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					                                                                May 2008
                                                      V ol u me 1 , I s s u e 1

From the President of Ozindcare
                                                                  Inside This Issue

Dear friends,                                                     From the President of Ozindcare                1
                                                                  What our Pioneers say                          1
We are happy to introduce the first edition of our
                                                                  Appreciation of support to Ozindcare           2
newsletter. A team of dedicated members have
                                                                  Letter from the Secretary                      2
spent valuable time and effort in making changes                  Giving to others gives more happiness!         3
to the website and in the publication of this                     Mary Seacole – an Angel, a Mother & a Sutler   3
newsletter. Ozindcare‟s website is sure to provide                Transformation                                 4
an interesting read with a wide variety of features               For Taste and Health                           5
such as these. The newsletter is an opportunity for               Tips from the IT Helpdesk                      6
all our members and well wishers to put their                     Entertainment – Movies review                  6
                                                                  Our Forthcoming fund raising events            7
inspirational thoughts to pen. The written word is
still the most valuable asset that the human race
possesses to steer the path of change and to                      At Ozindcare, willing hearts come together with
initiate progress. We solicit your participation in               their time, ideas and resources to implement both
this venture as well so all our other activities                  practical and cost effective fund raising measures.
                                                                  We request that you will make it a priority to attend
Let us therefore get creative with our imagination                our events and auger well for this worthy cause.
and our writing to give a voice for the desolate that
have lost the strength to make themselves heard.                  I humbly ask that you will be forthcoming with your
                                                                  ideas in Ozindcare‟s benefit. I am also optimistic
I am proud to acknowledge the young creative                      that you will look forward with enthusiasm for
minds who have contributed to this newsletter.                    every subsequent edition.

On the same note I thank everyone who has made                    Anita Kurien
an effort to ensure the success of this newsletter.               President

What our Pioneers say
By Ummer Kinnathil, Founding Member of Ozindcare
                                                                  convictions and affiliations OZINDCARE wanted to
In 1995 a small band of like minded expatriates
                                                                  cut through these barriers in dispensing its charity.
from India assembled together with the sole
                                                                  "One can't help many, but many can help one".
purpose of lending a helping hand to the needy and
poor in the developing countries and formed a non
                                                                  During the last 13 years OZINDCARE always
profitable, voluntary, charitable organisation called
                                                                  restricted its administrative costs to nil or to barest
                                                                  minimum and took care in delivering help directly
                                                                  to the needy through its vast net work of dedicated
On the belief that pain and suffering do not
                                                                  volunteers. "There is no end to what a man can
differentiate   between      colour,    sex,       beliefs,       achieve if he does not mind who gets the credit".

Website address –
E-mail address –
 Page 2                                                                                         Reaching Out
 Appreciation of support to Ozindcare
At a recent Ozindcare Committee meeting, Anita
Kurien      presented    Ozindcare‟s        certificate    of
appreciation to Mrs Hamsa Venkat in recognition of
her support to Ozindcare. Especially to be noted is
her donation of $1,000 in December 2007 to
Ozindcare from the proceeds of her dance troupe‟s
performance in 2007 in Sydney.

Seen in the photo are Anita, Venkat and Hamsa at the

Letter from the Secretary
Dear Ozindcare friends,

                                                                more than one core of debt. Our children are in need of
Most of the time Ozindcare committee is busy                    school equipments, study materials, play grounds,
organising      fundraising       events,    sorting      out   couch, beds, dress materials and computers. Whatever
administration matters and finding ways to improve              help you give for our children we will accept it with
so that we can meet our sole purpose of “helping the            whole heart.
helpless”. Over the years Ozindcare has helped many
people   in   dire   situation,    we   generally    receive    We convey our gratitude and joy on behalf of our
feedbacks from the recipients. Here I would like to             children. We welcome you all to visit our home and
share a couple of them with you.                                spend some time with our children when you reach
                                                                here in Kerala. May God bless you all!
Beena Viswanathan
Secretary                                                       Message from Sydney Malayalee Association

