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									    Cold Lay Macadam

                                                                                               Product Information

 Description                                                     • Use a roller to achieve good compaction or, alternatively,
                                                                   use a heavy, flat object for ‘tamping’ to achieve similar
 Tarmac Cold Lay Macadam is ready to use, straight from the        results.
 bag for quick, cost-effective repairs to paths, driveways and
 roads.                                                          • Wet the roller to tamper frequently to stop the Cold Lay
                                                                   Macadam sticking to the tool and ‘picking up’.
 • Driveways                                                     • Brush a little dry sand or dust over the surface after
 • Repairing and widening footpaths                                compaction to help prevent ‘picking up’ of the fresh material
 • Pothole repairs                                                 as it sets. This is not essential but may be helpful, especially
                                                                   on warmer days.
 Special Properties:
 • Simple to use, no previous experience is required             • When repairing deep pot-holes (greater than 30mm)
 • No specialist tools or equipment are required                   lay the Cold Lay Macadam in two stages.
 • Suitable for base or wearing course
                                                                 • Thoroughly compact the first layer to 20mm and leave
                                                                   for 35 hours. Then thoroughly compact second layer to
 Preparation & Application Guides                                  the required level.
 • Ensure the area where the cold lay macadam is to be laid
                                                                 • Do not place heavy and sharp objects on the newly laid
   is dry and firm enough to support the weight of a car
                                                                   surface. Allow the Cold Lay Macadam to harden fully.
   under normal conditions.
                                                                 • It is not recommended to use Cold Lay Macadam in outside
 • Sweep the area and remove all weeds.
                                                                   temperatures below 5oC or when the area to be worked is
                                                                   very wet.
 • Before overlaying concrete or paying, spray or brush on a
   tack coat of bitumen emulsion (EdgeMaster is
                                                                 • Clean all equipment and tools with water prior to the
   recommended) at a rate of about 0.5 litre/m2.
                                                                   material setting.
 • Use an ordinary rake, spade or trowel to spread the
   Cold Lay Macadam to the recommended thickness as
                                                                 PLEASE NOTE:
   shown in the table below.
                                                                 • After prolonged storage, it may be necessary to expose the
                                                                   bag of the Cold Lay Macadam to direct sunlight for
                                                                   1-2 hours prior to opening to loosen the material and
                    COVERAGE CHART
                                                                   restore workability.
     Nominal       Recommended Layer        Approximate
    Aggregate          Thickness             Coverage            • The workability of the Cold Lay Macadam will improve if
                                                                   the outside temperature is above 10oC (50oF).
                   As Laid     As Laid
                                             0.8mm               • The more rolling or tamping applied to the surface, the
       3mm         20mm        15mm
                                                                   better the resulting surface finish.
       6mm         25mm        20mm          20.6mm
      10mm         35mm        30mm          20.4mm
      20mm         50mm        45mm          20.3mm2             • The material may be prone to marking especially during
                                                                   early life and warm periods.

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                                                                              Product Information

               • The time taken by the Cold Lay Macadam to harden fully
                 will depend on the degree of compaction and ambient

               • When preparing deep pot-holes (greater than 30mm) lay
                 Cold Lay Macadam in two stages. Thoroughly compact the
                 first layer to 20mm and leave for 36 hours. Then
                 thoroughly compact the second layer to the required level

               Health & Safety

               Health & Safety advice which must be followed can be found
               in the Material Safety Data Sheet reference 50/12A

               Storage Conditions

               Cold Lay Macadam is available in 25kg bags. Always keep the
               bag sealed when not in use.

               Shelf life: Cold lay macadam can be stored for long periods,
               in excess of 6 moths, under cover.

               Quality Control

               All products are factory blended, tested and packaged in
               accordance to our quality standards

               Information, Prices & Ordering

               Regular orders for Tarmac pre-blended products
               should bemade by contacting our national order line on
               01302 718 404 giving as much notice as possible but not less
               than 48 hours.

               For technical enquiries please call 01302 718 440.

            Tarmac Limited
            Plumtree Industrial Estate, Harworth, Doncaster, DN11 8EW
            Tel: 01302 718 400 Email:

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