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                                  ORIENTEERING CLUB

                       Burnham Beeches & Egypt Wood
                                  Sunday 28 February 2010
Event             Regional (Level 2) Event, in protected deciduous woodland terrain, NNR, SSSI, SAC.
Parking           In field off Boveney Wood Lane Grid Ref. SU 939 864. Car park charge £1.
                  Signed on A355 south from M40 Jn2 and on A355 north from Farnham Common .
Courses           Full range of colour courses in accordance with BOF 2009 Regional Event draft guidelines
                  Black       M21                                               L Green     M14, W14
                  13.3 Km                                                       3.9 Km
                  Brown       M35, M40                                          L Orange Long
                  11.0 Km                                                       5.8 Km      Wayfarer
                  S Brown M18, M20, M45, M50, M21S, W21                         Orange      M12, W12
                  8.8 Km                                                        3.4 Km
                  Blue        M16, M55, M60, M35S, M40S                         Yellow      M10, W10
                  7.4 Km      W35, W40                                          2.8 Km
                  S Blue      M65, M45S, M50S                                   White       Novice
                  5.8 Km      W18, W20, W45, W50, W21S                          1.8 Km
                  Green       M70, M55S, M60S
                  4.8 Km      W16, W55, W60, W35S, W40S
                  S Green M75, M80, M65S, M70S                                  String      Young
                  4.1 Km      W65, W70, W75, W80 W45S, W50S, W55S, W60S 500 m               Beginners

Registration      On line entries via until midnight Thursday 25 February subject to availability.
                  Postal entries SEF to: Burnham 2010, 24 Glen Way, Watford, WD17 3JL until 13 February
                  E.O.D. 10h00 to 12h00. See for E.O.D. availability.
                  Entry enquiries -
                  Late entry ONLY available on line, or E.O.D..
Fees              Early until 10 January 2010 – BOF affiliated Seniors £8. Non affiliated £10 Juniors £3.
                  Standard until 13 February 2010 - BOF affiliated Seniors £9. Non affiliated £11 Juniors £4.
                  Late & E.O.D. - B.O.F. affiliated Seniors £12. Non affiliated £14. Juniors £6.

Starts (approx)   Early 10h to 11h. Middle 11h to 12h. Late 12h to 13h. Courses close at 15h30.
Punching          SportIdent. Dibber hire £1.00.
Map               Maps will be printed on waterproof paper. Map bags will not be provided.
Dogs              The conditions for use of the competition area and parking field, do not permit dogs, even if
                  kept inside cars. Regrettably, we will have to turn away anyone arriving with a dog.
Facilities        Toilets, First Aid, Traders welcome, but no confirmations at present.
                  Squash/water provided at Finish.
Planners          Jane & Barry Breed.
Organiser         Roger Moulding, Tel: 01707 324991 or email
Controller        Neville Baker TVOC.

   All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety


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