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									-The Federation is a Registered Charity No: 1117141-
Wherever possible, the services of the Federation are offered to
mental health sufferers free of charge. We do however ask for a
voluntary contribution to enable us to carry on our work.
If you have found our services helpful and feel able to donate to        A r e y o u o ft e n f r i g h t e n e d o r pa n i c k y ?
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                                                                            Do you want to control your fears?
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                                                                                 you w ith 10 w eeks of your time.
What is FearFighter?                                                  Why do people choose FearFighter?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Online
                                                                         •      You are in control
Approved by The National Institute of Clinical Excellence Fear-          •      A Consistent service is offered
Fighter is a new method for delivering CBT (Cognitive Behav-             •      Individually-tailored to your needs
ioural Therapy) via a computer. Research has shown that this             •      You have support if you feel you need it
programme improves anxious or phobic individuals almost as               •      No drug-side effects
                                                                         •      Can be used over the Internet anywhere and any time
much as face to face therapy. It is also more readily available and
more cost- and time- efficient. FearFighter is an online therapy
and can be accessed from our private Federation therapy room.
This provides a solution for those who may be concerned about
the stigma associated with seeing a therapist. The whole pro-
gramme takes about ten weeks to complete, and Federation sup-
port is on hand to help throughout.                                   Real Life Stories
                                                                      "I have always feared public places such as swimming pools, cinemas
FearFighter provides proven improvements for the treatment of         and museums but it got worse 4 years ago. I started feeling very down
Anxiety and Phobia, and requires almost no computer skills. It is     and was always worried. Public places made me feel trapped especially
an effective treatment for sufferers of conditions such as: Panic     if I couldn't see an exit or there was a lot of noise. I began to avoid any-
                                                                      thing that frightened me. Being a junior school teacher, this made my
disorders and Phobias (e.g. agoraphobia, social phobia.) It can is
                                                                      job difficult because I kept making excuses when it was time for me to
accessed directly by Self Referral or via referral from your GP,      take children swimming or on school outings. Within 4 months of us-
Community Team or Health Worker.                                      ing FearFighter, I have done everything that a school teacher would do
                                                                      without great anxiety." Diane -
I Fear, FearFighter! What’s Involved?
FearFighter is delivered over the Internet with the same efficiency
as existing CBT services. Firstly, individuals are given a password   "I have feared going in lifts since the age of 11 when I was stuck in one
with this they log-on to FearFighter either at the Federations own    for three hours. I now work as a bank clerk and feel quite restricted at
supported therapy room or anywhere with fast internet access.         work since my fear forces me to work on the lower floors of the build-
Each session usually lasts about an hour and the whole course         ing. Whenever I have to go to the top I use the stairs - walking up 15
                                                                      stories can take a long time! Luckily my bosses know about my prob-
takes about 10 weeks to complete. FearFighter helps people
                                                                      lem and are sympathetic as they know I'm not a time waster. Fear-
identify specific problems, develop and work on realistic treatment   Fighter has helped me to face my fear and within two months, I have
goals, and monitors achievement of those goals by repeated self-      asked my boss to transfer me to an office on the 14th floor so that I
exposure to each problem.                                             could use the lift every day!!"    Bill -

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