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equality & dive-Easy Read


equality & dive-Easy Read

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									Equality & Diversity

             Easy Read
   This is our plan to make the lives of Eastleigh’s diverse population

Who is the plan by?

   We are Eastleigh Borough Council. We run lots of services in the
   Eastleigh area.

What is the plan about?

   ‘People are all different; for example some people are older, others
   are younger; some are disabled, some are black, some are gay and
   others are not, some have children, some don’t. Some are religious,
   and some aren’t and of course, some are female and some are

   We want to change the way we do things to make Eastleigh better
   for all people.

   We want all people to have the same choices and chances to do
   things as everyone else.

   The Law says that organisations like Eastleigh Borough Council must
   be fair to people of different:

   •    Races

   •    Disabilities, and

   •    Genders

   The law also covers people with different:

   •    Religion or beliefs

   •    Sexual orientation, and

   •    Ages

   In Eastleigh we have developed an Action Plan which sets out our
   vision for the Borough to improve the quality of life for all the local

What is in the plan?

    There are 5 parts to the action plan.

    Here is what each part of the plan talks about.

Part 1   This part looks at how we will lead and work with other
         organisations to make sure that we meet the needs of all
         sections of the community.

Part 2   This part sets out how we will make sure that equality and
         diversity is valued across the council.

Part 3   This part talks about how we will work with diverse groups to
         make this plan happen.

         We think it is very important for diverse groups to tell us how
         we could make their lives better.

Part 4   This part sets out how we will make sure our workers reflect the
         diversity of the community.

Part 5   This part talks about how we will communicate with our
         residents, partners and employees.

    This booklet is a short version of a much longer booklet called
    Equality and Diversity Strategy 2006. If you want to look at the
    longer booklet, you can find it on Eastleigh Borough Council’s website

    If you require a copy of this document in a different format,
    such as; Braille; audio; different language or print, please
    contact the Health and Community Team 023 8068 8095.


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