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     Hormones influence our health in many ways. If our hormones are functioning properly, then psychologically
     and physically we keep good health. Women are mostly affected with hormonal imbalances, specially during
                                            puberty and menopause.
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                                                          Human Growth Hormone
                                                              By Brenda Williams

   According to Wikipedia, growth hormone is a hormone that stimulates growth and cell reproduction
in humans and other animals. Somatrotrophin refers to the growth hormone produced naturally by
animals while the term somatropin refers to the growth hormone that has been synthesized by DNA
technology. The primary use of human growth hormone (HGH) is to increase the height of children
throughout childhood as well as to treat various diseases.

 Human growth hormone is primarily used to treat the effects of growth hormone deficiency, which
varies by age. For example, in children, the failure to grow, sexual immaturity as well as being
abnormally short for their age are the main indicators of growth deficiency. In adults, growth deficiency
can be measured by lack of strength, energy, bone mass as well as an increased cardiovascular risk.
To test for growth deficiency, patients are typically put through a series of tests that look at the
person’s pituitary gland. Doctors will usually use some sort of stimulus to provoke the release of human
growth hormone as a way of measuring the problem.

 Some of the more controversial uses of human growth hormone have been for the following: treatment
for remission of multiple sclerosis, treatment to reverse the effects of aging in older adults, treatment to
enhance weight loss in obesity, treatment for fibromyalgia, treatment for Crhohn’s disease and
ulcerative colitis, treatment for idiopathic short stature, treatment for bodybuilding or athletic
enhancement as well as the use of bovine somatotropin to increase milk production in cattle.

 As you may all remember, people who had never heard of HGH before definitely became aware of it
during the last Olympics when star athletes were first accused and then later found guilty for taking
HGH to enhance their performance in athletics. Dr. Laurie Barclay of the Accrediation Council for
Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) clearly stated in an article released by Medscape in March of
2008 that: “Although sports doping, or the use of human growth hormone to improve athletic
performance, is banned by most professional sports leagues and associations, athletes involved in
several different sports have been implicated in illicit use of growth hormone. Athletes reportedly use
growth hormone to enhance athletic performance, but its efficacy for this purpose is still unclear.”

 So, if you’re an athlete and you’re thinking that you want to have an edge over your competition, you
should really sit down and reconsider your options. Chances are that HGH is NOT going to improve
your performance as much as it may improve your ability to fit into those size three jeans. Likewise, if

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                              Educate Yourself On Human Growth Hormone Dangers
                                                            By Michelle Bery

 Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally produced hormone in the human body secreted by the
pituitary gland. HGH is vitally important to the human body as it stimulates growth, regulates
metabolism, and orchestrates cell regeneration. When the human growth hormone is released within
normal levels it keeps the body in delicate balance, allowing for overall health. But when there are
inadequate levels of the human growth hormone, there can result a number of side effects. In this
case, a doctor may suggest supplements to bring the body back into balance. But, as with any
chemical, there are human growth hormone dangers associated with its use.

When inadequate human growth hormone levels appear in childhood or adolescence it can result in
stunted growth. When production diminishes in adulthood it can result in fatigue, increased fat deposits
resulting from lowered metabolism, and overall lack of energy and muscle weakness. In these cases,
human growth hormone supplements may be necessary. While there are human growth hormone
dangers associated with this use, most medical professionals agree that it is worth the gamble
because of the severe repercussions of inadequate hormone levels.

In some cases, people choose to use human growth hormone supplements to slow the signs of aging.
While it is true that the secretion of the human growth hormone reduces with age, simply adding a
supplement may do little for maintaining a sense of youth. Today's human growth hormone
supplements are made synthetically and a cloud of controversy surrounds its use. Some human growth
hormone dangers include excess fluid retention, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood
pressure, and diabetes. The dangers are so serious that the American Association of Clinical
Endocrinologists has warned against the use of human growth hormone supplements as an anti-aging

Another group of people who have become interested in the use of human growth hormone
supplements are athletes and body builders. Because the human growth hormone builds muscle mass,
many athletes take supplements to achieve an exceedingly muscular body and enhance their
performance. But the human growth hormone dangers in this situation can include everything from the
swelling of breast tissue to heart failure.

While The Food and Drug Administration approves the use of human growth hormone supplements in
the case of pituitary gland-related deficiency, it stands firm on the unsupervised use of the hormone for
anti-aging and athletic reasons. Researchers have found the human growth hormone dangers to be
too high a price to pay.

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