What Some Of Our Clients Say…… by alendar


What Some Of Our Clients Say……

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									                                                       Prime Solutions Training & Consulting Pty Ltd
                                                                                 ABN 32083504429
                                                               P O Box 100, Lower Plenty Vic 3093
                                                             Ph: 0412 073 316 Fax: (03) 9457 4785

What Some Of Our Clients Say…….
 “Training conducted by Prime has reduced time spent on some daily /weekly
 duties allowing staff to be more efficient in their roles.        From an organiser’s
 perspective, Donna makes the whole training process simple, straight to the point
 and with minimal disruption to staff, at the same time looking for the most cost
 effective options for the company”
 -   Jodie Paige, Assistant to Managing Director, BMW Financial Services

 “Of the many many providers of training we looked at, Prime stood out. The
 flexibility, options and the value added to the process was remarkable…..this is the
 first time we have run a training course and had immediate results. Participants
 applied the skills and knowledge learnt on the first day back! Managers have
 noticed the changes in attitude and productivity as well.”
  – Christine Dafter, Learning & Development Manager, Agility

 Prime listened to our requirements and understand our environment and provide
 suitable solutions for us. This is notable in what it excludes – Prime do not focus
 on selling us services we don’t need.
 - Ann Tauman – IT Training Manager, Village Roadshow

 I would definitely recommend Prime Solutions and Donna to other organisations,
 due to her professional and personal approach. Donna takes the time to follow up
 with customers to make sure they are satisfied with the outcomes. By requesting
 feedback and continually looking for ways to improve the services she provides,
 Donna ensures her customers will always be provided with the best possible
 – John Scammell, Organisational Change Manager, AGL

 Please contact Donna Hanson at Prime Solutions on 0412 073 316 or email
 enquiries@primesolutions.net.au for a quote.

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