Letter from Sathy:                                              Sydney Malayalee Association is glad to learn that
In particular a recent letter that we received from Sathy,      Ozindcare is coming out with a new vibrant
Ernakulam, Kerala was heart breaking. Ozindcare donated         website and would like to wish you great success.
$1,000 to Sathy‟s husband for his cancer treatment.
Ozindcare‟s help reached Sathy‟s husband in right time
                                                                We are proud to be associated with Ozindcare and
however the family was struck down by another tragedy. To
                                                                the values you stand for. We hope and pray that
read the letter please visit our website
                                                                your motto „helping the helpless‟ lead you in your
Reproduced below is an email we received from Janaseva          path forward and attain innumerable heights in
Sisubhavan‟s President Jose Mavely (the email was in reply      giving hope to the poor and downtrodden.
to Ozindcare‟s sponsoring ten children at the Sisubhavan):
                                                                Congratulations to a selfless and dedicated team.
Glad to know that you all are fine. Here every child and        May God bring you success in all your activities
everything going well .We are very happy to read your mail.     and reward you enough so that the deserving
Let us express our soulful thanks for your kindness
                                                                among us receive the help they long for.
towards our children. We are remembering your precious
helps that you are doing to us.
                                                                (John Jacob, Vice President, Sydney Malayalee
As you know, we support helpless, wandering street
children. We reached up to this stage only with the help of
kind hearted people like you. Now Janaseva is running over
     Reaching Out                                                                                                 Page 3

Giving to others gives more happiness!
                                                                spending and happiness and was found that happiness
“Money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it on
                                                                correlated with the amount of money people spent on
someone else, US research shows, Elizabeth Dunn, a
                                                                others rather than the absolute amount of income
psychologist at the University of British Columbia and her
team which included researchers from University of British
                                                                Adapted from Reuters, “The Epoch Times” dated         26
Columbia and Harvard Business School found.
                                                                March 2008 – 1 April Edition and CPA Australia‟s “IN THE
Their experiment on more than 630 people in the US
                                                                BLACK” May 2008.
showed that they were measurably happier when they spent
money on others – even if they thought spending the money
                                                                (Editor: Lot to think about it. I suppose that happiness
themselves would make them happier”. Two more surveys
                                                                would be much greater when you know that the amount
mirrored these results. Data was also gathered on income ,      spent is for the benefit of neediest in our world).

Mary Seacole - an Angel, a Mother and a Sutler
I am passionate to share my feelings for Mary Seacole and       wounded.
hence would start this conversation through this letter with
you. The background of this episode started in a very trivial   Florence Nightingale led a team of nurses nursing the
circumstance.    At one of our social gatherings, a friend      wounded     British   (mainly)   soldiers   and   gained   the
asked   me      about   my   involvement   with   Ozindcare.    nickname "The Lady with the Lamp".          The Times wrote
Discussion around what Ozindcare has so far done and            “She is a „ministering angel‟ without any exaggeration in
what it tries for future etc. led to discussion on compassion   these hospitals, and as her slender form glides quietly
which then moved to great compassionate people who              along each corridor, every poor fellow's face softens with
helped the needy people with extra-ordinary zeal and            gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers
dedication is their own unique way but very successfully.       have retired for the night and silence and darkness have
                                                                settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may
Slowly the rest of the group joined in our passionate           be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making
discussion which soon became a full fledged session on          her   solitary   rounds”.   Florence   Nightingale‟s   legacy
compassion and love.     At least with me, I found myself       continues till today and will probably last forever.
having had a profound impact of Mary Seacole‟s work on
                                                                It is this extraordinary selfless service of Florence
my thinking and arguing at the same time and also
                                                                Nightingale, in my opinion, that Seacole overshadowed
wondered how my thoughts navigated around several fields
                                                                with her selfless action in Crimea. Seacole had none of
which I was never conscious of.
                                                                the resources and support that Florence Nightingale had.

Out of blue some one asked me, “how you see yourselves          When Mary Seacole heard that Florence Nightingale had
promoting compassion when you yourself indulge in               formed a unit of nurses to go to the hospital to save the
wasteful activities and seemingly enjoying them”.           I   lives of those injured army personnel fighting in Crimea
answered that I am neither never near perfect nor trying to     she approached the authorities for a role within this unit.
be perfect but trying to be helpful to the needy within the     In spite of letters of recommendation from doctors in
fit of my flawed personality and life. I added that this is     Jamaica and Panama, Mary‟s attempts to join Florence‟s
why I love Mary Seacole as much as Florence Nightingale.        unit did not succeed. Though Seacole (a black woman by
Probably my admiration for Mary Seacole is much more than       race) was then getting concerned about the racial
for Florence Nightingale as I see myself belonging to her       prejudices she was determined that she was going to
category.                                                       serve in Crimea in her own way.
I would limit this conversation to their action during the
                                                                Mary Seacole persuaded her friend Thomas Day to join
Crimean War. The moment we see a white uniformed nurse
                                                                her and together they built a hotel from the salvaged
we remember Florence Nightingale and her service during
                                                                scratches of building material and with the help of hired
the Crimean War from 1854 until early 1856 which was
                                                                local labour.    Their “Hotel" served meals cooked by a
fought between the Russian Empire on one side and an
                                                                black cook and also provided outside catering. The hotel
alliance of the United Kingdom, France, the Kingdom of
                                                                entertained any one and every one with a preference for
Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire on the other. The war
                                                                soldiers who found this much to their happiness and an
was bitter and thousands got killed and many more were
                                                                avenue for escape from fear of the dirty face of War.
  Page 4                                                                                           Reaching Out

