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                          15 MARCH 2006 – 2.00PM

                                               OPEN MEETING

    Before the commencement of the meeting, the DCC attended to congratulate all
    personnel in the Division on the outstanding performance being achieved and the
    positive impact Neighbourhood Policing was having in Newport . He asked that
    his thanks be passed to all “A” Division staff.
    Action: DMM members

Ch Insp Johnson                   DJ         Chair
D/C/Insp Sutton                   MS         Divisional DCI
Mrs K Williams                    KW         Business Manager
Ms S Davies                       SD         Div. Personnel Officer
Insp Jeffries                     SJ         Inspector – Crime & Disorder Unit
Insp Evans                        GE         Inspector - Central
Insp Davies                       MD         Inspector – Maindee
Insp Taylor                       DT         Inspector - Bettws
Insp Grindlay                     RG         Inspector – Alway
T/Insp Muirhead                   NM         T/Inspector – Pill (representing Insp Warrender)
Det Insp Tiley                    RT         CID – Central
Det Insp Webber                   SW         CID – Maindee
Det Insp Adams                    CA         CID – FSU
Ms D Jeffery                      DJ         Principal Management Accountant, H.Q.
Mrs J Hale                        JH         Police Authority Member

In Attendance
Mrs A Bailey                       AB        Minute Secretary

SDO Price                          JP        Special Constabulary
SDO Riley                          IR        Special Constabulary
PC 100 Bryan                       VB        B.P.A.

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Created 31/3/06
Ch Supt Price        -      Div. Commander
Supt Prince          -      Deputy Div. Commander
Insp Warrender       -      Pill Section
PS 70 Mack           -      Federation Rep.
Insp Talbot          -      Central Section


2.1   PDR/Objectives 2006/07 – Ch Insp Johnson

2.2   NPT leaflets – Insp Davies

      The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed as an accurate record.


4.1   Item 4.7 – Long Term Improvements/Sustainability – Response Policing – Due to
      Insp Warrender’s absence on a course, this item would be deferred until the April
      meeting for his update report.
      Action: MW

4.2   Item 4.9 – Statutory Charging – Problems were still being encountered by
      officers. Supt Prince to update the next DMM on progress he had made with the
      CPS and his discussions with the Ops. Superintendents in “B” and “C” Divisions.
      Action: SP

      It was noted that Alway had submitted a bid for scanners from the equipment
      budget, which should alleviate the problem of delays caused by faxing
      information. It was also suggested that key individuals should have access to
      external e-mail.

4.3   Item 5.1 – ST&CG 24/1/06 – Risk Register – No issues had been forwarded to
      the Divisional Commander to be entered onto the register.

4.4   Item 7 – Operational Equipment – Mrs Williams confirmed that all equipment
      requests had been received and orders submitted.

4.5   Item 8.1 – Part B form – There had been a dramatic improvement in the
      submission of Part B’s. Ms Davies would be forwarding the ready reckoners to
      Inspectors next week.
      Action : SD

      Training – internal training course dates had not been confirmed to date.

4.6   Item 9.1 – Support from H.Q. – The DCI reported positively on a meeting held
      with H.Q. and all Divisions on 10 March. Two main issues emanated from the
      meeting regarding referrals - the need to identify as many sources as possible
      and re-tasking in relation to the quality of information being provided.

       Fingerprint Department – DMM members who were unable to attend the
       Divisional Tasking meeting were advised to speak with the SPOC in the
       Fingerprint Department regarding the new fingerprint procedures

4.7    Item 9.2 – Case Preparation/Management of CJD – It was understood that Supt
       Prince had received some examples of bad practice which would be forwarded to
       the DCC for presenting to the LCJB.
       Action: SP

4.8    PACE Cover Inspectors – This issue had been taken forward by the Divisional
       Commander to the Head of CJD and the DCC. Supt Prince would also be
       discussing this issue with the Head of CJD.
       Action: SP

4.9    Item 10.1 – Bank Holiday Overtime – Confirmation was given that “A” Division
       bank holiday overtime funding would be for 8 hours only. The Division was not in
       a position financially to finance in excess of 8 hours. Overtime figures for bank
       holidays had been distributed to Inspectors - the allocation would be the same as
       last year.

