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									    Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness-raising bulletin for community,
 industry, government and research stakeholders
April 2006 Issue No. 1

April 2006 Issue No. 1

Weeding Out the Burnett Mary aims to
promote Integrated Weed management (IWM)
and improve the coordination of weed
management activities in the Burnett-Mary
Region      through     strengthening      the
communication      and     information-sharing
networks of weed managers in the community,
industry, government and research sectors.

Contents                                                To find out more about this task force or to get
                                                        involved please contact Dr John Wightman at (07)
                                                        5429 6550 or intipm@ipmaleny.com
Regional Weed Activities ______________ 1
Publications and Resources _____________ 2
Research __________________________ 3                        Neighbourhood Model for Local Weed
Education __________________________ 3                                  Management
Expressions of Interest _______________ 3               A small bushcare group in the Blackall range have
Conferences ________________________ 4                  developed their own approach for engaging their
Field Days and Shows _________________4                 neighbours in weed management. Booroobin
Workshops _________________________ 5                   Bushcare use a Neighbourhood Model to interact
Organisations and Associations __________5              with all the residents on their street to promote
                                                        weed prevention and early intervention.
Websites __________________________ 6
Contact Details _____________________ 6                 Their Neighbourhood Model focuses on a
                                                        common Community Project, in this case
Regional Weed Activities                                restoring sections of their own street, Stanley
                                                        River Rd, to develop a sense of community and
                                                        responsibility for their own areas.
       The Blackall Range Invasive Weed
           Management Task Force                        Through regular BBQs, working bees, workshops
                                                        and a neighbourhood newsletter Booroobin
A task force has been established to protect the        Bushcare members have slowly learnt about
landscape, biodiversity and waterways of the            weeds, native flora and fauna and the history of
Blackall Range from environmental weeds.                their area.

The task force hopes to ‘provide a voice for the        To find out more about Booroobin Bushcare’s
Range’ by bringing together experts who live and        Neighbourhood Model or to start a similar group in
work on the range to support the activities of the      your neighbourhood contact Jeanette Nobes at
State and Local Governments and other                   (07) 5494 3623 or thebirdhide@bigpond.com.au
organizations responsible for managing the
natural resources of the Range and the foothills.

The main objectives of the task force are:

    ADVISORY – to provide a voice for those that
     live and work on the Blackall range
     establish quantifiable evidence of weed
    IMPLEMENTATION – to develop on ground
     weed abatement projects in priority areas
    EDCUATION – to develop best practise tool
     kits and programmes for all levels
                         CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568
                                 Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
 Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness newsletter for community, industry,
 government and research stakeholders

April 2006 Issue No. 1

                                                            Local Guidelines for the Control of Blue
Publications and Resources                                      Morning Glory (Ipomea indica)

Weed CRC Publications 2006                              Jeanette Nobes from Booroobin Bushcare has
                                                        developed a series of guidelines for the control of
The Weeds CRC has recently published a                  Blue Morning Glory (Ipomea indica) based on her
catalogue listing its new and popular publications.     experience on the Blackall Range. To access this
This catalogue is handy resource for all                information   please    contact     Jeanette     at
stakeholders involved in weed management, such          thebirdhide@bigpond.com.au
as the local community, trainers and students,
farm advisors, industry, land managers and
government officers.                                                Weed Spotter Network
                                                               National Weed Detection Project
A copy of this catalogue can be downloaded from
http://www.weeds.crc.org.au/documents/publicatio        The National Weed Detection Project is a four-
ns_catalogue_2006.pdf                                   year project that is developing and trialling a
                                                        community-based weed alert system in regional
Introductory Weed Management Manual
                                                        Using Queensland as a model for a possible later
The     Weed      CRC’s    Introductory Weed            national framework, the project aims to firstly
Management Manual has been prepared as a                identify regional expertise, and secondly develop
training aid for use by landholders, community          and train a network focused on the detection of
and conservation groups, regional NRM bodies,           new weed incursions.
state and local governments and industry
representatives.                                        To find out more about the project or to access
                                                        the Weed Spotters newsletter which contains
A valuable resource when developing Integrated          information about new and emerging weeds in
Weed Management (IWM) plans, this manual is             Queensland, visit
also an introductory guide for those who wish to        http://www.weeds.crc.org.au/projects/project_4_2
enhance their weed management knowledge and             _2.html. To join the database to receive this
skills.                                                 newsletter please contact Jane Morton at (07)
                                                        3896 9467 or jane.morton@epa.qld.gov.au
The manual contains the following modules:

