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                                     Generate more interest in YOUR                          What is covered
                                     products & services
                                                                                             Learn how to generate more interest in your services
                                     Forget flood or famine customer fluctuations! Build     and move client interest to desire for your products
                                     YOUR business consistently with the marketing           and/or services. You will leave the workshop with a
                                     methods that work best for small businesses             much better understanding of the marketing process in
                                                                                             small businesses and you will find out what will work

 MORE                                     MORE
                                        Generate more interest in your products and          and what won't work in your drive to get more

                                    GE T

                                        services                                             customers.

                                        Understand which marketing methods work best in

 CUSTOMERS                              your unique business
                                        Develop more word of mouth referrals
                                                                                             The workshop is interactive, hands-on and you will
                                                                                             leave with practical techniques to generate real

                                        Create a campaign to bring profitable customers in   interest in YOUR services provided by one of the
                                        faster                                               industry leaders in small business marketing.
                                        Get better results from your promotions
                                        Improve your sales skills                            We understand you are trying to balance flood and
                                        Discover how to find the time for marketing AND      famine workloads while building your business and
                                        run your business                                    we understand that marketing is not something you
                                                                                             have been specially trained to do. We have developed
                                         "We finally have a practical                        an approach that highlights the key areas of marketing
                                     approach to marketing, the time to                      that are going to get the best results when you are
                                                                                             building a small business. You won't hear about
for:                                   do
                                     for: it and the results to prove it                     'planning' because we don't want you to end up with a
                                     really works. Thank you so much."                       bulky academic account of what to do. We want you
> Small businesses                   > Small business managers
                                               Sharon Hammond, EPS
                                                                                             to leave with the expertise, concrete ideas and
                                                                                             drive to BUILD a business, not a plan that ends up
> Sole traders                       > Sole traders between
                                                                                             with all of your other plans in your filing cabinet.

                                                   'Face-to-Face'                            At the Get More Customers Workshop we focus on
                                                                                             practical activities and results. You will hear about
                                                         or                                  the most effective methods for getting interested
                                                    'On-The-Go'                              prospects through the door, converting those
                                                                                             prospects into profitable customers, balancing
                                                 workshops on PC or MP3 player               workloads and putting it into practice in your unique
                      Brought to
                         you by:         ...all with your backup workook, free ongoing       business. And next time you want to launch a new
                                     resources AND an optional review of your marketing      product or service, or attract some real attention, you

                                       by a qualified & experienced Live Concepts small
                                                 business marketing professional.
                                                                                             will have the practical skills and knowledge to do just
Action oriented sales &                                   Better results for small firms on              Experience in businesses just like
     The marketing workshop <
marketing techniques                                      a limited budget                               YOURS

The agenda includes:                                                                                     What makes the Get More Customers
                                                                                                         approach REALLY different
   Selling the 'right' way                                Forget the marketing theory. Develop some
   Your key marketing message - development of a
   unique 'interest generator' for YOUR business
   Applying your marketing communications to
                                                          action-focused concrete marketing activities
                                                          for YOUR unique small business in the Get      1    This workshop is unlike any other marketing
                                                                                                              workshop because we don't ask you to write a
                                                                                                              lengthy marketing plan. We cut to the core of your
                                                          More Customers Workshop series for
   generate more interest in your offering                small businesses and sole traders...and             success or failure - your ability to get profitable
   Moving prospects from interest to desire for your      walk away with the skills and ideas to              customers. You will leave the workshop with work
   offering & preference for YOUR business                get more customers today.                           to do, but we will be there with tips, hints, extra
   1-to-1 marketing methods for small businesses:                                                             advice and guidance along the way...its part of
   Overview of the mix - what works, what does NOT        If you are an owner or manager with                 our ongoing commitment to make sure you get
   work and why                                           marketing responsibility and you                    your business growing...actions NOT plans!
   An understanding of the role of 1-to-1 marketing       want your business to grow
   activities in the customer cultivation cycle and how
   to move your customers through that cycle
                                                          REGISTER NOW in the business
                                                          development and marketing
                                                                                             you get     2    Our clients feel more confidence in their approach
                                                                                                              to business development and more positive about
   Tips on pricing                                        workshop for non-marketing                          their business direction. They take away realistic,
   Marketing to your customers when they are in large
   'inaccessible' corporations, distributed across a
                                                          people, get more customers and
                                                          get back to what you do best!
                                                                                            more              sound and practical ideas for getting more
                                                                                                              customers for their small business without
   wide geographic area or from seemingly different
   community groups                                       Who It Is For
                                                                                            customers         spending a fortune.

