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					                     What you can do in the
1. Join the Australian Protectionist Party.
       Fill in a membership form. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. This is
important, not only to meet the requirements for a registered political party by law, but it also means
we can send newsletters to members, contact people to join in campaigns, and increase the strength
and viability of the movement so that we can attain positions in parliament and other key institutions.

2. Talk to friends and family.
       Discuss the issues that are important to Australia's future: immigration, Multiculturalism,
Asianisation, economic protectionism, buying Australian made & Australian owned products, our
national identity and culture. The more people who understand these issues, the better it is. Our
information service has various pamphlets and books on these issues.
       And remember to encourage friends and family to join. It’s not enough just to know that
something is going wrong - we have to do something to solve these problems.

3. Distribute Protectionist leaflets and other literature.
        Buy Australian Protectionist Party leaflets and distribute them in your local area – letterbox
leaflets, give to friends, family, etc. Our leaflets, stickers, and other materials are funded by our
members, who are ordinary working people with rent and mortgages to pay, children to feed, etc. – just
like you. Whilst we could give all of our literature away for free, that would leave us without money to
pay for new print runs.
        Unlike the Liberal and Labor parties, we don’t receive millions of dollars from big business.
Therefore, we ask our members and supporters to buy leaflets and stickers to distribute in their local
areas – it’s like making a donation, but with the added extra of having materials to distribute.

4. Donate money.
        Beyond buying leaflets, stickers, etc., we need money to run all of the various operations of the
Protectionist Party. Websites, post office boxes, mail-outs, literature infrastructure, banners, hall
hiring, and a thousand other miscellaneous things are needed to run an active movement. It has been
said that an army marches on its stomach, but a political movement marches on its wallet.
        Talking about the need for money can seem “distasteful”, but it is a reality of life, a reality of
the fight for Australia. Making a regular donation is a fantastic way to help. We have a lot of fighting
to do, and your financial contributions are needed to help us win.

5. Volunteer your services.
       Is there something you can do for the Protectionist Party? Are you a printer, typist, researcher,
lawyer, webmaster, computer technician, or graphic artist? All these skills – and many more – can help
us. Even mundane administrative tasks need to be done, such as folding newsletters and putting them
into envelopes. Volunteer to help – because whatever assistance you can offer is important.

6. Become an active Protectionist.
        Hand out how-to-vote cards at election time. Hand out leaflets at shopping centres, railway
stations, etc. Attend a patriotic protest rally. Do all this and more. Activists are those ready to put in
the hard yards to defend their nation. We recognise that not everyone can be an activist, but those that
can are worthy advocates of the cause for Australian Protectionism.
        Australian Protectionist Party members and supporters are getting out, distributing APP
materials, putting up new internet sites, creating newsletters, attending rallies, and being active
amongst the Australian people. Protectionists are active in many areas, setting up new branches, and
carrying out campaigns. We are expanding throughout Australia, and have a range of leaflets and
stickers available.
     To survive, our nation needs the Australian Protectionists
                        - and we need you!
        If you can’t help in some ways, there are always other ways to help. If for some reason you
cannot be physically active, then you can be financially active – making donations to the cause
(regular donations are most helpful). Almost everyone should be able to contribute in one way or
another. Otherwise, what would be the point of saying “I support the Protectionist Party” and then
doing nothing?

        Most people want to save Australia from national destruction, but often they want “someone
else” to do the fighting for them. If that was the case for everyone, then Australia as we know it would
be condemned to disappear, to become another part of the Third World. As history tells us: “If you
don't fight, you die”.

        It has been mentioned that the Protectionist Party is comprised of ordinary people. Actually,
that’s not quite right. Australia is engaged in a cultural and demographic war, and those Australians
who have stepped forward to fight for their nation have shown a brand of guts and determination that
the majority of the public just don't have (otherwise they would be fighting alongside us). In that sense,
the Protectionist Party is an elite gathering of patriotic fighters, people willing to do something for
their country.

        The level of that “something” may differ from person to person, the size of their input may
vary, but Protectionists are all true-blue Aussies. We cannot dare to compare ourselves with the
soldiers of the Kokoda Track, but nonetheless, today’s Protectionists are in that same vein of fighters
and doers.

           When dangers loom before us;              Past and future generations,
           when the time to act has come;            all look for a person to act.
           then our bloodline, our people,           When our nation is in danger,
           they need us to beat the drum.            they expect us to fight back!

The dangers are clear.
The time is now.
The person is you.

Join us in the fight for the future of our nation,
for the future of our country’s grandchildren.

If not now - when?
If not you - who?

             Fight for Australia!              Send a donation.           Get involved!

                               Join us. Become a Protectionist!

              Australian Protectionist Party
National office: P.O. Box 1452, Mt. Barker SA 5251
National website: www.protectionist.net
See the website for other contact addresses.

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