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									                                         tHe evening of tHursday
                                         november 12, 2009

         Banking Law Firm oF the Year
 CapitaL markets Law Firm oF the Year
  isLamiC FinanCe Law Firm oF the Year
 projeCt FinanCe Law Firm oF the Year
      reaL estate Law Firm oF the Year
   private praCtiCe LawYer oF the Year
         in-house CounseL oF the Year
guLF LegaL LiFetime aChievement award
                      deaL oF the Year
                 Law Firm oF the Year

                                                                                                                                                       Emirates Towers hotel, Dubai, united Arab Emirates
                                                                                                                                                                                                     november 12, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tHe evening of
                                                                  Recognising and Rewarding Excellence
                                                                  throughout the Middle East Legal Profession

award nomination form
      Title (Mr, Ms, Mrs)              First Name                                                  Last Name


     Law Firm/Company



                     Town                                                                           Country

               Telephone                                                                            Mobile


                signature                                                                             Date

                                       PLEAsE PhoToCoPy This ForM To NoMiNATE yoursELF or your FirM For FurThEr AwArDs

i would like to nominate                                    myself               my firm (please tick where appropriate) for the following category:

                                  Banking Law Firm of the year                                 Private Practice Lawyer of the year
                                  Capital Markets Law Firm of the year                         in-house Counsel of the year
                                  islamic Finance Law Firm of the year                         Gulf Legal Lifetime Achievement Award
                                  Project Finance Law Firm of the year                         Deal of the year
                                  real Estate Law Firm of the year                             Law Firm of the year

CHeCklist Please enclose the following items as part of your entry. Please don’t forget that you must supply three copies of all material:

                                  A complete and signed entry form – a separate form is required for each category entered
                                  Three copies of your statement (up to 500 words)
                                  Three individual sets of supporting material
                                  if entering more that one category, please submit each category separately

send to Courier completed entries directly to:

                               The 2009 Middle East Legal Awards                                 For any enquiries, contact Kim Grant on:
                               The Brief, C/o Kim Grant, Events Director                         Tel: +971 4 390 2260/360 2857
                               The Media Factory FZ-LLC, office 209-214                          Fax: +971 4 390 8060
                               Building 5, Dubai Media City, Dubai, uAE                          Email: kim@themediafactory.ae

                               Entry receipts: An email will be forwarded to confirm receipt of each award nomination received.

                               deadline for entries: september 24, 2009

tHe 2009 middle east legal awards
This inaugural ceremony is the only regional awards event that recognises and rewards
excellence in all parts of the Gulf’s legal profession. The awards are independently
adjudicated and are open to all law firms and lawyers in the GCC region. They cover the
10 categories listed below. There is no fee to enter, just a simple entry form. The Middle
East Legal Awards evening – which will follow the first pan-legal professional annual
legal convention for the region – also provides an excellent networking opportunity to
meet high-profile professionals and key decision-makers within the sector. The Middle
East Legal Awards ceremony will take place at Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai, United
Arab Emirates. The judging panel for the Awards consists of independent specialist
commentators on the Middle East legal profession. To enter the awards, please complete
the entry form overleaf and return it to us by Thursday September 24, 2009. Entries
received after this date will not be eligible.

award Categories
                           banking law firm of tHe year
                           Capital markets law firm of tHe year
                           islamiC finanCe law firm of tHe year
                           projeCt finanCe law firm of tHe year
                           real estate law firm of tHe year
                           private praCtiCe lawyer of tHe year
                           in-House Counsel of tHe year
                           gulf legal lifetime aCHievement award
                           deal of tHe year
                           law firm of tHe year
      speCialist The specialist practice area awards are open to all law firms with offices in the GCC. Nominated firms must
       praCtiCe demonstrate that they have a comprehensive team of respected specialists in the field, in addition to providing
                        details of high-profile, high-value, innovative and important deals completed over the previous year.

         private The private practice lawyer of the year award is open to all practitioners at law firms based in the GCC.
        praCtiCe Nominees will be able to demonstrate innovative thinking and/or leadership skills that have taken their
         lawyer specialist departments and firms to the top of their specialist practice areas.

        in-House The in-house counsel of the year award will go to the lawyer who has built and advanced an in-house
        Counsel corporate legal team over the last 12 months. Nominees must demonstrate outstanding leadership skills as
                        well as an in-depth knowledge of the business for which they work.

      lifetime The Gulf legal lifetime achievement award will go to the lawyer who can demonstrate an extended career
  aCHievement of success in the region. That will involve building a team and specialist practice area as well as a exhibiting
                        a proven record of innovative practice and deal-making spanning at least 10 years.

         deal of The deal of the year award will go to the most significant deal in the region on the basis of economic and development
        tHe year importance. The winning deal will be one that is both commercially valuable and socially significant.
         firm of The law firm of the year award will go to the practice that can demonstrate that it has made a profoundly
        tHe year significant impact on the practice of law in the region over the previous 12 months. Contributing factors will
                        include the deals conducted, the quality of lawyers brought to the region, training programmes and pro bono
                        work, as well as other socially-aware efforts made in the region.

                        deadline for entries: september 24, 2009
How to enter
  step one seleCt a Category
            review the award categories and their descriptions and select which category/categories
            you are interested in entering. if you wish to enter more than one award category,
            please complete a separate form and submission documentation for each.

  step two Complete an entry form
            Complete an award nomination form – located on the reverse of this form. Each
            Award submission must be accompanied by a fully completed and signed entry
            form. Candidates may enter as many categories as they wish, provided they meet
            the criteria outlined in the category descriptions.

 step tHree produCe a statement of up to 500 words
            Each entry must include a statement of up to 500 words on why your entry should
            win the award, detailing your achievements and why they are significant to the
            application of the award. This statement is the “shop window” to the entire entry
            and must be a concise verbal illustration of what has been achieved. The judges will
            be looking for evidence of prescribed targets, strategies, measurements, survey
            results, client satisfaction and the influence of consequent achievements. it may
            include bullet points or references to supporting material.

  step four Collate supporting material
            This may be marketing brochures, training material, testimonials or financial results.
            in the case of testimonials, these are especially useful when they allude to the way
            the entrant has successfully communicated project goals to partner organisations
            or clients. Applicants are also encouraged to include copies of digital promotions on
            CD or DVD. Please ensure there are three copies of all supporting material.

  step five submitting your entry
            Final deadline for all entries to be received is Thursday september 24, 2009. if you
            are entering more than one category, they must be packaged separately and a form
            clearly completed indicating which category the submission is for. Please don’t forget
            to include your FuLL contact details.

   step six submit your entry
            Courier to: the 2009 middle east Legal awards, the Brief, C/o kim grant, events
            director, the media Factory FZ-LLC, office 209-214, Building 5, dubai media City,
            dubai, uae.

            additional considerations: Entries should be submitted in the spirit of
            transparency and it should be understood that any information contained
            in entries is placed in the public arena.

            The joint decision of judges as collated by The Media Factory will
            be final and the views and deliberations of judges will remain private
            and confidential.

            Any enquiries about the awards and the judging process should be
            directed to The Media Factory FZ-LLC by contacting Kim Grant at:
            Email: kim@themediafactory.ae, Tel: +971 4 390 2260/360 2587,
            Fax: +971 4 390 8060.

           deadline for entries: september 24, 2009

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