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									6th March 2008

            Completed Deal – Sale of Hedra Limited (“Hedra”) to Mouchel Group plc
                                    (“Mouchel”) for £50m

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully sold Hedra to Mouchel for £50m.

Hedra is one of the largest independent management consultancies in the UK. Clients are
predominantly in central and local government, but also in regulated industries and a wide
range of public service agencies. Hedra acts as a strategic advisor and implementation
partner, helping to establish policy and strategy initiatives in government departments and
local authorities whilst also working alongside clients to implement and embed technology-
led change.

Mouchel is one of the UK’s leading consulting and business services groups. It operates
predominantly in the public and regulated sectors, working with central and local
government, utility companies, and transport operators to plan, design, build, manage and
maintain the essential infrastructure of society.

Altium acted as Financial Adviser to Hedra, running a tightly controlled and highly
competitive auction.

Deal Team

Stephen Georgiadis – Managing Director
Sam Fuller – Director
Paul Chamberlain - Associate

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