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Event Organisers Flyer by asafwewe


Event Organisers Flyer

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									5th December 2009                 Helping and Inspiring People to GO canoeing.

09.30 till 5

Eyot Boat Centre
Wargrave Rd

           Event Organisers Forum
           Canoe England Team South

                              Calling all event organizers, would you like the                 Program

                              opportunity to learn about and discuss good         •   09.30 Welcome and
                                                                                  •   10.00 Delivering a Quality
                              Robert Deacon will be on hand to discuss BCU
                                                                                      Event. J Handyside
                              insurance and the new Canoe England online
                                                                                  •   11.00 Insurance the most
                              entry system, John Handyside organiser of 2             boring subject in the world R
                              Wild Water Racing world championships will              Deacon

                              discuss event organisation. A session to discuss    •   12.00 Discipline Discussion
                              among your peers led by experienced event           •   13.00 Lunch (not provided)
   Canoe England Team South   deliverers, and an opportunity to attend the
                                                                                  •   14.00 Time to Listen
   244 Ringwood Road          Canoe England ‘Time To Listen’ course for               Course— B Simmonds
   Hampshire                  Event Welfare officers. Fee £20 to cover the
   SO40 8EB
                              costs of the Time To Listen course (Southern
                              Region      will   grant   aid   Southern   Event
   Phone: 07834 583369
   E-mail:   Organisers)

                              To book please send cheque to James at the
                              address opposite.

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