Module 1 - Developing and implementing a weed             List of Weed Fact sheets and Management
management plan                                               Guides for the Burnett-Mary Region
Module 2 - Weed control methods for community
groups                                                  The Weeds CRC has developed a list of where to
Module 3 - Collecting and preparing plant               access online fact sheets and management
specimens for identification                            guides for priority weed species in the Burnett
Module 4 - Presentation of information sessions         Mary Region.
for small groups
                                                        This list that will be updated periodically, to
To download this manual visit                           access the latest version please contact Fiona at
http://www.weeds.crc.org.au/publications/weed_m         (07) 5485 0008 or fiona_mccartney@rfn.net.au
an_guides.html or order hardcopies from

                         CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568                 2
                                 Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
 Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness newsletter for community, industry,
 government and research stakeholders

April 2006 Issue No. 1
                                                        Expressions of Interest
 Bio-control of Cat’s Claw Creeper (Macfadyena
                    unguis-cati)                               “Wiping Out Weeds on Fraser”
                                                         Weeders required for Fraser Island Excursion
Cat's claw creeper, Macfadyena unguis-cati is an
environmental weed of forested areas in coastal         Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) is
and subcoastal areas of Queensland. A native of         organising a week-long weed excursion to Fraser
Central and South America, its vines form dense         Island in the second week in May.
mats over trees and threaten the biodiversity of
riparian and rainforest communities.                    Activities involve weeding in the morning from 7
                                                        am ‘til lunch, with the rest of the day free to enjoy
Scientists from Alan Fletcher Research Station          the delights of Fraser Island – swimming, fishing,
(AFRS) are conducting research into the                 walking and touring. There is also one entire day
biological control of Cat’s claw creeper. To find       off for touring further afield by 4WD.
out more about this project contact AFRS on (07)
3375 0700                                               Cost is $100 which includes access to a 4WD,
                                                        accommodation in house at Happy Valley and all
                                                        food and ferry costs.

                                                        There are still 4-5 places left. If you want more
Weed Warriors is coming to the Burnett-Mary             information about this excursion, or other fun
                  region                                ways to do your bit for the environment, please
                                                        call Peter Shooter on 0417 649 158.
Weed Warriors is a national education and
awareness program developed by the Weeds
CRC that aims to empower the community and                 Weed CD Resource for the Burnett-Mary
bring the weed message to the next generation of                        Region
land managers.
                                                        A CD resource containing fact sheets, media
The program, which targets upper primary school         releases and photos of priority weeds in the
students, combines direct observation and hands-        Burnett-Mary region has been requested by
on activities. It allows students the opportunity to    several community organisations.
rear, release and monitor the impacts of biological
control agents (eg. insects and rusts) against local    The purpose of this CD will be to provide weed
priority weed species.                                  managers, such as community organisations,
                                                        industry groups and local governments, with a
Since Weed Warriors started in Victoria in 2002         resource that they can regularly refer to and use
the popular program has extended to South               to raise community awareness of priority weed
Australia, NSW, the ACT and the Northern                species through their networks and local media
Territory. It will be available to schools and          services. A calendar showing the most important
students in the Burnett-Mary in term three.             times to promote these releases will also be
                                                        developed and included as part of this resource.
As part of the program mentoring relationships
are developed between the school and local              Contributions of fact sheets, media releases and
natural resource managers. Expressions of               photos are sought from all weed managers. All
interest are sought from community groups,              sources will be acknowledged.
natural resource management (NRM) officers and
relevant persons who are interested in taking on a      To obtain a list of the priority weed species, or to
mentoring role.                                         contribute fact sheets, media releases and photos
                                                        please contact Fiona at (07) 5485 0008 or
For more information or to register your interest       fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
contact Fiona at (07) 5485 0008 or
fionamccartney@rfn.net.au or visit the website at