Soon Sarah, a 14-year-old girl, joined Seacole to help her      his gratitude for Seacole's assistance at the hospital.
with hotel work which enabled Seacole to find time to serve     William Howard Russell of The Times wrote that she was
the wounded soldiers.                                           “a warm and successful physician, who doctors and cures
                                                                all manner of men with extraordinary success. She is
Mary Seacole‟s typical day looked like this - open the hotel    always in attendance near the battle-field to aid the
early, serve morning coffee to passing travelers, and then      wounded and has earned many a poor fellow's blessing."
attend to their medical complaints. This will be followed by    Russell also wrote that she "redeemed the name of
going out to visit casualties at the warfront. To go to the     sutler", and another that she was "both a Miss Nightingale
war front and administer medical aid to the wounded was         and a Soyer".
unimaginable at that time.          As Florence Nightingale‟s
hospital was far from the battle front and trenches, Mary       Seacole was the last to leave Crimea, returning to England
Seacole thought that for the severely wounded to have a         "poorer than [she] left it financially but rich by her deed.
chance in preserving their lives was to treat them as soon as   In fact even when she was rejected by officials and hence
possible.    Seacole knew that the front was dangerous          did not get any funding or any other forms of support,
enough for her to get killed or wounded but will not deter      she carried on with whatever she could rely, which was
her resolution.    She would follow up her work with the        her faith and what she believed was the right thing.
wounded by going to the hospital with them and continuing       Benevolence was natural to her.
to assist with the hospital (though it is said that Florence
                                                                I adore Seacole for she established that ways are open to
Nightingale disliked it). This action saved hundreds of
                                                                you as long as you are “giving”. Seacole did not limit her
thousands of wounded as this help ensured that they could
                                                                service or wait for others to help her.        She treated
remain alive until later treatment at the hospital was
                                                                soldiers from both sides - French, Sardinian and Russian
received. These selfless actions made her known to the
                                                                casualties alike. Her beliefs were her values; her motto
British Army as "Mother Seacole".
                                                                was help the helpless (Ozindcare‟s too!).

The greatness of Mary Seacole is recorded through several
                                                                (Maadhomma - Sourced from Wikipedia)
testimonies of praise and gratitude. A letter from John Hall,
Inspector General of Hospitals, dated 30 June 1856, records

By Revathy Gopi
“You stupid pig! Give me back my glasses, you know I can‟t      with his friends laughing his head off.
see without them. Just give them back already!” yelled Lara             Slowly Lara got to her sighing inwardly. She felt
at the top of her voice.                                        like she was acting in a movie where she was the unlucky
“Nyah Nyah Na Nyah Na! You have to come and get them if         victim. They had ambushed her straight after she had left
you want them back” Ben chuckled, waving the glasses in         the school and had dragged her into a dark alley way to
front of Lara‟s face.                                           prevent anyone from seeing them. She collected her
“Wow! These glasses are pretty heavy…….. And ugly too.          school bag but ignored the broken pieces of her glasses
How does that oh so delicate body of yours stand this image     scattered on the floor about her. This was the second pair
boosting burden?”                                               of glasses that Ben had broken. The first it had been a
“Oh well, I‟ll just do you a favour and get rid of them for     supposed „accident‟, at least that was what the teachers
you. I mean, you don‟t want to get crooked back when your       had thought. Both Lara and Ben knew it was no „accident‟
old, now do you?”teased Ben, laughing like he‟d just told the   and so did all the other students. But it wasn‟t going to
world‟s funniest joke.                                          happen again though, because Lara had had enough!
“No!” cried Lara but it was no use, she was alone and no        The next day, Lara got up extra early to prepare for the
one, except Ella her best friend, liked her. Everyone thought   new school day. She locked herself in her room along with
she was a dork with dark plaited hair and huge, square –        all her tools. If you happen to pass her room in the next
shaped, ugly glasses.                                           two and a half hours, you would have heard the slamming
        “Hahahahahahahahaha!!!”       laughed   Ben   as   he   of drawers, the splashing of water and the cries of pain
drooped the glasses on the pavement in front of Lara and        Lara uttered whenever she made a mistake.
slowly, ever so slowly he crushed them size 12 feet,            Suddenly the door of her room burst open and a
grinding them into tiny pieces. glasses. Try to keep it that    magnificent light flooded the corridor. There, in the
way!” jeered Ben, before slapping her face and walking home     doorway was the source of that magnificent light. She was
   Reaching Out                                                                                                                        Page 5

