Exmouth RNLI crew retrieve cliff fall spaniels from beach

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					31 May 2006                                                   31SB0506

Exmouth RNLI crew retrieve cliff fall
spaniels from beach
The crew of the Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat were
called in last night to rescue two dogs that had fallen
150 feet over steep cliffs. The Cocker Spaniels called
Charlie and Archie, dropped uninjured onto the beach at
Orcombe Point but their owners couldn’t reach them.                              The RNLI is a registered
With the tide rising, local coastguards called in the                             charity that s aves li ves at
volunteer crew of the RNLI D class inshore lifeboat, Spirit
                                                                                 It provides, on c all, the 24-
of the Exe, to recover the dogs and return them to their                          hour s ervic e necess ary to
grateful owners.                                                                  cover search and rescue
                                                                                  requirements to 100
                                                                                  nautical miles out from the
One of the w omen w ho owned the dogs, raised the alar m yesterday                coasts of the United
                                                                                  Kingdom and the Republic
evening (Tuesday 30 May). She w as unable to reach the animals on the             of Ireland.
beach because the steps dow n the cliff were out of action. Ex mouth
coastguard rescue team then decided to call in the Ex mouth inshore              There are over 230 lifeboat
lifeboat to retrieve the dogs that w ere running around the sand, despite         stations.
the 150-f oot fall they had endured.                                             RNLI Lifeguards operate i n
                                                                                  the s outh and south west of
Tim Mock, RNLI Coxsw ain at Ex mouth, says the ow ner was very                    England.
                                                                                 The RNLI further saves
                                                                                  lives through sea and
‘These dogs w ere very lucky to have survived such a big fall, but the            beac h educ ation.
inshore lifeboat crew found them alive and w ell and had no trouble
persuading them to sit in the lifeboat for the journey back to Ex mouth.         The RNLI depends on
                                                                                  vol untary contributi ons and
The ow ners w ere grateful to the volunteer crew and delighted to see her         legacies for its i ncome.
dogs again, they even gave us a donation for the RNLI.’
‘The main role of the RNLI is to save lives at sea, but its very satisfying   To be recognised uni versall y
to have helped tw o people w ho w ere clearly distressed at loosing their     as the most effecti ve,
                                                                              innovati ve and dependabl e
dogs over such a drop. Cliff paths can be very dangerous places, so its       lifeboat ser vice.
alw ays best to keep your dog on a lead w hen near the edge.’
ENDS                                                                          Royal National Lifeboat
                                                                              Institution headquarter s:
Notes to editors                                                              West Quay Road, Poole,
                                                                              Dorset, BH 15 1HZ
                                                                              Tel 0845 122 6999
      Tw o pictures are attached. One shows the dogs, Charlie and            Fax 0845 126 1999
       Archie, in the Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat w ith volunteer           Charit y regi ster ed in
       crew (from left to right) Roy Stott, Scott Ranft and Andrew            England: 209603
       Stott. The other is a group shot showing (from left to right)          Republic of Ir eland: CHY2678
       Mike Powell and Paul Howell from Exm outh Coastguard
       Rescue Team , RNLI crew volunteers Scott Ranft and Roy
      Stott, coastguard Matt Blow er, crewm an Andy Stott, the two
      ow ners and their dogs, Charlie and Archie. Please credit
      Exmouth RNLI.

     The RNLI is a registered charity that continues to rely on
      voluntary contributions and legacies for its income , and
      received no UK government funding.

     The RNLI campaign called ‘Train one, save m any’ aims to
      raise money to train all its volunteer crews. It costs £1,000 a
      year to train one volunteer crew to help save lives at sea.

For further information please contact Tamsin Thomas,
RNLI Media Relations Manager for the south, on
07786 668847.

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