4.10   Item 10.5 – Sanction Detections – The Quality Assurance team would be leaving
       on 31 March, therefore the pilot would not now take place in Alway and the
       responsibility to quality assure would revert back to the sergeants. The DCI had
       attended the Alway management meeting and updated them on the procedures
       that would now take place. The DCI would outline the various audit procedures in
       relation to quality at the April Inspectors’ meeting.
       Action: MS


5.1    Social & Welfare Fund – 28/2/06 – The minutes had been circulated and DMM
       members were reminded of the importance of sending Sectional/Departmental
       representatives to the S. & W. meetings.

5.2    ST & CG Meeting – 28/2/06 – CI Johnson gave a verbal update to members on
       two issues emanating from the meeting:- Performance and Force Re-structuring.


       The DCI gave a brief overview of performance in respect of overall crime
       reduction (7.7%) and Sanction detections (27.2%) and echoed the DCC’s earlier
       comments on the superb performance achieved throughout the Division.

       Key issues from Tasking – Motor vehicle crime, domestic violence and hate
       crime were highlighted. Inspectors to ensure that the necessary housekeeping is
       completed on the latter two categories to ensure the accuracy of figures by the
       end of the month.
       Action: Inspectors

       The DCI summed up by commenting on the superb performance achieved
       throughout the Division and asked DMM members to pass on his congratulations
       to all staff.
       Action: DMM members

7.     FINANCE
       Mrs Williams updated the members on CRES savings in the Division. She
       outlined the rationale of transferring money from the major/minor to back up the
       bank holiday budget funding. A discussion ensued on bank holiday working in “A”
       Division being core policing, with major sporting/cultural events occurring on a
       regular basis within the City of Newport.

       Ms Jeffery gave the following update on the budget setting process:-

          The Police Authority had approved the budget for next financial year.
          Additional CRES savings were still continuing to be looked at for 2007/08.

       CI Johnson updated the meeting regarding next year’s BCU/Building Safer
       Community fund monies funding core crime operations in key areas that sit within
       the Community Safety Partnership.

       In future, the action plan submission for BCU funding to W.A.G. would be
       submitted on-line, which should make it much easier in identifying and obtaining
       authorisation for operations. Ms Jeffery confirmed that the allocated BCU
       funding would be the same as last financial year.

8.     H.R.

8.1    Sickness – The February sickness absence statistics had been circulated and “A”
       Division was again the best performing of the territorial divisions, with 7.2 for
       police officers and 7.57 for police staff. The figures showed a slight increase in
       February compared to other months, which was due to a flu virus affecting 18
       people. CI Johnson informed the meeting that flu innoculations have to be
       ordered in advance by Occupational Health and members of staff should book
       their appointments in good time. Ms Davies would send out reminders in due
       Action: SD

8.2    Establishment – Ms Davies had completed work on up-dating the Divisional
       establishment. Once the document had been signed-off she would send copies
       to Inspectors to check their establishment figures with those contained in the
       document. Ch Inspector Johnson emphasised the importance of the
       establishment data being accurate. Once the establishment figures had been
       confirmed, Ms Davies and CI Johnson would meet to ratify the correct
       establishments for each Section.
       Action: Inspectors : SD : DJ


9.1    Future Demands/Expectations – Inspectors expressed their concern regarding
       staffing levels during the next 12 months and the impact this would have on all
       Sections. A long discussion ensued on the Divisional response capability and the
       forthcoming Force restructuring.


10.1    PDR/Objectives 2006/07- A discussion ensued on how PDR’s would link-in with
       performance and the key objectives that “A” Division staff would need to achieve
       over the next 12 months. Issues highlighted that should be reflected in all PDR’s
       next year would centre around citizen focus, quality of service, minimum
       standards of investigation. Ms Davies and CI Johnson would meet to formulate
       objectives. CI Johnson would send out an e-mail to Inspectors regarding the
       strategic aim.
       Action: DJ : SD

10.2   NPT Leaflets – Insp Davies circulated copies of a leaflet he had devised giving
       details of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Mandee. He would report on the
       success of the leaflets at the end of April. Inspectors were advised to encourage
       their NPT’s to submit applications for external e-mail access.
       Action: MD : Inspectors

       There being no further business, the meeting closed at 4.00pm.


       The next meeting would be held on Wednesday, 12 April 2006 at 2.00pm in
       Conference Room 4.


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