Daily News Blog : Apple Tablets Have Not Only 1, But 2 Cameras

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Reports are advancing in that the Apple Book won't accept a webcam or a camera of any
array for that matter. What do I anticipate of this? Personally, I anticipate this is a mistake.
In all actuality, I would like to see the Apple Book appear with two cameras. A foreground
adverse webcam for video conferencing/chat and a aback camera able of nice still shots as
able-bodied as video. Lets attending at why I anticipate these would be acceptable ideas.
First, a foreground adverse webcam would be all-important for any absolute adventitious at
accepting humans to about-face from laptops to a tablet. Sure, you could add on a webcam
as continued as the book has some array of alien connectors, USB or otherwise, but the
point of a book would be portability and affluence of use, and accepting to backpack about a
abstracted webcam eliminates that option.
Then brainstorm getting able to shoot video with the book and again adapt it on its beyond
awning and heftier processor, again deliver it to the web, all from one device. Video
alteration would be abundant easier on a beyond awning than on something like the iPhone,
and could accessible up a accomplished new apple of calmly fabricated and able videos
bustling up on the web. amalgamate that with a foreground adverse webcam, and video
blogging would be that abundant easier from anywhere in the world.
Next, the aback adverse camera would be abundant for snapshots, like you use your
iPhone's camera for, but aswell for aggrandized absoluteness apps that are just starting to
appear to accomplishment on the iPhone.
Things like the Parrot AR Drone would be alarming on the tablet. Brainstorm getting able to
ascendancy the quadricopter with a beyond awning and a faster processor? And add in all
the apps that could be fabricated to use aggrandized absoluteness that haven't even been
absurd yet, or even accessible on something like the iPhone, but on something added able
but calmly carriageable like the tablet. You could be talking about some bold alteration
means we attending at our world.
Those are some of my account of why I would like to see cameras on the Apple Tablet. Of
course, I apprehend that this address of no cameras on the Apple Book is all based on rumor
at this point, and may or may not be true. Its aswell accurate that it may just not accept
been technically achievable for the book to accept any cameras yet at this point and may be
remedied with a approaching release, however, I'd still adulation to see it appear if the book
aboriginal comes out of the gate. We'll just accept to delay for the advertisement at this
point to see what absolutely happens with the Apple Tablet.

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