a tall, elegant princess with long, dark, wavy hair and huge,                  waiting for the right moment to pounce.
clear, crystal blue eyes dressed shining, heavenly robes (that                 “Hey Ben!” she had pounced.
looked suspiciously like a school uniform?!).                                  “Errrrrr .....Ummmmmm.......Oh hey, Lara!”Ben stammered
“I‟m ready for battle!” she announced with an elegant wave                     his confusion and surprise written on his face. Then he
of her hands.                                                                  remembered what had taken place yesterday.
“No..... Wait, I'm missing something” she paused as she                        “Oh! Um..... Lara? Look I‟m really, really sorry about
suddenly realised what she had forgotten and disappeared                       yesterday. I didn‟t mean to upset anyone. I‟m sooooooo
into her room, emerging again a little later.                                  sorry! Please forgive me?!”
“Now”, she announced “I am ready!” She had forgotten her                       „Wow! He‟s actually on his knees now, crying and begging
school bag.                                                                    me to forgive him‟ giggled Lara to herself. She was
She arrived at school with her glee and delight clearly                        triumphant!
written on her face. She was like an open book. Ella was the                   Lara was the Queen now and they were her loyal
first to actually recognize her.                                               followers. They were bound to her like dogs on a leash
“OH MY GOD!!!” shrieked Ella, jumping up and down like a                       and had to obey her every command.
very, very happy rabbit. Now there were people whispering                      They lived to serve her and her only. And Lara was
in awe, eyes blinded by the bright light omitted by Lara.                      actually enjoying it, laughing so hard that she started
“ that really her ...........can‟t be................stop     crying from joy!
joking around can‟t be Lara ..........can it?”                      “If only I had this was the response I would have gotten I
“No      way....................can‟t   be   her..............she   was   so   would have worn contacts and let my hair out earlier!”
dorky................can‟t have just transformed over night!”                  chortled Lara.
Lara chuckled to herself, „this is going to be really, really,                 And they all lived happily ever after........................
really fun!‟ she thought to herself. Just then she spotted her                 NOT! Hahahahahahahahahahah
prey through the crowd surrounding her and stalked him,

For Taste and Health
1. Travancore Lamb Curry - for approximately two litres of
                                                                                                             Tasty treats from our own kitchen.
Lamb boneless cubes 1 Kg and rinse thoroughly in turmeric
powder mixed in water.              This will help to kill germs not
otherwise killed during cooking.
Create marinating mix with five teaspoons of salt (change
measurement depending on your preferences for salt), two                       or so, take it out and cook for half an hour (in a pressure
teaspoons of chilli powder, ginger & garlic paste and                          cooker for quick cooking) added with little oil prior heated
coriander powder EACH and one teaspoon of turmeric                             (but no water). Continue by adding all other items already
powder and black pepper powder EACH, little bit of elaichi                     prepared for “gravy”. After stirring for about five minutes,
powder (enough for flavour), about ten cloves, a few small                     add the “blenders” and then stir thoroughly for another
size cinnamon and one cup of yoghurt.                                          five minutes. The curry is blended well now and ready for
                                                                               being served. ENJOY!
Prepare items for gravy
                                                                               2. Vegetable Sausage
Slice about five medium size onions, four capsicum, a few                      Many of us are mesmerised by the smell and taste during
thin/nice pieces of coconut and fry them separately in olive                   and after cooking of meat sausages. Till recently I thought
oil separately. Add these with four tablespoons of ginger &                    that there could not be vegetarian (I am assuming that
garlic and two or three mashed potatoes.                                       egg belongs to vegetarian category rather than non-

