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why we need your support


why we need your support

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									                  why we need your support
Zahli, age 4      In Australia, child health has come a long way – but we still have a long way to go. On
cystic fibrosis   average every day, five Australian babies and children die.
                  One hundred years ago, children were dying from gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, influenza
                  and other conditions that thankfully today are often easily treatable. There are more
                  ways to help sick and injured children get better, faster – we just need to find them.
                  Today’s children face an unprecedented crisis. Due to lifestyle diseases and obesity
                  this may be the first generation with an expected life span shorter than that of their
                  All Australian children should have the best possible health care available. With help
                  from the community and business, Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia can help
                  more sick and injured children and their families.
                  We need to raise the funds to enable children to have the best possible chance of
                  recovery through improved treatments and cures.
                  Your support is vital in helping more sick children.
                  help us to help little lives shine
                 For more information please contact us in any of the following ways
Email or Call 1300 062 673 or Visit

                           Queensland Office                                           New South Wales Office
                         Call 07 3852 1199                                              Call 02 9382 1188
                     Bramston Terrace, Herston                                      19 Eurimbla Ave, Randwick
            PO Box 99, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD 4029                        Locked Bag 5 Randwick NSW 2031

                Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is a partnership by deed of agreement, and is administered by the
                                  Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation Queensland ABN 38 9368 79794

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Jessica, age 2
who we are
Together our hospital partners treat or admit over 1,000,000 children
each year. On average 300 children are admitted and over 3,000
occasions of service or care are delivered each day.
Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is the national partnership of five of Australia’s leading children’s hospital
   Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, New South Wales
   Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation, South Australia
   Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Western Australia
   Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Melbourne, Victoria
   Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Queensland
Together we form the major, non-government funding bodies for clinical research and fund
equipment and patient/family hospital services in our children’s hospitals that otherwise would
not exist. Companies seeking a national partnership now have an opportunity to have their
commitment and support to children’s health recognised throughout Australia in association
with a tangible, respected face in each state.
Vision – engaging Australia to help little lives shine.
Mission – Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia is the national fundraising partnership
of our children’s hospitals dedicated to excellence in child health.
                   what we do
                   Funds raised nationally through Children’s Hospital Foundations
                   Australia are divided equally between the five partners and are
                   directed into the areas of greatest need in each hospital.
                   The key areas of funding include research, services and equipment.
Diesel, age 2
3rd degree burns   research
                   As leaders in paediatric care, our hospital partners undertake ground-
                   breaking research across all areas of children’s health, with projects
                   ranging from complex laboratory investigations to bedside studies.
                   Areas of research include burn recovery techniques, childhood
                   cancer, respiratory diseases, viruses, child advocacy and protection,
                   growth and nutrition and pain free treatment alternatives.

                   Vital funds are utilised to provide services that both improve the
                   quality of life whilst in hospital and provide essential support services
                   for families of sick children.
                   Funded services include specialised staff, volunteer support,
                   education, entertainment, parent/patient support services and capital
                   and minor works.

                   Our children’s hospitals are at the forefront of paediatric care and
                   treatment in Australia. Assisting the thousands of dedicated medical
                   staff who care for our children every day is a vast range of life-saving
                   medical equipment – from insulin syringes to state-of-the-art cardiac
                   monitors. Each Foundation operates a “wish list” for their respective
                   hospital, where funds donated to Children’s Hospital Foundations
                   Australia can be used to purchase equipment that can make a
                   difference in the care of sick and injured children through faster
                   outcomes, with less pain.
what you can do
Together we can make a real difference
to help stop the suffering of sick children

                                                                                                         Shaquille, age 5
                                                                                                         accidental injury

With help from business and the community, Children’s        investing in hope – dividend donation program
Hospital Foundations Australia can help more sick and        Each year, millions of dollars worth of unwanted dividend
injured children and their families.                         cheques remain uncashed – imagine what Australia’s
                                                             children’s hospitals could do with that money! The
profits with a purpose – cause-related marketing             Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia Investing in Hope
Cause-related marketing is a powerful positioning and        initiative provides shareholders with the opportunity to
marketing tool linking company and charity, whereby          tax-effectively donate all or part of their dividend payments.
a company donates a percentage of specified product          Investing in Hope has positive results for the shareholder,
sales to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia over a    the company and our children.
specified time period. A cause-related marketing project
demonstrates corporate social responsibility to consumers    donations
while really making a difference to the lives of our sick    National companies are able to make a single donation
children.                                                    to five of Australia’s oldest and most respected children’s
                                                             hospital foundations through one organisation. Children’s
workplace giving programs                                    Hospital Foundations Australia has Deductible Gift
The importance of staff morale and sense of team can’t be    Recipient (DGR) status and is able to issue tax deductible
underestimated in the success of a business. Workplace       receipts.
(or payroll) Giving is one way that staff can support a
                                                             Pro bono donations of services are also essential to our
cause they believe in through a convenient form of giving.
                                                             work and reducing our costs.
Employees can benefit by giving “pre-tax” each pay period,
receiving an immediate tax deduction whilst supporting
child health.

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