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					                        T h e W R O A R R id e – W o m e n R id e O u t A g a in s t R a p e – w w w .w ro a r.c o m
           P ro u d ly s u p p o rtin g th e T o ro n to R a p e C ris is C e n tre / M u ltic u ltu ra l W o m e n A g a in s t R a p e

                                              Event Sponsorship Proposal
          Event:                  The WROAR Ride
          Date:                   Sunday June 14 , 2009
          Description:            Women’s motorcycle Ride
                                    To raise funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape
                            through pledges collected by riders and sponsorship funds.
                                    To raise awareness of sexual violence in our communities
          Goal:                   Over 100 motorcycle riders participating and $15,000.00 in rider pledges

 More about the WROAR Ride
 The goal of the WROAR Ride is to raise funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape as well as raise
 awareness about issues of sexual violence. The image of a woman on her motorcycle conveys an impression of freedom,
 independence and strength that many women value, even those who don't ride. It provides a startling contrast to the loss of freedom
 and control associated with sexual violence. We believe the WROAR Ride will promote a positive, powerful image of women in control
 of our vehicles and our lives, challenging the notion that women belong in the passenger seat.
 About Sponsorship
 The goal of the WROAR Ride is to raise funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape, and we are
 seeking cash contributions from our corporate sponsors in 2009. The WROAR Ride offers sponsors a unique combination of
 opportunities. Offering the motorcycle industry a unique opportunity to reach women riders and soon-to-be riders; and businesses in
 other fields the positive exposure of sponsoring woman-positive fundraising events. The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
 has a 34 year history of providing 24-hour confidential crisis counseling and other services, supported by the grass roots fundraising
 efforts of women like the WROAR Riders.

 About Sponsorship & Support
 For a cash donation to the TRCC/MWAR over $1,000.00 we offer SPONSORSHIP level exposure
 For support in cash or in kind, for values under $1,000.00 we offer SUPPORTER level exposure

 Diamond Level = $5,000.00 - $10,000.00: Logo and link listing in our website and print, special mention in our e-mail campaign
 Ruby Level = $2,500.00 - $5,000.00: Logo and link listing in our website and print materials, mention in one email
 Emerald Level = under $2,500.00: Logo and link listing in our website and print materials
 We will endeavor to provide sponsors with a level of exposure value commensurate with the value of their investment, and we have
 means in place to quantify exposure value for our sponsors (see sample report included at the end of this proposal) as a measure of
 return on their investment.
 And More: Be present at the event! We are planning a large venue, and sponsors will get first choice of the available exhibit space.
 Or donate a prize for our raffle, held onsite on ride day to raise funds for the TRCC/MWAR.
 Feature Sponsors: We’re a new event, open to suggestions and we can include new features in our event. If you can think of a way
 your company can be involved, let us know!
 Supporters: For smaller donations (under $1,000.00) and donations of materials we offer three levels of exposure for Ride Supporters;
 Gold, Silver and Bronze. We’re looking for donations of riding gear and equipment, tires, motorcycle accessories and other items to
 give away as awards to our riders/fundraisers.
 More about exposure value for WROAR Ride sponsors
    We have a new and growing website; designed, hosted and promoted by the same company that does the very successful website Over the first 3 years online the WROAR Ride website traffic has grown to over
     3,000 visitors per month.
    As the Ride approaches over the coming months we will have additional opportunities for sponsorship promotion via our website.
    Your sponsor message can be directly targeted to our dedicated mailing list of over 350 female riders.

       Thank you for your time, we appreciate your considering the WROAR Ride for your sponsorship dollar.

                                                                                               Sponsorship inquiries:
                          The FOURTH WROAR Ride - REPORT TO 2008 SPONSORS
Events, Flyers, and other media

The WROAR Ride is present with a newly expanded booth at the North American Motorcycle SUPERSHOW in January
and the Spring Motorcycle Show in April. The combined attendance value for the two shows, both in Toronto, is over
75,000. WROAR Ride committee members attend other motorcycle shows and events throughout the winter, including
the MMIC show in December and the London Motorcycle Show in February, and the clubs involved in the WROAR Ride
circulate our flyers at even more events, shows, bike nights and bike washes.
  The WROAR Ride organizing committee takes an active part in promoting our event and our sponsors to the clubs and
racing organizations we belong to, rides and bike nights we attend, and on the internet forums we are active in; we also
seek out more traditional media.
  WROAR Ride press releases are circulated to news media, daily, weekly and monthly print publications, as well as radio
and web; in 2008 a Toronto based radio station carried an interview with one of our committee members, aired days
before the event, and a Scarborough based weekly print publication carried a story before the event as well. The
WROAR Ride was listed in many event calendars and community event listings too.

The WROAR Ride Website:
                                                       Summary by Month: as of July 10, 2008
Our site is a                       Daily Avg                       Monthly Totals
busy and active website that               Hits Files Pages Visits Sites       KBytes Visits Pages         Files    Hits
averages over 3,000 visitors    Jul 2008    551   459    166     125     835    217250    1375     1834     5054     6067
per month, which is 100
unique website visitors per     Jun 2008    711   582    176     127    2109    889260    3838     5299   17467     21356
day over the past year, for a   May 2008 1086     893    214     148    3119 1467617      4598     6663   27703     33666
total of over 36,000 visitors   Apr 2008  863     712    175     127    2906    950694    3818     5262   21371     25908
over the past 12 months.        Mar 2008    693   585    146     100    3674    866114    3130     4556   18142     21505
The three months before the
                                Feb 2008    566   473    125      85    1446    794304    2486     3643   13740     16439
ride shows our highest
website traffic, and in May     Jan 2008    541   460    132      96    1598    768513    2990     4109   14284     16773
we had over 4,500 visitors,     Dec 2007    424   336    128      92    1367    482683    2879     3993   10436     13160
and our traffic remains         Nov 2007    458   387    126      95    1563    499541    2870     3792   11618     13756
steady throughout the year,     Oct 2007    412   347    103      88    1538    479864    2732     3217   10771     12776
due to regular website
updates and our presence at     Sep 2007    400   327    105      90    1577    453186    2720     3179     9824    12025
events through the winter       Aug 2007    484   403    117      97    1638    570983    3011     3657   12504     15028
promoting the WROAR ride        Totals                                         8440009 36447      49204 172914 208459
at motorcycle shows.

Search Engines:

The WROAR Ride website is very well indexed and ranked with search engines, showing a number 1 ranking in Google
for a wide range of search terms including ‘Women’s Motorcycle Ride’

WROAR Ride Sponsors receive the benefits of logo exposure and a link, while Supporters receive a text listing and a link
– both an excellent value for exposure within a busy and active website, and in a way that shows a strong message of
community support along with your company name or logo.

                                                                               Sponsorship inquiries:

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