Blenders - Other items to keep ready before preparation                        vegetarian) sausages which can be as tasty as their meat

starts                                                                         cousins. It‟s not true. There is and in addition they are
                                                                               much less junkie. Now try this out. Let us know what you
Salt-as needed; two tablespoon garlic & ginger paste; green                    think?
chillies sliced (few depending on the flavour and preference
for how hot you want the curry to be);                  a small cupful of
curry leaves & coriander leaves.                                                       1/2 tea cup full of breadcrumbs
Cooking                                                                                1 well-beaten egg
Marinate lamb with the mix and refrigerate. After an hour                              1/2 tea cup full cold lentil mash
                                                                                       Nicely cut coriander leaves 2 tea cup full
                                                                                       1 small finely chopped onion tried brown.
 Reaching Out                                                                                                       Page 6
       Nicely cut coriander leaves 2 tea cup full                 Tips for Preserving Herbs
       1 small finely chopped onion tried brown.                  There are several ways to preserve herbs for later use.
                                                                   Drying may seem like the easiest, but it isn't always the
Preparation and cooking
                                                                   most effective to maintain the fine taste of culinary herbs.
       Mix the ingredients, adding seasoning.                     Freezing herbs is a most effective, easy, and quick
       Form into sausages.                                        method. When freezing use just the leaves and soft stems
       Roll them in a little wheatmeal.                           but not other parts.
       Bake them a nice brown in the oven.

                                                                   One method is to freeze herbs in oil. Chop the herbs and
                                                                   using either a food processor or blender, gradually add
                                                                   the oil to the chopped herbs. The mixture should be fairly
                                                                   thick.   Pack the herbal oil into small glass or plastic
                                                                   containers or ice cube trays and freeze. Just scrape or
    Herb Cottage Tips and ideas.
                                                                   chip the amount needed when you‟re ready to use. It can
                                                                   preserve    up   to    about   2   years   in   the   freezer.

                                                                   To freeze herbs in water, chop herbs, fill the sections of
                                                                   an ice cube tray and pour hot water over them and freeze.
                                                                   When frozen, remove from the trays and store in plastic
                                                                   bags for later use.

Tips from the IT Helpdesk
By Sabu Abraham
                                                                   Tip 2: Perfect Keylogger – How to keep an eye on your
Tip 1: Convert your PDF to a Word document
Here is a free online service that can be used to convert your
                                                                   Most of us probably think of keylogger applications with
PDF document into a Word document.
                                                                   fear and trepidation. What if I have one on my
Go to and click the Browse button            computer!?? What if there‟s someone out there who
next to Step 1 and choose your file. By default, Step 2 will be    knows every last keystroke I make on my keyboard,
set to DOC format, but you can choose to convert your PDF          including the passwords, and the stupid mistakes? A
to other file types such as TXT, HMTL, RTF, etc. Type in your      scary thought, yes? But this technology is not only for evil
email address for Step 3 and click Convert.                        hackers. It‟s also for loving parents.

                                                                   Perfect Keylogger, allow you to see exactly what your kids
                                                                   are doing on their computer. Some of your worst fears
                                                                   can easily be put to rest.

                                                                   Perfect Keylogger has a remote installation feature that
                                                                   will actually email you the file containing the log of the
                                                                   activities happening on the computer under surveillance.
                                                                   The application is available in Lite, Basic and Full
You should receive an email within a few minutes with a
download link to your converted file.

Entertainment - Movies review
By Poornima Menon                                                  of several lives when she accuses her older sister Cecilia's
                                                                   (Keira Knightley) lover, Robbie (James McAvoy), a servant's
„Atonement‟, is a must watch for those who enjoy quality
                                                                   son, of a crime he did not commit. The trauma follows
acting, storyline and cinematography in a movie. It is very
                                                                   them through World War II.”
difficult to call a film „perfect”, but „Atonement‟ easily falls
into the category of films that come as a total package and        The movie is based on Ian McEwan's Booker-listed novel.
gives an ardent movie-goer everything he is looking for.           It's a multi layered story in which the characters and their
                                                                   world are as important as the story itself. All the actors
“In the English summer of 1935, 13 year old fledgling writer
                                                                   have played their parts with such aplomb that it is very
Briony Tallis (Saoirse Ronan) irrevocably changes the course
                                                                   difficult to visualise anybody else in those roles. As the
   Reaching Out                                                                                                        Page 7

