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                              SOUTH RIBBLE BOROUGH COUNCIL



1.1   The main reason for adopting an equal opportunities policy is to combat discrimination
      against disadvantaged groups. There are other reasons as set out below.

1.2   Organisational/Economic

      To ensure that the talents of all members of the workforce are used to the full.

      To show the commitment to equal opportunities to employees and candidates for jobs.

      To improve motivation and performance.

      To stimulate a more productive atmosphere and improve the quality of working life.

      To form part of an overall policy which would also include the improvement of service
      provision and to provide equality of access to them for all sections of the community.

1.3   Social

      As a major employer within the locality to give a lead to other employers.

      To seek to reflect the composition of the local community in its workforce.

1.4   Image

      To encourage a commitment to equal opportunities in the community at large.

1.5   Legal

      To combat direct and indirect discrimination in accordance with legislation and to follow
      codes of practice.


2.1   The policy has two main aims:

      i)       To ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their
               ability to carry out a particular job.

      ii)      To ensure that a job applicant or employee belonging to a disadvantaged group
               would not receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of belonging to that

3.1   The Council acknowledges its obligation under:

      i)     The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Amendment) Regulations 2003
      ii)    The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986
      iii)   The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment)
             Act 2000)
      iv)    The Local Government and Housing Act 1989
      v)     The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003
      vi)    The Employment Equality (Religion or belief) Regulations 2003

3.2   In carrying out its obligations under the Acts, the Council will:-

      a)     Give full, fair and equal consideration to all applicants for vacancies, regardless of
             gender, marital status, colour, race, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, trade
             union activity, political activity or subject to paragraph c) below, disability.

      b)     Give all employees equal opportunities for training, career development, and
             promotion, regardless of gender, marital status, colour, race, nationality, age, religion,
             sexual orientation, trade union activity, political activity or subject to paragraph c)
             below, disability.

      c)     Carry out reasonable adjustments where any arrangements or physical features of
             Council premises place a person with a disability at a substantial disadvantage in
             comparison with a person who is not disabled.


4.1   The Cabinet is the appropriate body to have responsibility for the control of he Council’s
      Equal Opportunity in Employment Policy.

4.2   The Elected Members and Corporate Management Team are responsible for implementation
      of the policy.

4.3   The Personnel & Development Manager is responsible for developing the recruitment and
      selection procedures, the provision of training and advice, and the monitoring of statistics
      relating to the policy. In carrying out this responsibility the Personnel & Development
      Manager will:-

      a)     Maintain close liaison and co-operate with the Employment Service, the Equal
             Opportunities Commission and the Commission for Racial Equality.

      b)     Ensure that in all advertisements relating to employment, the Council announces itself
             to be an equal opportunities employer, e.g. “'South Ribble Borough Council is
             committed to equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from all minority
             groups within the community'”.

      c)     Maintain any records necessary to monitor and give effect to this policy statement.

      d)     Provide a copy of this policy statement to all employees and applicants for posts
             within any of the Council’s service groups.

      e)     Revise the policy from time to time as required by law.

      f)     Ensure that only Members and Officers who have been appropriately trained
             participate in recruitment and selection, promotion or training decisions.

5.1    All employees should be aware of their own responsibilities as well as the Council’s own
       commitment to equal opportunities.

       These obligations include:-

       i)      Co-operation with the measures which have been introduced in consultation with the
               appropriate trade unions to ensure there is equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

       ii)     Ensuring that as supervisors or as persons responsible for selection decisions in
               recruitment, promotion, transfer and training, they do not discriminate.

       iii)    Not persuading or seeking to persuade other employees, unions or management to
               practice unlawful discrimination.

       iv)     Drawing attention of management to suspected discriminatory acts or practices.

       v)      Not victimising individuals on the grounds that they have made complaints or
               provided information about instances of discrimination.

5.2    The Council’s Grievance Procedure is the appropriate channel for employees who feel that
       hey have been discriminated against. (External applicants should write to the Personnel &
       Development Manager in the first instance if they feel that unfair discrimination has taken

5.3    Failure to comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunity in Employment Policy by any
       employee may result in disciplinary action.

Approved by Policy and Resources Committee (06.02.90)
Amended 06.02.02
Revised February 2004
Revised March 2005
Amended June 2005

If you require further information or if you wish to make a complaint under this policy contact:

       Personnel & Development Manager
       Civic Centre
       West Paddock
       PR25 1DH

       Tel: 01772 421491

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