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									                                                    Trust Board in Public
                                                    Date: 26th March 2009
                                                                Item No 6


             Chief Executive’s Report to the Trust Board


The report updates the Board on key developments and initiatives
across the Trust and the local health economy since the January 2009
Trust Board meeting.


                    Gail Wannell, Chief Executive

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Chief Executive’s Report – 26th March 2009

North East Review

On receipt of the final report and recommendations from the North East Review Panel,
the West Sussex Primary Care Trust Board at its meeting on 29th January 2009 decided
to support in principle the recommendations of the review, requested a detailed
response and proposed action plan, and is planning to make a final determination on the
recommendations at its meeting in March 2009, following the outcome of the HOSC

On 17th February 2009 I took two further East Grinstead councillors and one Horsham
District councillor around the Trust to review our services and to meet clinicians within
key areas, which proved very successful.

As a direct consequence of the visit, Sue Chapman, Head of Midwifery and Governance,
was invited to speak to East Grinstead Council on Thursday 12th March on the maternity
services provided at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare.

On 24th February I attended the West Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee
(HOSC) meeting at Crawley Council offices. The entire meeting was given over to
review the North East Review report and recommendations. Presentations were
received from the Review Panel, the Children’s Services Working Group, the NHS
Trusts, Stakeholders, the HOSC Task Force and West Sussex PCT. I presented on
behalf of the NHS Trusts and the presentation is attached as Appendix 1.

The HOSC were in general terms supportive of the report, how the review had been
undertaken and the level of engagement, but asked the PCT to consider additional
recommendations at its meeting in March 2009.

Executive realignment of portfolios

Two years on since the approval of our current executive structure, I have recently
undertaken a review of executive portfolios to maximise the capacity within the team. As
a consequence, the following changes will be implemented from April 2009.

The current interim arrangements for the Director of Information will be made
substantive with the appointment of a Director of Business Intelligence. This role will
bring together the management of Information and Information Technology Services.
The Trust is currently recruiting to this post with interviews planned for 26th March.

The Director of Finance will take on additional responsibilities for commissioning,
business planning and performance. This enables the finance directorate to develop a
more commercial role within the trust.

The existing Director of Business Development will evolve into the Director of Corporate
Services and Facilities. This role will provide more strategic capacity to the Board and
will provide the Board with a more senior focus on the estate of the Trust.

Chief Executive’s Report to the Board      1                                   March 2009

The key issues in the press in February and March were the staff parking charges and
the North East Review.

Media enquiries early March were mainly based on statistics including, waiting times for
non-urgent ambulances, admissions to A&E and the number of overseas patients
treated and costs.

Media opportunity

A TV company requested to film the Maternity Ward at East Surrey Hospital in April for
an hour-long programme about ‘a day in the life of a midwife’. A presenter will be
observing births in a hospital, taking part in antenatal classes, visiting a birthing centre
and learning about the technical and emotional aspects of a midwives job, as well as
getting some hands on experience. The aim is to show what a fantastic job midwives

The Communications Team will be working with the Midwifery Team to co-ordinate the
filming event.

This could be a great opportunity to promote the hospital’s maternity ward and services.

Gail Wannell
Chief Executive
26th March 2009

 Update May 2009:
 Unfortunately, this filming was cancelled.

Chief Executive’s Report to the Board         2                                  March 2009

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