actors live the characters the audience are taken through a          emperor Akbar (Hrithik Roshan) and the elegant Rajput
myriad of emotions and feelings.       Love, passion, jealousy       princess Jodhaa (Aishwarya Bachchan). Hrithik Roshans's
and consequences are the themes of this enthralling and              portrayal of Akbar has been very good and Aishwarya
cinematic film. A perfect success in the fields of writing,          looks    pretty   and   petite   as   Jodha.   Kiran   Deohans
direction   and   acting   Atonement     gives   you    humour,      cinematography is excellent and takes a spellbound
heartbreak and ravishing romance. The film moves from the            audience back to the 16th century during the war
country estate of a wealthy British family, circa 1935,              sequences. AR.Rahman has once again rendered tender,
through the World War II battlefields of Dunkirk and finally         melodious music to suit the time and period.
to the end of the twentieth century. If you haven‟t read the         A romance works only if it is subtle and charming, and
book the better, as you are completely unprepared for the            that‟s where Jodha Akbar has scored its points. In the
surprise that the end of the movie springs at          you.   You    narration of History it falls flat, the screenplay is not up
continue to be haunted by the story as the characters refuse         to the mark and the movie is quite slow paced. If you are
to let go even after you have left the hall.                         a Hrithik or Aishwarya fan, you will enjoy the movie. If
Ashutosh Gowariker, who has given the Indian audiences               you enjoy good melodious songs, you may sit through the
movies like Lagaan and Swades, brings to Bollywood „Jodha            movie. But if you are looking for another Lagaan you will
Akbar‟, a saga of love with a historical backdrop. It is             be disappointed.
supposedly a true love story between the great Mughal

 Our Workings
 Ozindcare committee members endeavour to conduct its activities without incurring any administrative and operating
 costs to Ozindcare. All such costs are individually met by the committee members. Ozindcare does not receive grants
 and/or financial assistance from the government or any other organisations. Ozindcare through its vast network of well
 wishers ensures that our help is reached directly to the most needy and deserving. It is with pride the Committee is
 able to guarantee that your contribution will be given in full to the most poor and needy fellow beings.

Our Forthcoming fund raising events
 15 June 2008 – Food fair:                       6 September 2008 - Dance festival:

 Ozindcare is organising a food fair at          Our major fundraising event of the
 Holsworthy community centre on 15               year the “Dance Festival” will be a                       “Giving the
 June 2008. We are planning to serve             celebration of India‟s rich and vibrant
                                                                                                       needy a reason
 up delicious culinary delights of India         visual       art.   We      are   showcasing
 for a reasonable price.         Come and        diverse style of dances from different                   to look
 enjoy authentic Indian          fare from       regions of India, including classical,                forward to …”
 array of items available from our               semi classical, folks and Bollywood.
 menu or pre-order and pickup on
 the day.      Menu will be published            Venue: Bowmans Hall, Blacktown
 later.                                          Tickets: Single - $10 and family -
 For tickets please contact one of the committee members

Invitation to Join Ozindcare as its friend
As we move forward, your involvement will assist in adding to the momentum of Ozindcare‟s workings as
true to the saying of “gathers strength as it goes”.

We try to live our life partly to give life to the deprived, the neglected and the needy

We feel humble and invite you to help us and be part of our efforts in helping the most needy ones. Please
visit our website and fill in your contact details to join us:
Reaching Out                                                                                                            Page 8
                                                           Invitation to Contribute
   Ozindcare Contacts
                                                           We are pleased to invite contributions from any one to this
   Anita Kurien – President
                                                           newsletter on topics/fields of charity, love, friendship,
   Phone no: 02 98256772
                                                           care, great personalities and inspirational articles (avoid
                                                           politics, religion, literature, controversial subjects etc) that
   Ummer Kinnathil – Vice President
                                                           are considered relevant to Ozindcare‟s ideals.
   Phone no: 02 96009707
   Beena Viswanathan – Secretary
                                                           First Name:
   Phone no: 02 98342031
   Molley Ummer – Treasurer
   Phone no:02 96009707

     Please see our website for the list of
             committee members

             We‟re on the Web!

                 Visit us at:


   Publisher: Anita Kurien, President
   Editor: Padmanabhan Karamil

        An individual‟s true wealth is the good he or she does in this world and
               helping the last, the least and the lost ranks the highest.

   Please feel free to distribute this newsletter/information to any one.

   Disclaimer: The views expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and not necessarily of Ozindcare or its
   committee members.

   @ Copyright notice: All individual articles, contents, photographs and other elements in this newsletter are protected by
   copyright works and belong to third parties such as the contributors

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