare in the        which she played a leading role.                    for the jailed baptists, deceived their clients and   money to lawyers,” Lankford added in a phone
       which is to contest the result of the vote in       courts that there had been “systematic fraud”            “I will not organize a maidan and will not      that his legal predicament should have no bear-       interview Saturday. “He even took a small
       court. I will defend our state and your choice      in the election.                                     allow clashes... ukraine needs stability and        ing on whether the missionaries are released          plane into Haiti at one point and he didn’t want
       with the support of legal arguments,” said Ty-          However the report of international ob-          calm more than ever.” -AP                           provisionally, as a judge has recommended.            to be reimbursed at all,” Lankford said.
                                                                                                                                                                         “The Puello case has no relation to this             He would not say how much relatives paid
                                                                                                                                                                    one,” said Aviol fleurant, who was hired last         Puello. He said it was his understanding that
                                                                                                                                                                    week to represent nine of the 10 Americans.           Puello had no relation to any of the mission-
                                                                                                                                                                    “If Puello is wanted in el Salvador, that’s an-       aries before they were arrested. The Americans

UK, India sign civil nuclear accord, paves way for conference                                                                                                       other case.” Lankford, whose wife and daugh-
                                                                                                                                                                    ter are among the detained, told The Associated
                                                                                                                                                                    Press that Puello first contacted relatives of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          said they were on a humanitarian mission, res-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cuing desperate victims of Haiti’s catastrophic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jan. 12 earthquake. They had leased a hotel in
                                                                                                                                                                    Americans by calling their church, Central Val-       the Dominican beach resort of Cabarate where
           LONDON: britain has signed an agree-            to be expanding our own civil nuclear power          inghouse electric Co, a subsidiary of Japan’s       ley baptist in meridian, Idaho, after they were       they were setting up an orphanage. -AP
       ment on nuclear energy cooperation with In-         source in the coming years, getting that supply      Toshiba Corp.
       dia, paving the way for an international confer-    chain right not only for our own purposes but            but with delays in implementation of the
       ence, the government said on Saturday.              for the purposes of export is a major opportu-       deal, uS firms have lagged in a competitive

                                                                                                                                                                        At least 20 killed
           The declaration, signed in new Delhi, will      nity for british industry.”                          scramble with russian and french firms whose
       help british companies collaborate with Indian          Among the delegates will be representa-          governments guarantee their liability in case of
       partners in civil nuclear technology and help       tives from the nuclear Power Cooperation of          an industrial accident.
       both countries achieve energy security and          India.                                                   britain is planning to build a new genera-

                                                                                                                                                                        by electrocution in Nigeria
       low carbon growth, business minister Pat mc-            mcfadden said there was significant Indian       tion of nuclear powers plants at home, but will
       fadden told reuters in a telephone call.            expertise in this field, and both countries could    need french help to do so.
           The agreement will result in India attending    learn from each other.                                   “It’s a long time since we built a nuclear
       a nuclear new build Conference in London                britain was a market leader in the sector,       power station, we’ve still got good engineer-
       between march 1-3, along with nuclear busi-         with british-based industry earning 700 mil-         ing capacity but I think it’s fair to say that we           PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria: At least              vincial capital of Port Harcourt. Another 10
       ness and political leaders from 15 countries,       lion pounds (1.11 billion uS dollars) in over-       want to strengthen our supply chain capacity,           20 bus passengers were killed in nigeria on       people were seen being treated for gashes
       including the united Arab emirates.                 seas business each year and employing 80,000         with a view to both our own expansion in civil          Saturday when a cable fell onto the bus and       and burns.
           mcfadden said the declaration was in line       people, a spokeswoman for uK Trade & In-             nuclear power and the export opportunities in           electrocuted people inside, police said.              most of the dead had been passengers
       with “our strong non-proliferation commit-          vestment, the british government’s trade arm,        other countries who are doing so for much the               Police confirmed 20 deaths, but spokes-       aboard the bus, though some had been
       ments”.                                             said.                                                same reasons that we are...”                            woman rita Abbey said the toll could climb        passing nearby when the cable came tum-
           “The agreement really opens the door to a           India and the united States signed a civil-          In a separate announcement, mcfadden                further.                                          bling down during heavy rains that have
       discussion that can begin between some of the       ian nuclear deal in 2008, ending India’s nu-         said britain and India had agreed a 10 million              An Associated Press cameraman saw             pummeled southern nigeria. Police could
       best uK-based engineering companies and the         clear isolation since it tested a nuclear device     pound three-year research program to develop            more than 10 bodies, some charred beyond          not say exactly how many had been aboard
       nuclear authorities in India.                       in 1974 and opening up its atomic market for         cost-effective and efficient solar energy solu-         recognition, at a local hospital in the pro-      the bus or how many had survived. -AP
           “Given that we in the uK are also going         firms such as General electric Co and West-          tions. -reuters

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