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					Agencies Work Together to Better Serve                                                                                       !

Liberty County Residents                                                                                   Weekly Statistics                 2

           Area law enforcement agencies made 34 arrests in a cooperative effort during the week of         Chain of Command
June 8th through 14th. The combined cooperation of various departments is an essential element in
fighting crime in the streets of Liberty County. This week, for example, personnel from the Liberty
County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and                        Greg Arthur
Firearms), Narcotics Task Force, and the District Attorney’s Office worked together in the prevention
and solution of criminal activities. One law enforcement agency alone is not nearly as effective as all
of these groups combined.                                                                                         George Ellington
           Assisting other agencies is an important aspect of the daily routine at the Sheriff’s Office.               Chief Deputy
Four documented calls were handled as assist other agency calls during the past week. According to                     Don Neyland
Liberty County Sheriff Greg Arthur, “When another agency requests assistance from one of my
officers, we try to fulfill that request immediately.” These calls may range in nature from helping with                   Captain
call volume to backing up another agency’s officers. Of course, when another department has an                        James Carson
officer in distress or in a dangerous situation, that becomes a high priority. Likewise, other agencies
also come to a deputy’s assistance when called upon to do so.
                                                                                                                      James Cooper
           Another type of agency assistance involves working with the local fire departments. Most
fires are reported via the 9-1-1 emergency system and many of the fire department members are                          Kenny Dagle
volunteers. Deputies respond in any way necessary to support fire personnel, including traffic control.               Philip Fairchild
Fire departments are toned out to many car wreck scenes for extricating passengers and washing down
fuel leaks. Thus the fire departments and law enforcement officers maintain a supportive environment                    Elena Lee
in which to work.                                                                                                     Todd Mauthe
           Furthermore, Liberty County EMS, West Lake EMS, Cleveland EMS, and first responders                 Sergeant Investigators
help the deputies by providing medical assistance for a variety of calls, including wreck scenes,
                                                                                                                       Brett Audilet
assaults, and overdoses. A total of 28 wrecks and five assaults were reported this week. EMS also
answered 26 individual calls for medical service from Liberty County residents in the past seven days.                Mark Davison
          These are just a few of the examples of the many ways in which Liberty County’s law                         Darrell Elliott
enforcement, fire, and medical agencies work together on a daily basis. The personnel from these                      Floyd Pearson
departments routinely put their own lives in jeopardy to save others. “On behalf of the Sheriff’s
Office,” said Sheriff Arthur, ‘I want to express my appreciation for the valuable assistance we receive                 Sergeants
from these groups.”                                                                                                     Steve Hall
                                                                                                                      Chad Langdon
                                                                                                                      Leon Moulton

 Dry Conditions Prompt Burn Warning
           With summer upon us, residents of Liberty County are asked to be mindful of possible dry
 weather conditions that will occur during the next few months. Some parts of the area have
 experienced recent rain; however, dry conditions still exist in other parts of the county. For this          !            " # $
 reason, Sheriff Greg Arthur requests that citizens carefully consider doing control burns.
                                                                                                                       %              &'
            Sheriff Arthur said, “No burn ban has been ordered at this time, but I still ask people to
                                                                                                                                 ( ))*)*
 watch when, what, and where they are burning such things as trash.” During periods of dry weather, a
 small fire can become quickly out of control.                                                                +        , -. /         / *
                                                                                                                  0    -. /          / * /
            Another important factor is the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Please be aware of the fact
 that the use of fireworks may spark a fire. Fireworks are legal in the county, but they are not in the                1     -
 cities. If you are uncertain if a burn ban is in effect, contact your local fire department or law
 enforcement agency.
 !       &   !   "             2           3
4 5

                    NATURE OF CALL               TOTAL    CALLS BY DEPARTMENT            TOTAL
      Abandoned Vehicle                             4    Sheriff's Department               254
      Aggravated Kidnapping                         1    Police Departments                    1
      Alarm                                        18    Fire Departments                    11
      Assault                                       5    EMS                                 26
      Assist Other Agency                           4    DPS                                 17
      Burglary                                     13    Total                              309
      Civil                                         4
      Criminal Mischief                             9
      Criminal Trespass                             6        CALLS BY DAY        TOTAL
      Cruelty to Animals                            1        Sunday                  45
      Deadly Conduct                                1        Monday                  46
      Death Investigation                           2        Tuesday                 48
      Disorderly Conduct                            1        Wednesday               52
      Disturbance                                   5        Thursday                46
      EMS                                          26        Friday                  38
      Failure to Register Address/Sex Offender      3        Saturday                34
      Fire                                         11        Total                  309
      Harassment                                    2
      Incident/Information                         90
      Industrial Accident                           1        9-1-1 CALLS # OF CALLS
      Livestock                                     8        January             299
      Missing Person                                3        February            261
      Noise Disturbance                             5        March               385
      Prowler                                       4        April               400
      Public Intoxication                           2        May                 424
      Reckless Driving                              1        Total             1769
      Recovery                                      1
      Runaway                                       1
      Sexual Assault                                1    MONTHLY OF JUNE TOTAL DAILY AVG
      Solicitation of Minor                         1    Week of 6/01 - 6/07 330    47.14
      Suspicious Person/Vehicle                     6    Week of 6/08 - 6/14 309    44.14
      Terroristic Threat                            1    Total               639    45.64
      Theft                                        14
      TOTAL                                       309
                                                         YEAR TO DATE # OF CALLS DAILY AVG
                                                         January             1146     36.96
                                                         February            1131     40.39
                                                         March               1352     43.61
                                                         April               1345     44.83
                                                         May                 1424     45.96
                                                         TOTAL              6398      42.37

                           !           6
                           +       ,
                                                                  Sheriff Arthur’s Summary
                                                                  Published weekly by the
                                                                      Liberty County
                                                                      Sheriff’s Office

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