; 10 ANNUAl SUmmit Cavi FAShioN Cool Canada private
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10 ANNUAl SUmmit Cavi FAShioN Cool Canada private


10 ANNUAl SUmmit Cavi FAShioN Cool Canada private

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									Global Vision
                                                                                         J A N U A R Y/ F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 0

T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A L M AG A Z I N E F O R B US I N E S S E X E C U T I V E S         $ 4.50 £ 3.00 € 4.50

 Singapore Sun FeStival  Clinton global initiative
ANNUAl SUmmit  Cavi FAShioN  Cool Canada  private
Jet Charter  united nationS GENERAl ASSmEBlY opENS 
alaSka BY SEA  globalviSion aFriCa  obama iN GhANA 
britiSh eleCtion 2010 pREviEw
g lo bal p e rSp eC t ive S | UNitED NAtioNS


opening of the 64th united
nations general assembly                                                                                                           RE po RtiNG BY DR, J E F FR E Y B R A D Fo R D

new york City in September plays host annually to the official opening of the                                  existence of Uranium enrichment plants –
united nations general assembly. the event brings together many of the                                         used exclusively for the manufacture of
                                                                                                               weapons-grade nuclear materiel.
world’s heads of state in one city creating an array of diplomatic challenges                                  the opening session sets the agenda for the
and security challenges – all amidst a city oblivious to the event and indeed                                  coming year of United Nations diplomatic
more focused on their beloved new york yankees baseball team’s chances in                                      business. the agenda is organised into nine
                                                                                                               areas (of which one is the not unimportant
the World Series.
                                                                                                               discussion list of administrative related is-
                                                                                                               sues) and contains some previous issues as
prior to the opening event months of frenet-     acting as president of the current General                    well as newer ones. Some of the more sub-
ic activity amongst the world’s diplomatic       Assembly session. Col. al-qadhafi expressed                   stantive and interesting issues on the agen-
corps craft and refine an agenda acceptable      concern about the economic and food crisis                    da for the coming session include;
to, literally, the nations of the world. this    and in particular the need for the continent
agenda is then adopted and considered for        of Africa to possess a permanent presence                     •	Maintenance	of	international	peace	and	
the next several months by delegates, choic-     at the United Nations Security Council.                         security
es weighed and decisions put forward to                                                                        •	Promotion	of	sustained	economic	growth
better the state of the planet and its people.   the president of iran was keen to address                     •	Development	of	Africa
the opening of the sixty-fourth General As-      efforts to remedy the economic crisis as be-                  •	Promotion	of	Human	Rights
sembly was marked by speeches from re-           ing	unreal,	“It	is	no	longer	possible	to	inject	              •	Coordination	of	humanitarian	assistance
cently elected US president Barack obama         thousands of billions of dollars of unreal                    •	Promotion	of	justice	and	international	law
and attracting wide attention were speeches      wealth into the world economy simply by                       •	Disarmament	(principally	weapons	of	mass	
from the libyan and iranian premieres Col.       printing	worthless	paper”.		His	discussion	of	                  destruction although also small arms)
muammar Abu minyar al-qadhafi and presi-         iran’s civil nuclear program was overshad-                    •	Drug	control,	crime	prevention
dent mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad.                        owed by further revelations concerning the                    •	Administrative	matters
the new US president spoke at length about
the challenges faced by the world commu-
nity, and that the destiny of the United Na-
tions reflects in many ways what its mem-
bers	choose	to	do,	“Now	it	falls	to	us	--	for	
this institution will be what we make of it.
the United Nations does extraordinary good
around the world -- feeding the hungry, car-
ing for the sick, mending places that have
been broken. But it also struggles to enforce
its will, and to live up to the ideals of its
                                                   mAhmoUD AhmADiNEJAD, pRESiDENt oF       mUAmmAR Al-qADhAFi, lEADER oF thE                  BARACk oBAmA, pRESiDENt oF thE
                                                          thE iSlAmiC REpUBliC oF iRAN,           SoCiAliSt pEoplE’S liBYAN ARAB         UNitED StAtES oF AmERiCA, ADDRESSES
                                                   ADDRESSES thE GENERAl DEBAtE oF thE       JAmAhiRiYA, ADDRESSES thE GENERAl                     thE GENERAl DEBAtE oF thE
the libyan leader attended the United Na-                  SixtY-SECoND SESSioN oF thE    DEBAtE oF thE SixtY-FoURth SESSioN oF          SixtY-FoURth SESSioN oF thE GENERAl
                                                         GENERAl ASSEmBlY, At UN hEAD-                     thE GENERAl ASSEmBlY                                     ASSEmBlY
tions opening session for the first time, in a                    qUARtERS iN NEw YoRk

period when his country holds a non-perma-                                                                                                     photo CREDitS: UNitED NAtioNS

nent seat on the UN Security Council and is


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