                         CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568                   3
                                 Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
 Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness newsletter for community, industry,
 government and research stakeholders

April 2006 Issue No. 1

     Forum on Animal Dispersed Weeds
                                                       Field days and Shows

       15th Australian Weeds Conference                       Monto Annual Agricultural Show
          Sunday, 24-28 September                                                 nd        rd
          Adelaide Convention Centre                               Saturday, 22 - 23 April
                 South Australia                                    Monto Showgrounds

The Exchange Incentive Fund is providing funding       In collaboration with Monto Shire, the North
support for a symposium on "Animal dispersal of        Burnett Landcare Group is putting together a
weeds:     managing    weeds,    native     plant      weed awareness display with live specimens of
regeneration and fauna requirements" at the 15th       major weeds including Parthenium Weed, African
Australian Weeds Conference.                           Love Grass and Honey Locust. To find out more
                                                       information or to be involved please contact Glen
The symposium will focus on                            Baker      at      (07)     4166     3554      or
  invasive plant spread by birds and other fauna      baker@cybertown.com.au
  the role of seed dispersers in facilitating
   restoration of degraded habitats
  faunal use of and dependency on weeds                             Maleny Wood Expo
                                                                             th              st
Funding is available to sponsor a limited number                    Friday 29 April – 1 May
of land managers or landcare community group                         Maleny Showgrounds
members to attend the symposium, if you are
interested in attending, please contact Eve White      The Maleny Wood Expo is hosted by Barung
at eve.white@nrm.qld.gov.au                            Landcare and promotes the economic and
                                                       environmental opportunities of farm forestry,
                                                       alternate land-uses and an eco-lifestyle.
Conferences                                            The weed focus is environmental weeds with
                                                       activities including a weed working bee for
   North East NSW- South East Qld WEEDS                Morning Glory and Cat’s Claw Creeper.
                                                       For more information visit
             Wednesday, 10th May                       www.malenywoodexpo.com or contact (07) 5429
                  Seagulls                             6566 or info@malenywoodexpo.com
                  Gollan Dr
                Tweed Heads
                                                            Woody Weeds Management Field Day
   THEME: Solving Common Weed Problems
                                                                       Thursday 4 May
For registrations and bookings please contact                               1-4pm
Kerri Francis on (07) 3884 5352 or at                              Barung Landcare Nursery
                                                       Barung Landcare is hosting another Woody
                                                       Weeds field day, the focus will be on controlling
      15th Australian Weeds Conference                 privet, and will be based at a local property. To
          Sunday, 24-28 September                      book a place please contact Barung Landcare at
          Adelaide Convention Centre                   (07) 5494 3151
                South Australia

For more information please visit the conference
website at: http://www.plevin.com.au/15AWC2006

                        CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568               4
                                Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
 Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness newsletter for community, industry,
 government and research stakeholders

April 2006 Issue No. 1
                                                       To register your interest for a workshop contact
                Agro-Trend 2006                        Andrew Petroeschevsky on (02) 66401618 or
The annual Wide-Bay Burnett Agro-Trend show is
happening again. This show is targeted at the
agricultural and horticultural community and will           Environmental Workshops: Caring for
have over 500 stalls covering a range of                               Catchments
agricultural and natural resource management
themes.                                                Noosa & District Landcare are holding a series of
                                                       FREE environmental workshops about caring for
             Friday 4 – 6 May 2006                     our catchments.
              Agro Trend Grounds
                 Kendalls Road                                       Saturday 13 May
               Via University Drive                                     9am - 12pm
                   Bundaberg                                       Regional Futures Centre
                                                                       Pavillion Street
For more information visit www.agrotrend.com.au                           Pomona

  Making the Farm Work Sustainably: A field            Topics include: the effects of aquatic and
    day for anyone who lives on acreage                terrestrial weeds on catchments, water quality
                                                       monitoring and the importance of salt water
After a huge amount of interest in 2005, Tiaro &       wetlands.
District Landcare is hosting this field day again.
                                                       To book a place contact on (07) 5485 2468 or
               Saturday 22 July                        futurescentre@spiderweb.com.au
                   9am – 4pm
           Tiaro Recreation Grounds
           Entry by gold coin donation
                                                       Organisations and Associations
There will be food stalls, talks, demonstrations
and displays.                                                 The Weed Society of Queensland

