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          What do you
         want to learn?
   Small Business education
    and training information
Minister’s Message                                           Small Business courses
the Small Business Development Corporation of new South      in NSW Universities
Wales plays an important role as an advisory body in the
nSW Government’s small business development strategy.        the universities admissions Centre (uaC) is the central
                                                             point for all state and national university information. the
the nSW Government offers a range of training and support    uaC website lists business-related courses available at all
to small business.                                           universities across the state. While there are no degrees
What do you want to learn is an easy-to-use brochure         providing purely small business training, all business
which provides an overview of the range of small business    degrees contain a small business component.
educational options and the major training avenues within    the first year of a business degree provides a basic
the State.                                                   platform of knowledge in areas such as accounting,
i encourage small business operators to use What do you      advertising, marketing, economics, financial planning,
want to learn? and to contact educational institutions and   human resources, information technology, international
Government agencies to seek specific advice about the        business, management, and law. after this year, students
courses, times, dates, locations and enrolment details.      can specialise in selected topics.

this information will inspire and support you in achieving   university courses range from three to four years for
your goals.                                                  an undergraduate degree or longer if studied on a
                                                             part-time basis.
                                                             Contact uaC on (02) 9752 0200 or www.uac.edu.au

                                                             Small Business courses at TAFE NSW
Steve Whan MP                                                tafe nSW is australia’s largest vocational training provider.
minister for Small Business                                  tafe nSW delivers a wide range of nationally recognised
                                                             courses at more than 130 metropolitan and regional
                                                             campuses. many campuses specialise in study areas aligned
                                                             with the work skills needs of local industry.
                                                             tafe nSW delivers a range of flexible options that includes
                                                             certificates, diplomas and statements of attainment. the
                                                             courses differ from university education in providing the
                                                             immediate practical skills and knowledge required to perform
                                                             a specific job.
                                                             Small business specific courses and modules available
                                                             at tafe nSW include:
                                                             •	 Small business management
                                                             •	 Small business skills for tradespersons
                                                             •	 Bookkeeping basics for small business
                                                             •	 Website design for small business
                                                             •	 Small business financial management
                                                             •	 Banking and service strategy for small business customers
                                                             •	 Hospitality – small business planning, and
                                                             •	 marketing for small business owners.
                                                             these range from entry-level courses such as
                                                             bookkeeping basics, through to advanced-level courses
                                                             such as small business management.
                                                             Contact tafe nSW on 131 601
                                                             or www.tafensw.edu.au/business
Small Business training                                          Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
and support available from                                       the office of fair trading provides information on business
NSW Government agencies                                          licensing, appropriate business-to-business and business-to-
                                                                 consumer conduct, protection from scams and other issues.
a number of nSW Government agencies provide specialised
training to small businesses through seminars, workshops         Contact oft on 13 13 04 or www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au
and publications. Below are some of the agencies able to         Office of Industrial Relations (OIR)
assist on issues such as starting, running and growing a
business, environmental protection and climate change,           the office of industrial relations offers a range of practical
workers compensation and occupational health and safety,         workshops designed to assist business owners understand
trade practices, managing workplace issues and general           their legal rights and obligations as an employer in nSW.
education and training.                                          Contact oir on 13 16 28 or
Department of State and
Regional Development (DSRD)                                      Department of Education and Training (DET)
the Department of State and regional Development works           Det oversees the state educational channels such as
to promote an innovative, profitable and competitive             tafe and universities. Det can provide guidance on the
small business sector in new South Wales. it focuses on          relevant educational courses in your area of interest.
assisting small business firms at the critical stages of their
development to promote steady growth, and supports the           Contacted Det on 1300 300 498 or www.det.nsw.edu.au
special needs of particular categories of business operators
including indigenous people, women, home based operators         Small Business Training
and prospective exporters.                                       at Community Colleges
the Department’s small business programs and services            there are a large number of community colleges in nSW
are specifically designed to assist the growth of small and      which offer short courses relevant to small businesses.
medium-sized enterprises through the development of
entrepreneurship, managerial and technical innovation            Courses include:
and business best practice. educational and mentoring            •	 Business skills for builders and contractors
activities offered by DSrD are targeted towards improvement
                                                                 •	 Certificate iii in business administration
in three key areas of business performance — sales,
employment and exports.                                          •	 Certificate iv in business (frontline management)
                                                                 •	 Certificate iv in small business management, and
Contact DSrD on 1300 134 359 or www.smallbiz.nsw.gov.au
                                                                 •	 Communicating with different cultures
Department of Environment                                           in business and trade.
and Climate Change (DECC)
                                                                 the courses cover topics like starting a small business,
Good environmental management reduces risk, lowers costs,        accounting, importing and exporting, online marketing,
improves productivity and enhances business reputation.          industry and compliance and human resources.
DeCC can provide assistance with energy efficiency
assessment, advice on environmental laws compliance              Contact Community Colleges nSW on 02 9642 5622
and the future sustainability of your business.                  or at www.communitycolleges.nsw.edu.au
Contact DeCC on 13 15 55 or www.environment.nsw.gov.au

WorkCover NSW
WorkCover nSW offers programs and seminars specifically
designed to assist small to medium businesses.
WorkCover’s workshops provide small business operators
with practical advice in improving workplace safety.
its programs include an Introduction to OH&S and                    for further information about
Workers Compensation, Safe Business is Good Business                the Small Business Development
and Serious about Safety.                                           Corporation of nSW, contact:
Contact WorkCover nSW on 13 10 50                                   Phone     +61 2 9338 6691;
or www.workcover.nsw.gov.au                                         eMail     sbdc@business.nsw.gov.au

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