   Generating interest, desire and preference from
   warm and cold prospects                                   Professional Services
                                                                                            & build      3    Choose between 'Face-to-Face' or 'On-The-Go'
                                                                                                              workshops on PC or MP3 player...all with your
   Tips for getting your marketing 'done' when you are
   balancing flood and famine workloads
                                                             Health Care Services            your             backup workbook, free ongoing resources AND
                                                                                                              an optional person to person expert review.
Your Facilitator: Tricia Jacobson                         This is a marketing and business               More Information
                                                          development workshop for non-
After more than 15 years immersing herself in             marketing people who want to get               Call us today on: 02 9879 4092
marketing, Tricia has worked with some of the most        more customers. Your business can be           Email:
successful brands in Asia Pacific, Europe and the US.     at concept stage or a fully fledged            Or visit:
Her clients have included ANZ/E*Trade, Unilever, the      operation however the focus of the
NSW Department of Education and Cartoon Network.
Tricia has been a keynote speaker for IBC
                                                          workshop is best suited to businesses with
                                                          less than 20 employees or sole traders.
Conferences and The Australian Financial Review at                                                           Complete the enclosed Registration Form
events across Asia Pacific, focusing on marketing              More information tel: (02) 9807 4092          Fax your registration to (02) 9807 4091

activities that get real results. In 2000 Tricia                  Post your registration to:
established Live Concepts - a firm dedicated to                                  Live Concepts
providing practical marketing advice and resources for                                                         PO Box 1198 Rozelle NSW 2039           concepts
small businesses with limited budgets.                                                                       Call (02) 9807 4092 for more information
                              Get More Customers
                                                                                                     WORKSHOP REGISTRATION
                                                                                       Choose between ON-THE-GO or FACE-TO-FACE formats
Part 1: Generating Interest in Your Products & Services
1. Selling the right way                                                               On-The-Go - Cost $295
    • Different approaches to selling services - which work and why                    Choose between PC or iPod based formats and an optional expert review of your
    • Warming up cold prospects                                                        marketing. Simply complete the details below. We will contact you by email or
2. Using customer analysis to develop more attractive offerings & marketing            telephone within 1 business day to provide access to your workshop and workbook.
   communications - for your customers and your business
    • Who is your target market anyway? Examining the real value of your prospective         I want to do my workshop On-The-Go by:
         customer base                                                                           PC – Internet access required
    • Your target market: Examination of your target market and their REAL                       iPod
         requirements                                                                        I also want an optional $50 AUD Expert Review of my marketing - 1 hour
    • Differentiating your offering from the rest                                            within 3 months of my order.
3. Generating interest
    • Driving attention: How it really works for small businesses on a budget          Face-To-Face - Cost $350* (8.30am - 4.30pm)
4. Marketing memes - How they work to generate interest and referrals
                                                                                              Brisbane CBD - Mon 26 June 06
    • Developing a meme for YOUR business
    • Moving your prospects through the customer cultivation cycle the 'right' way            Melbourne CBD - Tues 4 July 06
                                                                                              Sydney CBD - Tues 18 July 06
Part 2: 1-to-1 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses                                      Auckland - Coming November 2006 - Register your interest now or try our
1. Website myths and realities                                                                On-The-Go series and receive a complementary Expert Review (NZ residents
    • The role of your website in customer cultivation                                        only)
    • How to use your website to drive consideration, preference and loyalty             *All materials, meals and refreshments are included
    • Putting your existing marketing to work online                                          I also want an optional $50 AUD Expert Review of my marketing - 1 hour
2. Putting together a referral strategy                                                       within 3 months of my workshop date.
    • Why referrals are not luck
    • Referral 'drivers' and how to make them work                                     YOUR DETAILS
3. Networking: How it really works                                                     Name: ___________________________________________________________
    • The aspects of networking that drive growth                                      Company: ________________________________________________________
    • Why so many networking opportunities don't work for small businesses             Address: _________________________________________________________
    • Customer contact points for networking and how to make them work                 Tel: _____________________________________________________________
4. Marketing with your existing customers                                              Email: ___________________________________________________________
    • Getting customers to do your marketing for you
    • Keeping your existing customers coming back                                      PAYMENT DETAILS
5. Getting your Pricing ‘Right’
                                                                                       Cheques                 Cheques
    • A new method for presenting your ‘sales pitch'
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