Topics include: cattle husbandry, farm safety,         The Weed Society of Queensland Inc. is the state
weeds, managing poultry, living with wildlife, dog     chapter of the Councils of Australian Weed
obedience, fencing, fire, feral animals.               Societies (CAWS). It aims to promote a wider
                                                       interest in weeds and their control in Queensland
For more information contact Lynn Klupfel, 07          through:
4129 6206 or email tiarolandcare1@bigpond.com
                                                          providing      opportunities    to    exchange
                                                           information and ideas based on research and
Workshops                                                 encouraging the investigation of all aspects of
                                                           weeds and weed control.
   Aquatic Weed Identification Workshops                  encouraging the study of weed science and
                                                           the dissemination of its findings
The National Aquatic Weeds Management Group               encouraging education in weed science and
has developed an Aquatic Weed ID workshop to               weed control
enhance the skills of field staff and community           cooperating with other organisations engaged
groups to recognise serious aquatic weeds.                 in related activities
                                                          fostering the development of an Australia-
The first round of these workshops was held in             wide weeds organisation
Brisbane in late March. The feedback from
attendees was very positive with many asking for       To find out more about this society, including
similar workshops in regional areas.                   information about weed awards and grants, or
                                                       upcoming dates and events visit their website at

                        CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568                5
                                Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
 Weeding Out the Burnett-Mary
 A weed awareness newsletter for community, industry,
 government and research stakeholders

April 2006 Issue No. 1
                                                            DNRM&W Weed and Pest Management
Websites                                                               Website

                                                       The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and
    The Cooperative Research Centre for                Water (DNRM&W) is the state agency responsible
 Australian Weed Management (Weeds CRC)                for the administration of the Land Protection (Pest
                                                       and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. The
The Weeds CRC website contains an extensive            primary Act for the control of declared weed and
range of free resources and publications that are      pest animals in Queensland.
useful for weed managers, including Fact Sheets,
Weed Management Guides, Scientific Papers,             The DNRW&W website for weed and pest animal
Newsletters, Brochures and Posters, Books,             management has information about legislation
Workshop Proceedings, Media Articles, Annual           and permits, pest mapping, pest management
Reports and Education & Training Resources.            planning, educational resources, publications,
                                                       research, current news and upcoming events. To
To access this website visit                           access     these    resources      please  visit
http://www.weeds.crc.org.au                            http://www.nrm.qld.gov.au/pests/index.html

                                                       The DNRM&W also produces a series of facts
        Weeds Australia Search Engine                  sheets about individual weed and pest animal
                                                       species. To access these publications, please
The Weeds Australia Search Engine is a national        visit
initiative of the Australian Weeds Committee and       http://www.nrm.qld.gov.au/factsheets/groups.php?
is the most comprehensive search engine of weed        group=Pest
species in Australia. The website also has
information about the National Weed Strategy,
                                                       Contact Details
Weeds of National Significance, State and
Territory Contacts for Weed Control, Funding
Sources and other Weed Websites
                                                       For further information or to join the mailing list for this
To access this search engine go to                     bulletin please contact:
                                                       Fiona McCartney
                                                       Community Education and Engagement Officer
                                                       Burnett-Mary Region
    Burnett-Mary Regional NRM Group Inc.               CRC for Australian Weed Management
                                                       P.O. Box 357
The Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural            Pomona QLD 4568
Resource Management Inc (BMRG) is one of 15            Tel: (07) 5485 0008
                                                       Fax: (07) 5485 0413
Regional Bodies in Queensland and the peak
                                                       Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au
coordinating body for natural resource                 www.weedscrc.org.au
management in this region.
                                                       Due to limited bulletin space, contributions may be
To find out more about the BMRG’s regional NRM         edited at the discretion of the Weeds CRC
plan Coast to Country, project activities and
reports, media releases, funding opportunities,
current news and upcoming events visit the
organisation’s website at

                        CRC for Australian Weed Management, P.O. Box 357 POMONA QLD 4568                         6
                                Phone: (07) 5485 0008 Email: fionamccartney@rfn.net.au

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